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Partners in Crime Fighting, Part 2

Summary: You are attacked by another bar patron on your way home. After fending the person off, you find yourself entangled with the bartender who came to help.  Read Part 1.

Characters: Benny, Reader

Relationships: BennyxReader,

Words: 3,318

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SpnWriting Challenge Prompt: Honesty

@bossypantsdance vs @kinkyluce-and-sexygabe

Warnings: Reflections of Emotional Abuse, and so much plot. I really gotta work on getting more smut into my fics.

A/N: So this turned into a two parter… For now. It has really just taken on a life of its own, I have no idea where it’s going.
Also, I’m learning I have a cooking or food kink. Which is fun. There’s nothing sexier than witty conversation with a man making you dinner.

Sorry this was so late to the January Challenge Submit. I thought life was going to be a lot less busy than it turned out to be.

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You sat back at the bar, on your regular stool, shooting an email to your boss that you wouldn’t be making it in the next day. It was already past four in the morning on a Wednesday. Benny grabbed two beers from the cooler behind the bar and walked around to sit down next to you.
“So ya thought I was the murder'n type, huh?” He popped the top off both the bottles.
“Well, I just didn’t know what you were planning on doing.” There was so much more than that but your mind and body were exhausted. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you wanted to freak out about Benny’s earlier comment to the guy about “not eating people anymore,” but, at this point, things weren’t computing correctly. You had run the emotional rainbow today, and it seemed as though you had hit a wall; as if some security override had kicked in and caused you to file that under “things to freak out about tomorrow.”
“So what did you do to scare the guy so bad?”
“I intimidat’d him.”
“Really? That’s it. No explanation of how?”
“Not tonight.”
You rolled your eyes and took a swig of your beer.
“You ain’t afraid of me?”
“You haven’t ‘intimidated’ me. I want some answers, soon. It seems like you’re surprised that I would think that you were someone who would commit murder, and at the same time, what were you planning on telling me you did with the guy?”
“That you didn’t have ta worry about it, I took care of 'em .”
“And I wasn’t supposed to assume that meant that you killed him and dumped him off somewhere?”
“I hoped you wouldn’t think of it at all.”
“I don’t understand.”
“You don’t have to.”

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Tomato Mac and Cheese (GF)

Omg gluten free mac ‘n’ cheese! I can’t even remember the last time I had this; it was years ago! I don’t know how long this Heinz gluten free macaroni has been available, but it’s the first time I’ve personally seen it in my local supermarket. 

Obviously I had to get it and make the delicious tomato & cheese macaroni recipe I used to love. And I wasn’t disappointed. Heinz gluten free pasta are actually really good! And gluten free pasta in general is pretty good these days (if you know how to cook properly, that is!).


. 250g macaroni (half a bag of Heinz gluten free macaroni)

. 1 onion

. A few garlic cloves (or garlic powder - to taste)

. 4 salad tomatoes

. 1 Tbsp tomato purée

. A handful of fresh basil leaves (or to taste; I like to out a lot)

. A pinch of nutmeg

. 1 + ½ cup milk 

. Extra mature cheddar

. Parmesan (optional)

. Vegetable stock (½ of a Kallo cube)

. Salt & black pepper

. Olive oil


. Put the macaroni to cook.

. Meanwhile, chop the tomatoes in small cubes and finely chop the onion, garlic and basil. 

. Fry the tomatoes in a bit of olive oil in a non stick pan (medium/low heat) until they soften up and are breaking down. Add the onion and garlic and carry on frying for a few minutes. 

. Turn the temperature to low and add the milk, tomato paste, stock, basil , nutmeg and black pepper. Simmer for a few minutes and then add as much grated cheese as you’d like (basically a LOT :D). If you feel like it’s too liquid/the flavour isn’t strong enough, carry on cooking for the sauce to reduce or add more cheese, garlic powder and basil (or any other herbs you’d like).

. Add the the cooked macaroni to the sauce, mix well and serve.

(Makes 2 large portions)