macadamia cookies

February's Legitables!

I’ve decided on February’s Menu!
1. White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies
2. Cherry Gummies
3. Assorted Chocolate Box

Still need to decide on dosages 💞
Also will be having lots of free gifts in next month’s orders cause I LOVE YOU

Was stress baking at 3 am, when Nightwing popped his head in my window, asking for some of my white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. I was so surprised, that I slipped back into my old accent. He nearly fell out the window when I accidentally called him “sugar”. #OnlyinGotham #Ihaventsaidstufflikethatinyears #Iwishicouldcrawlbacktomysouthernhell #Atleasthelikedthecookies 

the signs as cookies
  • aries: ginger snap
  • taurus: peanut butter cookie
  • gemini: black & white cookie
  • cancer: sugar cookie
  • leo: red velvet cookie
  • virgo: coconut cookie
  • libra: chocolate chip cookie
  • scorpio: double chocolate chunk
  • cookie
  • sagittarius: snickerdoodle
  • capricorn: oreo
  • aquarius: white chocolate macadamia nut cookie
  • pisces: oatmeal raisin cookie
I want to keep you. And I want a future with the letters y-o-u in it. I want fresh sunflowers and tickle wars. I want a little apartment and I want college and I want little nights out and study dates. I want to push you to be your best like you do me, and I want to be the one holding your hand while you accomplish every one of your dreams. I want the camping trips and movie nights and conversations that range from Harry Potter to civil rights. I want vanilla pudding because you hate chocolate and I want to bake fresh macadamia nut cookies. I want to fall asleep and wake up to you on more days than just the occasional sleepover (which I love almost as much as I love you). I want a life with you, my best friend. I love you. And I want to keep you for a really long time.
Character Development: Lovable Arses

bsidesthepoint asked:

I love your stuff! My wife just read my first novel and she hated the main character. I tried to write a loveable arse-hole and she read him as straight psychopath. Any pointers on writing a protagonist you’re kind of supposed to love AND hate?

Thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. :)

I think the key to making a lovable arse type character is to make sure you show their tender underbelly now and then. Maybe this guy has a soft spot for kittens, or he spends his Friday nights working in a soup kitchen. Case in point: the TV show M*A*S*H had an episode called Death Takes a Holiday, where the nearby orphanage loses out on its Christmas feast thanks to cut supply lines. The staff of the 4077th decides to donate their Christmas care packages–tins of fudge, macadamia nuts, cookies, and all sorts of goodies–but Major Charles Emerson Winchester III (a classic lovable arse) refuses to donate anything more than a small tin of oysters. This looks particularly bad for him, because everyone knows he’s wealthy and has lately received numerous packages stamped with the word “perishable.” So, they assume he’s probably hoarding his own Christmas feast and is refusing to share, because that’s just the kind of guy he is. However, in the middle of the night we see him sneaking the packages to the orphanage, and it turns out they’re boxes full of chocolate, and that the anonymous gift is actually part of a Winchester family tradition. It doesn’t change who Charles is–he’s still snooty, cocky, and sometimes snarky– but it’s little glimpses like his delivery to the orphanage that remind us he’s actually not a bad guy.

When it comes to characters who do bad things, it’s important that the reader understands their motivation, and there should be something benevolent about that motivation, even if the character is a bit misguided for having it. And, when bad things are done, it’s also helpful to give them redemption in some way. Let’s say a character is an assassin for a powerful king, and her targets are generally terrible people, but it’s still awful that she’s a killer. But then she’s sent to kill someone who obviously isn’t terrible, so if she spares that person despite the great risk to herself, that serves to redeem her a little bit.

I hope that helps! :)