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something i like about iasip is that it hardly ever gives us the satisfaction of seeing on-screen genuine softness or pain from the characters, but unlike other comedies that have also withheld that emotional satisfaction (seinfeld for example), it gives the audience several hints that that kind of softness or pain does exist in these characters’ lives, it just either happens off screen or it happens on screen but is never explicitly underlined as such or it doesn’t happen but you know it’s felt

for example, on any other sitcom, mac would have had a heartfelt talk with someone about his feelings for dennis after coming out of the closet. there would be a scene after he dreams about kissing dennis where we see him process the meaning of it. there would be a scene after mac gives him the RPG where there’s some kind of underlining of what just happened, something that tells the audience “yes, this is a love scene, interpret it as such” (like, think about early-”the office” jim & pam scenes). dennis’s double life would have had some kind of confrontation about them both being weird about their relationship. you know? 

i mean, dee and charlie slept together three seasons ago and they have never once talked about it on screen. i haven’t seen every single tv comedy ever, but i am willing to bet that that is unheard of in sitcoms. 

of course, none of the characters can communicate with each other effectively. so we will probably never get any of the above in the way that’s completely soft and sweet—even the RPG scene is played just a wee bit tongue-in-cheek, and the sweetness is undercut by the fact that the gift is a fucking rocket launcher. literally the only scene in the entire series that is actually played complete genuine emotion, i think, when dennis says goodbye to brian jr. it took 12 seasons to get there.

in some ways, it’s frustrating because despite these being bad people, you somehow want to see them care about each other. it’s also kind of comforting to know that you can watch a tv show where there are no really bad emotions. you don’t have to watch it and risk sympathizing with emotions that actually really hurt, like grief. you never have to worry that the show is going to make you sad.

but also, the fact that these characters never really say how they feel, either because they refuse to or because they’re not even aware of the emotion, they haven’t even explored it—that almost makes the iasip characters more true-to-life than any other sitcom, or even tv show in general. in real life, people rarely know what they’re feeling. they’re inconsistent and hypocritical. they’re in constant denial. they don’t talk to each other about stuff that really matters because it’s scary to make yourself that vulnerable.

in a way, in that scene in the gang tends bar, dennis admitting that he has feelings is basically the show admitting that it has pretended for a long time not to have feelings, but it does have feelings, of course it has feelings, it has big feelings. you just never see them because it is so hard for these characters (and people in general) to let them show. 

and so we get subtle stuff: mac touching dennis’s shoulder in the gang escapes, learning that charlie and dee smoke together in hero or hate crime, mac and dee both having valentine’s–centric issues with dennis and charlie respectively in the gang tends bar but not being given any space to talk about them, you get the whole thing with dennis ripping up luther’s letters in the gang goes to hell…and even smaller things, like dennis smiling at mac’s laminated waterpark wristband, or the promo with the gang hanging out and trying on Frank’s glasses, or how often the gang likes to harmonize together, or charlie implicitly trusting mac’s ocular patdown skills…it’s like…tiny little nuggets of them trying to be close to each other, despite the impossibility of ever achieving true closeness. and maybe it’s just where i am in my life, but that—knowing that complete intimacy is impossible but continuing to strive for anyway—that seems to me to be a huge part of being human. 

it’s wild to me that there are still people who watched the gang tends bar and don’t think that dennis was deeply affected by mac giving him an RPG? like look at the difference between how he reacts when mac gives him the RPG and when frank gives him the lamborghini

very happy bc he got a great gift:

happy but distressed bc he just realized he’s deep in gay love:

brief list of mac and dennis’s morosexual behavior:

  • mac constantly thinks he can use his dave and buster’s card at TGIF; dennis keeps going with him and indulging his attempts at this, even though it requires driving to further and further locations
  • thinking wine in a can is genius stuff
  • both think the other invented Paddy’s Dollars & indulged it, despite neither one knowing how the economy works
  • doesn’t have any idea how apple cores or skins work, den blindly lets mac peel them for him & believes him saying to smoke to suppress the toxins
  • dennis thinks mac makes the world safer place, so he serenades him. mac doesn’t even realize that dennis is singing for him, he just looks at dennis like that.
  • dennis falling for mac saying he’s getting flabby under the chin & trying to prove he’s sexy to him vs mac falling for dennis saying the thin mints were making him no longer sexy and trying to get fit for him again vs dennis getting jealous that mac thinks rex is hotter than him and entering a modeling competition to prove hes sexier
  • thinking eating cereal while driving is genius stuff
  • mac bangs dennis’s mom as a proxy to banging dennis. not only does it work to make him jealous, but dennis thinks the right reaction is to try and bang mrs mac
  • buys crack, chimichangas, ugly t-shirts because it’s the other’s favorite thing
  • mac cooking mac n cheese for a month straight because he thinks dennis likes it vs dennis eating it for a month straight because he thinks mac worked hard on it
  • mac rubs dennis’s nips, which are hard from the prospect of hunting men. they’re both into it.
  • mac buys an rpg because it’s den’s new favorite thing; dennis almost cries from overwhelming love
  • both in love with the duster, both think the other looks gross in it, both still want to bang each other in the duster
  • thinking coining the term “browning out” is genius stuff


The signs as always sunny characters

Aries: mac

Taurus: dennis

Gemini: dee

Cancer: charlie

Leo: frank

Virgo: frank’s hoor wife

Libra: liam mcpoyle

Scorpio: the bar

Sagittarius: rickety cricket

Capricorn: maureen ponderosa but when she’s a cat

Aquarius: the rpg that mac gives to dennis in the gang tends bar

Pisces: the homosexual undertones of everything the gang does

tell me if i’m out of line here but aside from That Gay Shit i feel like part of the reason dennis has been distancing himself from mac (at least recently) is because he’s gained perspective and realized at least some of the shit he’s done to him (read: spending literal years saying he hated him) and he just kind of assumed there was no way to fix it??and That’s why he was so shocked by the rpg/mac acting towards him like he did circa seasons 3-5. dennis was literally on the verge of tears and i’m pretty sure part of it was because he realized that he and mac could be okay again

i can’t believe s12 happened???? i can’t believe mac came out and dennis and charlie bonded over csa and dennis is taking his meds and mac dreamt about kissing dennis and mac gave dennis the rpg and mac said he wanted to raise dennis’ kid with him ?????? whom ????

By the beginning of the summer his big project had been completed, him and Grace had spent all of the spring working on their restaurant/bar. They did enjoy the café they had been managing together and owned but they wanted to make the place their own business. After saving up, getting bank loans and plans checked out they got to working on their business. All those late nights looking over the workers, making sure the place looked the way they imagined it would was well worth it. They’d spent so long finding the best architect to design the place, and once that was set they liked going to site to see how everything was turning out. So what if they didn’t know anything about construction, they liked to see it come together by visiting their expanding café which would no longer be a café. Grace had dragged him along to millions of food tastings, food events, even colleges to find chefs for their unnamed restaurant. It was funny that the last thing he ever thought he’d be doing was owning and running a restaurant with a friend from college. It wasn’t where he had imagined being, sure parts of him thought he would be a rockstar if he didn’t end up going down a horrible path as a teenager. While he did get to experience a music career temporarily that wasn’t the path he ended up taking.

Puck preferred to be closer to home, if he had tried he could’ve made music work for him but he was a lot more of a family man and he loved the idea of having a business that could be passed down through generations. Their restaurant had a bar of course and even offered Karaoke as well as live performances from upcoming and local artists. The idea of helping other people reach their dreams and enjoy food a good place led to the success ofPipe Dreams. The opening was very exciting for him, the friends that could make it joined him and his partner on their big day. It was all coming together for him, it was the exact place where he was supposed to be and not anywhere else. Sure, it wasn’t a huge fancy place but it was going places, he knew it would be. He wouldn’t have made it so far without the support of his family and friends, they never let him quit on his life and they let him take the paths that led him to where he was.

Now with his business up and running the young man had time to concentrate on the next important event of his life. The rest of the summer he was planning his wedding to Rachel, his long time girlfriend and fiancé of course. They had a long engagement but now they were going to finally get married. They weren’t planning on doing anything huge and crazy but once they found a location to host it with a date they wanted they let their closest friends know and sent out invitations. One of the first people he called was his long time best friend Sugar, because he knew that she wouldn’t miss his wedding no matter what, he’d already promised Maddie that she’d be one of his flower girls along with Beth.

In the Fall of 2020 he married the love of his life with his family and friends surrounding them, it wasn’t a traditional Jewish wedding, because they weren’t that traditional of a couple but they made sure to have their roots incorporated into the ceremony. Honestly it was one of the greatest days of his life, definitely in the top moments which included the birth of his children (or days of adoption because of his duck and pig with Sam), and ending up in Mexico with his best friend. Mexico with Sugar is definitely a story that will need some tweaking if his kids ever hear about it. It was really one of the most perfect days, Mike had originally stated possibly not being able to make it but showed up and surprised him there. Noah Puckerman couldn’t be more happy that old and new friends had taken the time to share this moment with them, to celebrate a wedding that was a long time coming, A lot of their friendships had changed over the last couple of years but it was always nice to be able to come together for an event every now and then. He had come to learn that people change and people leave but hearts never forget. So no matter where their lives were taking them now, and even if they didn’t talk every single day, every person who he’d led into his life or heart had left an impression, they had taught him something, they had helped pushed him towards the man he was and the man he would become. 

Noah Puckerman knew he was going places, he might’ve doubted himself a lot before.. that had all changed now. He was no longer the “badass” sure he still liked to think himself as one but that wasn’t the one thing that made him, he was a friend, a father, a husband, a musician, a bushiness owner. He had become so much more than he thought possible and now he was ready to keep moving forward with his life, he wanted to live his amazing life to the fullest, he wanted to share every good moment with Rachel and even the bad ones. They were supporting each others dreams, she was his star and he’d be there to hear her award winning speech, he’d be there for her and their family. They were that corny family that would take silly photos for holiday cards for all their friends and family. There was no way that anyone would miss any of their cards, in the end they were still a glee family, like any family they’d had their moments of fighting, breaking up and making up so he knew that in the end they’ll always all come back to each other. He wanted his kids to know the people he shared some of the greatest moments of high school and so on. Puck was proud of what everyone was accomplishing and appreciated when he got to see his friends and his wife reach their goals. The past made him better.

“Dennis’s sudden desire for a little affection from his friends contradict everything we know about him” ????





Dennis Reynolds is the most insecure bitch I know he literally THRIVES off attention and validation from his friends. Also the “other shoe dropping” when mac gave Dennis the RPG was that mac is IN LOVE with Dennis but thanks!

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know if there's any way to get your game to play on a mac?

Unfortunately, it seems like macs don’t support rpg maker games, however you can emulate a windows operative system by using a virtual machine! Not sure if you have to pay for stuff, I have never used a virtual machine, but with this technique it is possible to play it on mac