Do not criticise my lasagna!

Three years ago I made my wife a lasagna. Sauce from scratch, homemade spinach pasta, expensive cheese, the works. Hours invested - and the return? “You should put more cheese on it like at the Macaroni Grill.”

I went out that night and bought six interior left hand doors. All of our interior doors were right handed. I cut plugs to fill the strike-plate & hinge mortises, and every few weeks I change out a door or two, right hands for left, left for right. It only takes about twenty minutes now: pull the door, plug the mortises, spackle the plug seam, chisel the plug from the opposite side, hang the opposite door and sweep up. I painted the first few times, but it’s a white jamb and I decided the paint smell was more suspicious than the unpainted spackle. It’s a thin seam, and my wife wouldn’t even know where to look.

She’s never said anything about it, but I’ve seen her grasp the air where a doorknob used to be a hundred times. F*ck the macaroni grill.

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Penne Rustica - Macaroni Grill in Gainesville, Florida

This used to be my absolute dish at MG and I ordered it almost every time. This time that I got it, it wasn’t that tasty. Perhaps it was because we had to wait an hour from when we ordered to get our food, so I was not really in a great mood, but it just didn’t taste as great. In the past it had been my favorite because not only did it taste amazing at the table, but it almost tasted better when you took the leftovers home and heated them up. Now I probably won’t get it again.

Cassandra always felt at home in Roman’s embrace. She knew Roman only saw her as a friend, but she still clung to the hope that one day he would realize how perfect they were together. She imagined they would run off to Italy, floating through Venice on a gondola, sharing a bottle of wine while the sun set. What difference did it make that he was her step-brother? They weren’t technically related. In Italy, they understand. They celebrate love in all its glory, even if some might consider it weird.

Authors at Macaroni Grill

Lately I’ve been meeting some interesting people.  This man just walked into Macaroni Grill as if it was the most normal thing in the world to dress like this on a regular basis.  Turns out he was an author, wrote the book Alkaya: The Legend of Empyro.

Konrad Mckane.  He had a British accent too!  So he said it more like “My name is ‘Kuhn-red.’”  I melted.

Check out his book you guys!  C:

D'oh!  And he liked my earrings!  8D

We had a gift card

To the Macaroni Grill. To that entire chain of connected restaurants. Like how J.Crew is connected to Madewell and Banana Republic is connected to Gap. It was either Macaroni Grill or Chili’s so we chose the lesser of the two evils and decided on a big bowl of pasta. We’d never go here if we didn’t have a gift card so we figured we might as well use the damn thing.

This is why I never go out for Italian food unless it’s at an mom-and-pop shop or treat myself to an actual Italian restaurant in the city (like Babbo):

My Pasta di Mare was overly al dente. It hurt to chew. My scallops were mushy and the mussels made the entire dish taste like terrible fish water. Also… the description said it had sauteed tomatoes with a white wine sauce. It came in more of a pomodoro sauce if anything and you don’t pair that type of seafood with pomodoro sauce. C'mon.

I complained. I never speak up about my food but this time I honestly complained and if that makes me “one of those people” then so be it. I did my best to complain apologetically and the waiter brought over the manager who was incredibly sweet, letting me choose a different item off the menu. I chose something extremely difficult to fuck up… a ziti in a meat sauce with three kinds of meatballs. The meatballs tasted like they were just defrosted and the sauce itself was lacking actual flavor… lacking dimension. That’s what you get at a chain! But it saddens me that even a chain which prides itself on having incredible pasta can’t make something taste even the slightest bit homemade. I shut up and ate my pasta. Heck, at least it was better than the al dente fishwater dish.

I guess I’m spoiled, growing up with such incredible homemade Italian cuisine and then living in Italy for so long. And spoiled now dining on 2 and 3 star cuisine at our clients. I loved going out to dinner with my boyfriend, I always do. But I’m also appreciative of the fact that we know better cuisine than Macaroni Grill. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll go eat my spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy’s maybe once a year and fully enjoy a messy pub burger… but it saddens me that people go to restaurants like The Olive Garden and Macaroni Grill and absolutely love the dishes they order and go back a plethora of times.

You guys… you have one life… eat something worth eating. Restaurants like that don’t have an appreciation for the food they’re cooking. Those clams, cows, chickens died for YOU to consume them and someone put their sweat and tears into growing and harvesting those vegetables… and to have them cooked incorrectly is disrespectful! Have a respect for your meal, for how it’s prepared, how it’s executed, how it tastes… because if it was once breathing, it died for you… and it’s going into your body.



WOOOHOOO so yesterday i planned a surprise party for my baby, it went very well :) he came over and fell asleep on my couch so i was running around the house doing stuff to prepare, than we left the house and the entire car ride he kept trying to guess where i was taking him and why i was texting als at the red light, 
“whats so important that cant wait” teheheh :)

so i drove and somehow went to the campus at legacy or something like that, turned out, and realized that i had no idea where the dinner place was xD so i continued to drive in circles until friend texted me and was like COME :D

so we came, we had to park really far.. but friend led us down to the back room and roger turns around and sees everyone sitting there with menus over theirfaces, and hes just like :O O.o huh? LOLOL priceless <3 nonetheless he finally figured out that they were there for him :) we ate a macaroni grill, waited for our checks, and then went to chisoms house :DD

so much fun xD dance central :D chisom, you are a beast, like holy crap.

 but then we got cake with the magic candles and my babys first birthday picture on it :) it was very yummy :) 

thank you so much to everyone who made this a success :) im so happy that we were able to surprise and give my honey a wonderful celebration :) since this is probably going to be his last party with all of his rice boys because of college :(

but thank you guys <3 we surprised him :D