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As requested by a lovely follower, listed below will be some of the beauty tips and tricks that models use.

Numerous models within the industry wear tinted moisturiser as it is a healthier alternative for your skin in comparison to foundation. Tinted moisturisers are lightweight, and don’t cause as much damage to the skin. However, I am aware that some of us don’t have flawless skin and probably wouldn’t be comfortable wearing the product alone. Therefore using concealer to cover problematic areas that the tinted moisturiser fails to hide is a great option. The best tinted moisturiser in my opinion (and the one that Karlie Kloss uses) is by the brand called Laura Mercier, but since that is quite pricey the ELF version is a nice and cheap alternative.

Natural and organic products are the BEST for your skin. Between makeup, pollution and other bad things that our skin is faced with all the time, natural products are an easy way to achieve healthy skin. Sometimes expensive skin care isn’t always the best due to harsh chemicals, but by using natural products you are ultimately improving your skin due to the elimination of any bad chemicals. If you have sensitive skin I highly recommend that you make the transition immediately. Invest in natural face washes, moisturisers, and hair products (shampoo and conditioner). PS: Candice Swanepoel uses natural products. 

Eating healthy and drinking well influences your skin. Fresh juices are an excellent way to stay on top of being healthy without the dreaded feeling of needing to shovel down fruit after fruit. Adriana Lima loves adding acai and coconut water to her juices, plus Alessandra Ambrosio is also a big fan of coconut water.

Jasmine Tookes is a major advocate of using Moroccan oil on her hair. And to speak from a personal experience, I definitely recommend this tip too. My hair used to be quite dry and frizzy, however when I started to use the Macadamia Natural Oil “Deep Repair Masque,” my hair literally ended up feeling super soft and looked a lot healthier. Furthermore, I don’t use the masque anymore as I haven’t needed to due to the positive long-term results that I was left with. The brand Morrocan Oil also has a repair masque and other oil products that Jasmine uses. Another tip is to use organic shampoo and conditioner once you have finished with using the oils/masques in order to keep your hair up to standard.

Moisturising your skin keeps it hydrated, and taking care of your skin in general makes it healthier and helps to prevent signs of early aging. If you have oily skin, try finding a light moisturiser. Because if you don’t moisturise at all your skin will overproduce oils, therefore making your skin even oilier. Also if you aren’t wearing any make-up, make sure to wear sunscreen to protect your skin, regardless of how gloomy the day may be. This will help to prevent premature wrinkles.

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My new favorite hair product: Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

I just watched one of Beauty Splurge with Lisa’s videos on her hair care routine for long hair. She said she uses Macadamia’s product, & I have seen her rave about this product in past videos even from last year. Once she said she noticed her hair started growing longer & more often I had to try this product with my bad hair cut dilema.

  • This product is NOT cheap, I got it at Ulta for $30.
  • If you want to try alternative products this brand does carry travel/sample size items. They also had this in a one time use $4 packet. There are also mini botttles of their hair oil spray leave in treatment.
  • The odd thing I found about this product is that it’s called Macadamia Natural Oil, and the packaging looks natural and eco friendly with the colors you would assume the product smells like macadamia or nuts of some sort. The product actually smells flowery-most likely from the added perfume, it still smells good though.
  • I tried this product just tonight, left it on for 10 mins after shampooing, and WOW it is by far the best hair mask I have used. It really did moisturize my hair, made it really soft, and super shiny without leaving it greasy or oily looking. And as the label says “produces miracle like hair rejuvenation.”
  • When applying you do not need to use a lot of the product. You can probbaly use a good 2-3 quarter size portions to apply all over wet hair, if you want to make the product last a couple months. It also depends on how damaged, and long your hair is.

Overall I do reccomend purchasing this product if you are in need of a good hair mask for dry/damaged hair. I took a pic of it in my hand so you can see the actual size of it, it is 8.5 fl oz, or 250 ml. I am ready to try their leave in oil treatment.

This is my absolute favourite hair care product. I get highlights in my hair, and use heat styling (straightener, curling irons) 2-3 times a week, so my hair is exposed to quite a bit of damage. I always use a heat protectant when using a heat tool on my hair, but it obviously still gets damaged. A year ago my hair was in pretty bad shape, so I picked up the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque after hearing all the raves about it on youtube. It is a bit expensive, but well worth it since you only use a bit of it each time. I purchased mine a year ago and its still half full. It took my hair from damaged to healthy so fast. Every time I go to the hair dresser now, they always comment on how healthy my hair is for being high lighted and straightened so often. I highly recommend this product for everyone, it will make your hair so much healthier, softer, full of body, everything! It also cuts down on dry time by about 50% so it’s much easier to let it air dry (which I try to do every time) . 

badonkadonk88  asked:

Do you know of any great hair masks? Or any DIY hair masks to make at home? Also, how many times can I use a hair mask? Is it just once a week or month? Thanks :)

Generally using a hair treatment/mask should be used about once a week or twice a month depending on how damaged your hair is. You could use it more often than that if your hair is pretty damaged but it can make your hair oily if used near the roots too often :)

You can make your own hair masks with many things!

  • Mayonnaise (full of natural fats for shine and moisture)
  • Olive oil (oils sink into the hair for instant shine and moisture)
  • Egg yolk (protein for strong hair),
  • Avocado (natural fats for shine and moisture)
  • Coconut oil (light weight oil sinks into thirsty, dry strands)

You can choose one or a few to use at a time by mixing up your own little concoction. All these ingredients will soak up best if the ingredients are warm/room temperature so take any cold ingredients out of the fridge prior to using. Let them soak into your hair for a good amount of time, the longer the better! 

My personal favorite hair masks that you can buy are

Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Hair Masque, by far my fav! Makes my hair healthy, shiny and soft. Been my go to hair repair mask for years. Probably my favorite hair care brand in general their leave in oil is also my go to hair oil/serum!

A great drugstore hair mask would have to be the Loreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm. A great affordable, repairing hair mask!