I used this model before but changed a few things around and I renamed her Adalyn =)

Sidenote; While taking the pictures I put on Good For You by Selena Gomez on repeat it just was right!

Dress @darknightsims, Hair @antosims retexture @missparaply, Shoes@madlensims,  Full body & Watercolor Tattoo @valhallansim, Hand Tattoo @overkillsimmer,Skin & Eyes@s4models, Skin Overlay@salem2342, Eyelashes Kijko, Body Freckles @simsontherope, Moles@Msblue, Heart Mole Lipstick @weepingsimmer, Eyeliner @tsminh-3,Eyeshadow @simsphora, Bronzing Powder @mac-cosimetics, Rings NailsEyebrows @pralinesims, Earrings @NataliS

Thank you so much CC creators and a special shout out to @valhallansim for the amazing tattoos! And as always @overkillsimmer <3


This is Norah and she might just be my favorite! Don’t tell Eleanor ;)

“But everyone’s used that hair.” SO WHAT IT’S MY TURN!

Jeans @missfortunesims, Top @alainavesnaShoes @madlensims recolor @a-radioactive-messHair @stealthic ,Choker @toksik, Septum @pickypikachuSkin &Eyes @s4models, Skin Overlay @salem2342, Eyelashes Kijko, Eyeshadow @sclub-priveeEyebrows Dimples Nails Eyeliner Lipstick @pralinesims, Cheek piercing @puresims, Navel piercing @ha2dMoles @cabsimBronzing Powder@mac-cosimetics, Tattoos @valhallansim, Face tattoo @overkillsimmer

Poses @flowerchamber, x @eslanes I love these poses!

Thank you to all of the extremely talented CC creators <3

Also I’m going to be taking some group and couple pictures next so I’m excited for that and all of the outfits!