Finnish music from and for a distorted mind


First of all I want to thank you for keeping up such amazing work. It is always a (weird) pleasure to see the images and thought provoking pieces you bring forth. 

I’ve gathered enough strength to submit something. It is a music video from my debut Ep released by Etched Traumas almost exactly one year ago. The Ep, Korpinkorva (translated into Crow’s Ear), is a journey into a life plagued by mental disorders. Much of the music is composed and produced while institutionalized in a mental hospital, or during breaks from it. It isn’t that macabre or grotesque but I feel it holds a kind of eerie, discordant and evocative edge that might fit as a piece in your blog.

The music video:

The Ep (free download):

My SoundCloud:

I’d be glad to answer any extra questions you might have.

Hope to hear from you! In any case, I send biddings of respect, power and inspiration from a cold Nordic spring.

-Utu Lautturi