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The difference that is Yukari.

This week’s ep was so good that I had to go into discussion about it.

But I will try to keep this post short cuz I’m feeling under the weather.

*sigh* Now would be a great time to get a nice pat on the head from Yukarin. I bet my sinuses would clear right up like that. *snaps fingers*

In all my experience dealing with purple magical girls, they seldom deviate from being the cool, mysterious and/or extremely competent bishoujo. Even if they don’t possess those traits, you can expect them to take things so seriously that you’ll often have to revert to the use of the old trope, “Defrosting the Ice Queen”, before they mellow out and open themselves up to you.

Going as far back as Milky Rose (whom I do consider a legitimate Cure), the Precure line seems to have covered most, if not all, of those bases.

They’re strong, talented, incredibly book smart and some of them even come with an angsty backstory to highlight how much more interesting they are from the rest of the cast.

They’re pretty much one of the major things that keeps people hyped for this genre because that is the archetype we just love to see, y’know?

But unlike the purple Cures before her, unlike Milky Rose who was difficult to deal with at times, unlike Moonlight who deliberately kept her distance for a while, unlike Sword or Fortune who were so focused on their respective missions that they lashed out at those who interfered, and unlike Magical who tried to hide her insecurities behind a mask, Macaron/Yukari…is not trying to be unapproachable?

She’s fairly aloof, alright, and can be intimidating with that celebrity status of hers. But it’s not in a way where Yukari actually has any ill intention to drive you off for good because she doesn’t want to deal with you (at least that’s the way I see it).

Sure, she declined her classmates’ offer to go to the new macaron shop but if you watch that part again, she visibly sighs a bit at how they just gave up so easily after getting rejected.

To me, it looked like she was putting them through a test to see if they can convince her to join them and obviously, they failed. They got frightened and backed out immediately, stuttering words about “next time” and all that.

It’s definitely a very awkward scenario and most people would sympathize with the rejected and think of Yukari as haughty.

But when you realize that the problem lies more in people’s fervent admiration of Yukari and less in Yukari’s standoffish attitude, you start to understand her a little better.

People are always telling Yukari “You’re so amazing! You’re so great! You can do everything, there’s nothing you can’t do!” that it just gets old very fast.

Yukari knows all these things already and yet people keep raining down praises on her. Putting her on a pedestal over and over again. It’s just plain boring.

So if that was what those girls were planning to do during the entire time they were there at the macaron shop, then it’s better for Yukari to spare herself the annoyance of having everyone worshiping her feet the moment she walks in and being bored again.

Yukari is in search for something she hasn’t come across before. She’s looking for something to actually spark her interest for once. Something new, something that can possibly excite her. And she won’t invest in those whose efforts she can already tell are half-assed. That’s just a waste of time.

And her second (er, third actually) encounter with Ichika more or less supports that argument.

Ichika isn’t deterred when Yukari says she doesn’t remember her from the other day. She doesn’t scare off so quickly in Yukari’s presence and when Yukari asks her why she’s so persistent on petting the lucky neko, Ichika responds with “because it’s a challenge!” and that word alone resonates within Yukari.

Yep, Yukari wants a challenge. But since she’s so good at so many things, she really doesn’t know where to look for one she hasn’t done yet. She doesn’t know what it is that she’s looking for.

However, maybe this genki bunny girl does…

I mean, Ichika succeeded in getting Yukari’s attention so it’s worth a shot, right? Maybe hanging out with her will let Yukari have some much needed fun.

And so Ms. Kotozume ‘Kidnapping-you-as-my-imouto-for-the-day’ Yukari proceeds to drag Ichika all over town.

But even Ichika reacts like everyone else does. She says the words Yukari was hoping not to hear. Those same old words that have been repeated to Yukari countless times.

However, unlike everyone else, Ichika does notice how Yukari isn’t happy with the compliments she gives. She doesn’t put a name to it but simply remarks “You don’t seem to be enjoying yourself at all, Yukari-san”.

And I love that because too often do people just accept the “perfect” characters as they are without question. Which is weird because no one can be that perfect or that close to immaculate perfection without knowing that some form of negativity or hardship comes with that impossible level of skill. Yet Yukari’s situation is presented to us as an issue. For her.

It’s because she’s so capable and talented that it creates a wall between her and others. Nobody’s willing to take the chance to jump over it in order to get to know Yukari cuz they’re so preoccupied with the thought that “she’s way too out of our league!”. And Yukari has been pushed so far up from the ground by her fans that it’s a hassle just to look for a conversation that doesn’t go in circles about her.

Yukari doesn’t need to hear about Yukari.

What she needs to know is if you are worth her goddamn friggin’ time.

Luckily, Ichika really is that persistent and really does want, for Yukari’s sake, to do something interesting. So she proposes they make macarons together at the cafe and since macarons are really tricky to make no kidding! I have trouble just holding onto one without it crumbling Yukari all but latches onto the idea like a cat cuz she’s so tired of being bored.

Of course, the initial results aren’t as kanpeki as they hoped it would be (even Yukari is in mild shock cuz she’s never come short before, I suspect) but that’s wonderful (and hilarious, lol) because…

The girls get to see this side of Yukari that nobody else has seen.

Perfectionist Yukari.

Yukari who is already perfect but wants to challenge herself. Yukari who won’t take anything less than an A+. Yukari who is determined not to settle for “just good” but to go beyond that.

No wonder why she sticks to Ichika longer than she has with anyone else. Like her, Ichika is not the type to give up and will keep trying and trying until she reaches her goal. Their personalities are different but they are on the same wavelength on their approach to challenges.

In other words, Yukari is drawn to that type of person and has been, unknowingly, looking for them all along.

Then there’s this moment which is pretty awesome in and of itself (and yes, funny too xD). 

Yukari is so obsessed with making her macarons perfect that she doesn’t realize she’s no longer bored! She’s enjoying herself, albeit in a very focused way.

And if I may, I’m pretty sure Ichika didn’t say she likes the macarons more but that she likes Yukari more (go listen to it again).

Because seeing Yukari doing her best is quite a sight and Ichika can’t help but be so thrilled to witness this side of Yukari that no one else has seen till now. To Yukari’s ears, this is certainly a different kind of compliment than the ones she usually gets. This one is not concerned about her results or how she’s generally so competent in whatever. This one is actually about her hard work at something she is notably not perfect at (yet) and that must be very refreshing to hear.

Y’know, I gotta to hand it to Ichika. She’s happy-go-lucky and hyperactive alright but her natural ability to win people over with that… quality of hers is pretty amazing, too.

It’s not the case where she knows exactly what to say or what to do in these situations but more like she has a knack for the simple, but right, words and gestures (sometimes anyway).

How she’s been going around technically recruiting the other Cures that way, it reminded me of how Nozomi earned the respect and love from her friends when they were starting out as Precure. Not because she is particularly smart or clever or the strongest of them all but that she is utterly sincere and earnest about wanting to spend time with them.

And to no one’s surprise, it’s clear that they all reciprocate Ichika’s feelings and would gladly follow her as their leader. Ichika practically cured Himari’s anxiety, she inspired Aoi to keep going with her song and here she let Yukari have the most fun she’s had in a while.

Not everyone can do that.

And not everyone can actually get Yukari to say she likes them back either. But when you’re as resilient as Ichika in defending people’s happiness and such, you can’t help but grow to like them. Hee~ :3

(On another note, I think we should bring out the champagne cuz OMGAWD, Yukari, fickle gorgeous cat lady, actually said “suki”! 8DDD)

So yea, I realize I went off a little bit from my original point but it’s really not hard to see what separates Yukari/Macaron from the other purple Cures. And that’s what I really like about her.


Huge Stationary Haul!

I just got a whole bunch of cute colorful things because I don’t know how to stop when I start buying. It’s been a stressful few months, though, so I think it’s very justified. Featured:

• all of the mildliners
• my new Websters Pages planner
• a cute homemade pencil case
• tiny macaron containers that I can put pills in to carry in my pencil case (perfect for ibuprofen!)
• cute lil cat pen

If you want to know the specifics of where I got anything, just message me!


A inkling pure baby that owns a Macaron shop that boosts a inklings abilities temporarily in turf/rank. She especially likes helping out travelers to prepare them if theyre exploring anywhere like Octo Valley. She’s very kind, quiet, passionate and ill mention it again, pure LOL. Her shop is in inkotpolis [taking place in Splatoon 2], and her home is out of the city, somewhere that’s quieter. 

Day 8: Laito Sakamaki

Sorry, but as some of you may know I’ve just went back to school. I still haven’t adapted so it’s been quite difficult. Anyway, here it is:

First of all:


As I’ve mentioned before, Laito is my favorite (tied with Subaru) boy in the serie. His intense dark green eyes, his coppery-reddish hair, his smirk, his fashion style, his fedora *-*, his voice, his deep tone, his way of speak, his “nfu~“, his “bitch-chan”that no one else can imitate, his laugh, I love everything about him, but must importantly: his true self. Tha part of him which is sweet yet insecure. He doesn’t know quite good what is love and how to express his true feelings. He likes macarons(?) and he knows how to play the piano. And so many things more! Sometimes I see him as an insecure boy which wants to learn to do things (feelings) correctly.

I need to admit that I was only interested in his looks (as I saw first the anime), but something inside of me told me he was so much more, that he had way many layers. And god I wasn’t incorrect. I cried and was shocked when I discovered what happened to him. I knew he must have a reason to be this way. It was clear why he was made that way. We know that Laito was the first one to be born, however due to a very old tradition he isn’t cosidered as the eldest rather as the youngest. For us he is but he isn’t, get it? LOL When he was younger he saw his existence as useless to his mother: she only cared to turn Ayato into the best and she only needed Kanato for his singing. Then Cordelia, as a way to attract KarlHeinz’s attention, seek Laito and used him to satisfy her needs. People always tell me that Laito liked to do the nasty thing with Cordelia, but the truth is he knew it wasn’t correct yet he didn’t know how to stop (he craved his mothers attention, even if it meant this way). He stopped looking Cardelia as a mother rather as a lover. He felt jelous towards all her partners and he killed them. Richter was one of them so they saw each other as rivals rather than as family. He kept this relationship in secret, though his twin brothers suspected what was going on. When KarlHeinz found out instead of punished his wife he punished Laito. Then Cordelia came and infront of his prision had sex with Richter to make clear he wasn’t useful for her anymore. From this impact Laito became a pervert, brocken and sick. He killed Cordelia just to make sure he won’t be influenced by her anymore and for her to belong to him.

Now I ask, don’t you think Laito had his reason to be like this? Yet he always hide his pain and anger with his playboy mask. I read somewhere that it’s possible for boy that were raped by their close familiars (more exactly mothers) they tend to act as perverts…like they feel dirty yet they continue trying to erase this with pleasure. Which is Laito’s case. I don’t justify his actions (most of them) I’m just saying he had his reasons.

Yet when we se how Yui slowly shows him what love REALLY is about, his actions became different! He’s kind, he’s playful, he shows his weak side, he cares for us and his brothers, he shows/tells his insecurities, he won’t share you, he’ll protect you and! He’s very intelligent as to know with whom he can use his force and how to act.  Something you can’t tell me is the fact he’s VERY WITTY AND INTELLIGENT. Even Carla recognizes this strength of his and is careful as to convince Laito to help them with their plan. He can be manipulative and scary if he wants to.

He’s the kind of character that is worth getting to understand, we can’t change him and to be honest I don’t want him to change. He has a very BIG AND SPECIAL placein my heart! I’ll protect him and present him to all who wants to met him. He’s my precious baby and I’ll always be happily living in his hell which for me…is a paradise!

(confession: He makes me so happy! Just by seeing his face I feel happy. He makes me laugh, cry, hate, love or calm on his CD Dramas. I would love spending a day with him! Going shopping, eating macarons(?) and talk in general. Those eyes take my breath away and he’s in my heart for all eternity. If he woldn’t be “my lover” I would love being his best friend, caus’ I can see him as a brother!)

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sorry it was so intense and damn long! Thanks for reading though~ ^_^

Moecarons: A Continuing Tale

When Moe got a stomach ache from eating too many macarons:

And Alyssa had no sympathy whatsoever:

Then Moe tried to defend herself:

And failed:

When Moe, Kling, and Mattie ate macarons for dinner:

When Kling though the macaron shop might run out of macarons:

And Moe was VERY concerned:

At the shop Moe informed Kling of the proper time to eat Macarons:

Then broke her own rule:

In true Moe fashion, she forgot her macarons:

And Kling and Kim hid them from her:

Moe discovered her macarons were missing and frantically searched for them:

And she couldn’t figure out where they were:

So naturally, she blamed Kling:

But Kling said she didn’t have them:

Moe didn’t believe her and made her promise:

She then lost faith in humanity:

And still didn’t know how she could’ve lost them:

Moe continued to doubt Kling:

Until she found them:

But was hurt that they stole her macarons:

However, Moe quickly got over it: