macarthur beach state park


Silverhead - Blutaparon vermiculare by Bob Peterson
Via Flickr:
Tiny blossoms of the silverhead plant. This wonderful species lives happily in pure quartz sand along intracoastal and ocean beaches. It survives close to the high tide line, much like sea purslane, and is sometimes inundated by saltwater. I have been watching this particular plant for several months and it’s pollinators have primarily been a small fly and emerald-green halictid bees.

Hammerhead Shark Hunts a School of Blacktip Sharks in Florida

A Hammerhead shark can be seen hunting a large school of Blacktip sharks on March 10. As a drone passes overhead, the Blacktips scatter as the large Hammerhead attacks.

Evan Parness and his two friends shot drone video of a large hammerhead shark hunting a large school of blacktip sharks just off John D. MacArthur Beach State Park in northern Palm Beach County, according to a report by “TCPalm”:

The Hammerhead shark was between 15-18 feet long, according to Evan. Evan described the images as “Mother Nature at her finest!” Credit: Evan Parness via Storyful