macallister berkham

I don’t even know what’s going on, today was just a sketchy sorta day and it’s my OC’s bday so have him doing some icey tricks. I guess he’s just making cold wind blow everywhere.

Macallister would technically be 28 now, but I can never draw the ages people are supposed to be lmao. 

Thanks to Led for rekindling my interest for this poor soul uwu. 

I made this for something I wanted to reblog; the “I think everybody should have to draw their favorite character in what they are wearing right now.”

Then I realized by favourite character, they probably meant mainstream media wise…. so. Have Mac. Wearing what I was wearing today. I really like that shirt, too. 

no i didnt use myself as reference shutup

Also, only socks are allowed in random blue voids. 

edit: Um, this is him as a teenager or something. -sob/excuses forever-