macalaniaspring said: OH MY GOD paine mun nooouuooa dhasduihasd it’s WITHOUTFALSEHOPE YUNA-MUN HERE. damn. there goes the illusion of my coolness. :’c but i totally would have followed you earlier… today was the first time I saw you in the tags asdhauisd. I’M OBLIVIOUS

I know who you are. I just. adashad. I never thought you’d follow me on here. But you’re someone who I’ve always looked up to both on withoutfalsehope and on here because you’ve always posted really cool stuff and been able to voice your opinions on X/X-2/whatever really well and I’ve just been sitting here in awe of how well you do that because i just…can’t. I’m useless at doing that and I.

I never thought you’d follow me on here at all. Not even in the slightest. And I just

Trying so very hard not to fangirl because of this.

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I have a two-part question: why are you so drunk? Are you so drunk you can't understand why this made me laugh? "#im faikrly drunk right nowm #so ask me wwhatever"

i am only fairily drunk, like on a sale of one to Tidus id be like, wakka . did wakka ever gett drunk> he must have. at least withb lulu. anyways, im drunk because of stuff at a restaurant, and they carded me, didnt they see my beard? also, those tags look like minde but ugly

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“I tried, alright? Drao sekrd cilg, pid E dneat!”

Confusion and Anger

A short drabble written for my friend macalaniaspring aka Kupo; based on this scene.

It’s got to be you. It has to be. Who else could it be? I know you didn’t have any brothers. It’s easy enough to see that the sphere that started my journey was recorded almost immediately after this one; you were trying to use that machina, and you were captured. I was so sure that the summoner you mentioned in the first sphere was me, but…

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I WOULD SELL MY SOUL TO SIN FOR A BARALAI RP'ER. I would do it, maybe, but idk... I wouldn't want to be trope-y and play him as just an uppity Yevon type, because we saw another, very different side of him in the Crimson Squad! but I'd have to study up on that side to not fall into that religious character archetype with him, haha. BUT YEA... so... what are your thoughts on Rippal?! I'm really torn on it! On one hand, I love it, on the other... I don't know~ :P

I would give Gippal’s body to Yevon for a Baralai RPer. No really, I would. BECAUSE I WANT A BARALAI AROUND SO BAD YOU DONT EVEN KNOW JEEZ

For Rippal, I have feels either way. In my headcanon, they were never in a ‘relationship,’ they were just close/childhood friends that bonded together when they lost their parents. (Well, in Rikku’s case, just her mother.) Gippal was always the one that picked on her and pulled pranks on her and just all around teased her for every little thing, and vice versa for Rikku, but when she was scared or hurt, the first one that ran to her was Gippal.

I feel like they care about each other a lot, but it isn’t necessarily romantic. Or rather, it doesn’t have to be. I can see them as being very close platonic partners that sort of drifted apart when Gippal went to train/apply for the Crimson Squad, while Rikku went on the pilgrimage with Yuna. But I can also see them becoming close friends again, after Yuna becomes reunited with Tidus. And possible relationship feelings, but again, it really doesn’t have to happen. 

That’s my take on Rippal, anyway! I feel like together, Rikku and Gippal are just big kids at heart, and that’s why I like their relationship. Platonically or romantically. I could go either way.

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well isn’t it a process to make the filter? like you gotta do this and then that and then this to get it JUST right? I can see wanting credit if it was a complex process to make

it isn’t like a custom made filter as much as a few (generally 4 or 5) layer modifiers that are provided by default in photoshop. you stack them to create some sort of effect and the point is that then that effect can be reused by inserting any other picture into the file to save a few minutes

so for example like, orange photo filter, brightness and contrast increase, levels (or whatever other combination)

all of those tools are ubiquitous and provided to everybody and more than anything my point is, like, i can easily re-create that combination of filters and it doesn’t make sense that it’s still theirs given that i’ve made it?? 

i don’t think i’m getting my point across at all lmao but like 

it just feels so petty to seek credit for that given that i have created nothing whatsoever by doing that. i am contributing very little of my own whatever and it seems arbitrary to want credit for it

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wow hi you make an awesome gippal, and i love reading your analysis on him, ahhh. A FOLLOW WELL SPENT. anddddddddddddddd also whats the 'intro' song on your blog from if you dont mind me asking? :3 :3 OKAY BYE /runs away and hides


The Intro song is actually Intro by The xx. :D It’s a great little indie band~


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tattoo and skirt~ :3


I don’t have any tattoos right now, but I’ve been considering three:

A wayfinder and a paopu fruit on my left and right hip, and Vanille’s l'Cie brand on my upper thigh (where it wouldn’t be visible even if I wore shorts).

The wayfinder and paopu fruit because friendship is extremely important to me, and KH is of course extremely important to me as well– the l'Cie brand mostly because I really love Vanille as a character and hey, those brands look pretty damn sweet. I don’t really want anything super out in the open on myself, just because it’s my personal preference o:

As for anything else I might want, I’ve been messing around with the idea of getting something related to Rikku on me somewhere also probably inconspicuous, but I haven’t quite figured out what. sldjsdf


I wanted to ask how you were doing, but I couldn’t think of what to say, so, here, have this masterpiece set to Seymour’s battle theme instead. <3 


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did you do FFIX yet? c:

not yet. aerithbunny asked too, so thanks to both of you for the ask.

  • Favorite Male Character: Zidane.
  • Favorite Female Character: a tie between Garnet and Eiko.
  • Least Favorite Character: Zorn and Thorn.
  • Favorite Ship: Zidane/Garnet.
  • Favorite Friendship: wow, there are a lot. Zidane/Vivi, Zidane/Freya, Zidane/Blank, Garnet/Steiner, Vivi/Steiner, Eiko/Mog, Zidane/Quina (even when Zidane asked him/her not to follow him forever).
  • Favorite Quote: “No one is useless.“
  • Worst Character Death (if any). Vivi and Kuja. Both happened offscreen, but there are bitter tears shed.
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: the ending. 
  • Saddest Moment: Zidane having an emotional breakdown when Garland ripped off his soul from him, and all his friends appear by his side to console and made their opinions clear that they are unwilling to abandon him, even when he screamed at them to leave him alone.
  • Favorite Location: Lindblum. Such a very interesting place.