// HERE COME THE VULTURES // A Mackayla Lane & Dani O'Malley inspired mix.

// DANI SIDE // i. dear sister - the pretty reckless ii. one woman army - porcelain black iii. hate it when you see me cry - halestorm iv. ghost - halsey v. broken pieces - apocalyptica 

// MAC SIDE // i. fashionista - namie amuro ii. scream - boa iii. i am the fire - halestorm iv. red blooded woman - kylie minogue v. here come the vultures - delain



My philosophy is pretty simple—any day nobody’s trying to kill me is a good day in my book.

I haven’t had many good days lately.

Not since the walls between Man and Faery came down.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, ahead of the story.

It began as most things begin. Not on a dark and stormy night. Not foreshadowed by ominous here-comesthe-villain music, dire warnings at the bottom of a teacup, or dread portents in the sky.

It began small and innocuously, as most catastrophes do. A butterfly flaps its wings somewhere and the wind changes, and a warm front hits a cold front off the coast of western Africa and before you know it you’ve got a hurricane closing in. By the time anyone figured out the storm was coming, it was too late to do anything but batten down the hatches and exercise damage control.

My name is MacKayla. Mac for short. I’m a sidhe-seer, a fact I accepted only recently and very reluctantly.

There were more of us out there than anyone knew. And it’s a damn good thing, too.

We’re damage control. 

[Darkfever, Prologue]

His eyes bore into mine. He watches every nuance, every detail of every expression, as if his existence depends on it. He fucks with the single-minded devotion of a dying man hunting God.

― Karen Marie Moning, Shadowfever

I don’t give a fuck. That line is the hottest thing I’ve ever read. Dammit, Jericho Barrons. And come on Moning, get the next book written!

                      “I hate fate, I don’t believe in her ——————–
                              Semi Private Mac Lane from The Fever Series
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                         —–Unfortunately, I think the bitch believes in me.

                                           I. II. III. IIII.

I am offically obsessed

With Karen Marie Moanings Fever series. It took me a few chapters to get into Darkfever, however once I did I was crazy about it! Got the rest of the series for my birthday! Finished Bloodfever in a day and I am starting on Faefever now. As much as I want to just read them all as fast as possible I don’t want them to end, they’re amazing books!! However I’ve heard rumors that Karen has signed a contract to write 3 more books for the series, anyone know anything about this???? Either way Mac and Jericho have made themselves at home in my heart and they’ve already secured spots on my list of favorite characters!!! <3