Day 27/100:

i stayed home sick today and used my time for revising and for preparing for my acid-base test in chemistry tomorrow. i’m really nervous, but i’m trying my best to prepare and hopefully i’ll be okay!

i’ve also recently taken up self-studying french!

je veux Français parler.🇳🇱

  • Mom: I'm on your side you know :)
  • Mom: *Gets angry at the mere mention of me being trans.*
  • Mom: *Stayed with a man who emotionally and physically abused her in front of me constantly for five years.*
  • Mom: *Never listens to my problems OR my input.*
  • Mom: *Yelled the autistic characteristics out of me.*
  • Mom: I just don't understand why you don't know what :)

I want to kill myself I just heard my mother say “the reason I liked Dr. H is because she didn’t get caught up with that trans shit! She was like ‘she might be trans or might not be it’s a fad’” mind you Dr. H is the psychiatrist who abused me. Mind you I came out to my mother at 13 and she’s never accepted me a day in her life.