Cameron Symth ✘Con Artist

Age➜ 24
Favorite Weapon➜ SIG Sauer P229
Affiliation➜ Self Employed

Availability➜ Taken 

A little something about Cameron...

Cameron wont say where he was born, per say, but he’ll talk of London skylines from his childhood. His English accent is also a good mark to go by but the young man often puts on Irish, Russian and French accents if it means getting his way. Cameron was always the best liar, the best deceiver and the best at getting cash. He’s posed as famous people, political figure heads and even faked his own death too many times to remember. Cameron’s the best of the best, thief and forger. And manipulator of men’s hearts everywhere.

He came to America with a simple dream with his boyfriend at the time, Nico, and the two built a small empire with Nico’s work. Something about being a death dealer. He barely paid attention to the mafia dealings his lover was involved with. Instead, Cameron saw the fortune unfolding and sticky hands being what they were, he grabbed all he could and walked out. Fenced most of the collections off and still didn’t feel happy. Cameron wanted love. His regret: Conning himself into believing he didn’t.  

More about his personality...
  • Cameron is constantly battling his own conscience. Struggling between doing what’s right and wrong and his own sense of the words. 
  •  He’s always for hire, especially by mob men but don’t ask him to kill. He doesn’t enjoy it and only carries weapons as a means of self defense. And he looks sexy as hell with a gun. 
  • Cameron has a long and messy history with one of the hit men, the two are like lightening and thunder during a drought. Cameron sometimes gets all too consumed in it, making him appear aloof and moody. 
Everyone has connections...
  • Nico MacAleese- Ex-lover
  • Cage Mancini- Former employee (of sorts)