macabre rhyme

Malevolent Lullabye...

Malevolent Lewis yet again. I tried to make him sound MUCH more disgusting, and lost a little of his tone. But I’ll chalk it up to the fact that he’s muttering the words of a VERY macabre children’s Nursery Rhyme between his breaths.

He’s seeking Vivi out. He’s looking for her. And he’s ‘singing’ his favorite rhyme to himself, trying not to be heard. (Though it’d be hard not to hear those short cackles and the wheezing. He doesn’t make for a very sneaky ghost.)

I imagine he’s probably also digging some of his newly developed rotting flesh out while he’s singing it. I really ought to do something aside from Malevolent Lewis.

Malevolent Lewis, as a character, is credited to gxspenst, you all know 'em :D

And the song? Scott Kendran, everyone.