macabre photograph

Another old photo of people posing with dead things! Yes, that’s a real human skull. Someone at some point in years gone by decided this was a great idea for a photo op alongside a riverbank somewhere. And they were totally right.

The ‘tombstone’ text reads:

I was once alive like you are now
but I complained and hollered anyhow
so love each day, don’t pass it by
sooner or later you too will die…

Michele Romero   ||  My favorite thing in the whole wide world is art and anyone who makes stuff. I love photography obviously and am happy when someone finds joy and a unique way to show me what they see. I really like @bigbaldhead’s macabre photographic work and my first conversation with him was about his roadkill images in black and white which I thought were unique and beautiful and odd and cool and sad obviously. I wondered if he hung out with Ralph Eugene Meatyard as a kid (look him up). The work was nothing I had ever seen before or since. Here is a beautiful photograph he took in 2009 in Russia called “Sub-Basement of Maximum Security Prison in Moscow” and it will be auctioned off at Sotheby’s along with another piece starting at 10am. All of the proceeds go to a Hurricane Relief Fund and you can bid at or Take some time to look at the other work there and be inspired. Restart: Make Art. @sothebysPhotograph by Norman Reedus.

I remember when I used to believe
There were monsters under my bed,
Or in my closet.
I used to have my father guard my closet door,
And my mother peer under my bed.
But they’d just look at me with a furrowed brow.
Wondering what to do with me.

Now that I am older,
I realize
That the monsters in my closet or under my bed,
They don’t live there.
They take up residence inside my head.