okay but can you imagine mac and stella building ikea furniture?

both of them hauling the boxes up flight after flight of stairs until they reach their apartment. stella grabbing them waters and snacks bc they’re going to need them. mac reading all the instructions while stella takes each piece out and wonders what the fuck ????? that piece is called?????

stella trying to put everything together but ends up just swearing in greek. mac laughing until he has to figure it out himself and okay, he was a marine not an engineer. the two of them staying up until the wee hours of the morning, snapping at each other because THE CHAIR IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE FOUR LEGS, GODDAMN.

their neighbours calling the cops bc it’s three in the morning and people are trying to sleep. except flack gets the call for a noise complaint and rolls up to mac and stella’s place and laughs his ass off at the sight of stella in a tanktop and mac’s pajama pants while mac curses out sweden.

the episode criminal justice of csi: ny can be summed up as mac and stella being a married couple and finding out their married friends’ relationship bullshit