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The reaction of Subaru was so cute... As expected from him *dies* Ugh, but heeeeey, if it's no problem... how would the guys react about a human who is after their girl? You know, the human being so kind and gentle while she's being nice to him because he's actually a good boy~ (I just wanted them to be jealous so bad haha :c) Don't know if something like this has been posted though.

(I only did Sakamakis for now! I’ll do Mukamis in a later post! (: )

Shu: He was going through the hallways during passing period, finding a place to ditch class since the music room was full.  He didn’t seem to care about his surroundings, just thinking of them as a bother. However one thing caught his attention right away. His girlfriend, (Y/N), was sitting with some boy on the bench in the courtyard. Not just any boy…Shu noticed this particular asshole was trying to hook up with his girlfriend, not realizing she had a very strong, muscular, and possessive vampire boyfriend. Shu heard voices behind them talking about the two. “Isn’t she dating Shu?” “Whatever…(Y/N) and that guy would make a much cuter couple!!!” “Then Shu will be single and ready to mingle  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” “Awww they’re totally flirting!!!” “Guys I just realized I look like a chicken nugget” “Shut the fuck up Timmy you’re high”. Shu simply rolled his eyes at the oblivious crowd before looking back at the pair.They were laughing as she ruffled his hair, making him blush. In an instant, Shu was out in the courtyard, towering above the two. The naive bewildered boy nearly peed his pants, I mean anyone would after seeing the intimidating look on Shu. Without hesitation, Shu roughly pushed the mortal off the bench, nearly sending him flying, before grabbing his lover’s hand and walking away. “Shu what the hell he was only a friend!!!!” (Y/N) protested. “I don’t want to hear it…” Shu replied harshly, dragging her away and leaving the poor human boy both friendzoned and terrified.

Reiji: He was grabbing (Y/N)’s, his girlfriend, hand tightly as he helped her study for her math test. Unlike him, she had trouble in school and especially hated math with a burning passion. However, if she failed this test not only would she fail the class, Reiji would be sure to give her a harsh punishment. Wanting to take a break she said “I’m going to get a protractor” before getting up. “Fine but you only have 5 minutes” was the stern vampire’s response. She just rolled her eyes (when he wasn’t looking of course!) and walked off to explore the vast library. “Hey (Y/N)! What’s up?” an unknown voice called. She turned around to find the owner of the voice to be a good friend of hers who was also studying at the library. Meanwhile, Reiji noticed she was gone for long past 5 minutes and got up to look for her, only to find the pair chit chatting. He walked up and cleared his throat, getting their attention and glaring at the mortal who paled at his intimidating stare. “I suggest you stop talking to her before I have to….dirty my hands” was Reiji’s only words. That was enough of a threat to the poor guy as he quickly ran off, knowing that Reiji was far stronger than him. Before his lover could protest, Reiji roughly grabbed her wrist and dragged her back to the desk. It took no words for her to realize that the math test wasn’t what she needed to stress out over, it was the whipping she was gonna receive when she returned home.

Ayato: After winning another game, Ayato and his team mates (which he lowkey hated) were celebrating and chilling in the guy’s locker room. “Hey Ayato!!” one of them called out. “Where was your girlfriend? I didn’t see her in the bleachers!”. Ayato perked up almost instantly and glared at him “What!?!?”. “I don’t know bro…I didn’t see her!” the boy responded. “I saw her walk out with another guy…yknow…the one who’s on Honor Roll and he’s a goody two shoes but a douchebag? Derek or something?” another team mate said. Ayato growled and stood up. “I’ll be back…” He said before leaving the locker room. This wasn’t the only time he heard about his girlfriend hanging out with this asswipe. She saw him talking to this “Derek or something” a lot in the hallways and it was obvious he was flirting with her. This was the final straw. Ayato stormed out into the parking lot and scanned over it and saw the two standing by “Derek or something” ‘s car and laughing their asses off. Only Yours Truly could make her laugh!!!! (Y/N) was supposed to be laughing at his jokes!!! (Y/N) was supposed to be at his basketball game and standing by his car!!!(Y/N) was his and his only!!!! (Y/N) BELONGED TO AYATO!!!  Rage took over as Ayato ran up to them and without saying a word, punched the douche right in the face and proceeded to beat the living shit out of him, easily overpowering him with his immense strength. (Y/N) could only watch in shock and after Ayato was done, he simply picked her up bridal style and walked to his car.”I…I’m sorry” She squeaked.  “Tch…You’re gonna get one hell of a punishment” Ayato growled and she could only nod and comply. Legends say that “Derek or something” is still in the hospital till this day.

Kanato: “I’m gonna get us cotton candy really quick? I’ll be back in about 10 minutes okay?” (Y/N) promised. The purple haired vampire stared at her intently, trying to find one little sign to show she was lying. “Okay…I’ll be here but if you take too long then I’ll punish you” He threatened. His lover replied with a nod and ran off to the cotton candy stand. Both of them were currently on a date at the carnival and since it was night not many people were around. As she approached the stand she noticed the person running the stand was a good friend of hers. “Hey!!” she called out, running up to stand. “Oh hey (Y/N)!” he replied, blushing a bit.  “Whatcha doing here?” She asked. “Oh…just working. Need the money yknow?”. The two continued chit chatting and didn’t notice a very angry, very psychotic, very emotional vampire behind them.  “Anyways I wanted to always tell you something (Y/N)…I know you have a boyfriend but…I think I can treat you better…you know the way you deserve to be treated” The guy confessed as he lightly grabbed her hand. Before she could respond, Kanato ran up and pounced on the guy and was attacking him savagely and it was evident he was truly about to kill him.  The air was filled with the sound of Kanato’s screaming and cursing and the guy begging and crying for mercy. As soon as (Y/N) snapped back into reality, she jumped over and used every ounce of strength to push him off the poor mortal boy. The rest of the night was filled with her trying to calm down Kanato as the ambulance came for the crying boy that was curled up on the ground.

Laito: “Okay Bitch-chan say ‘ah’ “ (Y/N)’s boyfriend cooed. She complied, opening her mouth for him to pop a macaron in there. “Good girl!” he gushed, softly caressing her cheek. “I’ll go get more!” She said as she got up to look at the display case again “Hey (Y/N)! I didn’t know you went to this cafe!!! Come sit with us!!” a familiar voice called.  (Y/N) smiled brightly, happy to see it was a good friend of hers with his buddies. Laito, on the other hand, frowned at the group. This guy was always trying to make a move on (Y/N) but she was too oblivious to notice. “Sorry. I can’t right now…I’m on a date” (Y/N) answered sheepishly. “Aww cmon he can wait!!! Sit with us!” he said as he patted the seat next to him happily.  (Y/N) thought for a second and replied with “Um….I guess I can sit with you for a little bi-” “I’m sorry but she just said she was on a date”. Laito wrapped his arms around his girlfriend and held her tightly.  “Chill dude…it’s only for a little bit…” the mortal boy replied.  “Ah~ how stupid are you! Didn’t I make myself clear~? I guess I have to repeat myself..” the vampire sighed. In an instant, he dropped his cheery attitude and glared at the poor human. A glare that could make the strongest man cry and whimper. “She’s on a date right now…” Laito said in a dark, deep voice with anger laced in it.  A simple whimper left the boy’s throat as he immediately went back to talking with his friend, trembling. “So~ it was the pistachio ones right~?” Laito happily asked, as if nothing happened.

Subaru: “No don’t please Subaru!!!” “Okay! I was joking…Tch let go!!!”. Subaru’s girlfriend was clinging onto him after he threatened to throw her into the icy waters of the ocean. The two of them were having a little campfire by the beach and since it was private and unknown, no one was here but them….well they had thought. He carried her back to the little fire they had and plopped her down. “Hey you hear that?” Subaru asked, referencing to the loud music that was playing. “Oh that must be the party…yknow the one you didn’t allow me to go to,” She replied. Subaru just rolled his eyes and sat next to her to cuddle. They cuddled for a moment before hearing loud laughter. Yooo!!! (Y/N) whatcha doin’ here? Cmon join the party!!” a drunk voice said behind them. It turned out to be a fuckboy who would was trying to get with her. He walked up and wrapped an arm around an irritated (Y/N) who just rolled her eyes. “Tch..fuck off!! Take your hands off her!” the angry vampire said between gritted teeth. “Cmon stop bein’ so overprotective! If anything she needs protection from a monster like you!” the drunk mortal said jokingly. (Y/N) froze up and paled as she looked at her enraged boyfriend who walked up and punched the poor mortal boy square in the face and before going ballistic on him. “You think I’m a monster!?!?! HUH!??!?! I’LL SHOW YOU A FUCKING MONSTER!!!!” Subaru yelled as he kept beating the boy to death. “Subaru! Stop it!”. His lover’s voice seemed to have snapped him back to reality as he looked down at the nearly dead bloody pulp that was supposed to be a human boy. “I…I..” Subaru started before his girlfriend shushed him softly. “It’s okay. Let’s just call a hospital…or a morgue.”

Chantel bopped her head to the music as she relaxed at one of the tables, humming as she popped another macaron into her mouth. She was never one for romance in her personal life, not really, but this whole affair just so happen to be the right kind of mushy. She stood from her seat, moving over to the nearest person. “Can I bother you for a dance?”