You live in a small town surrounded by forest. It’s quiet and laid back; exciting things rarely happen here. Except, lately… your neighbours’ rabbits have started going missing. People are getting hurt. The townsfolk are whispering that there’s something strange lurking in the woods.

Being the precocious child that you are, you know that it’s totally your job to investigate. Before that, however, just getting out of town might be a problem.

Red Trees is a short RPG Maker adventure game with mild horror elements. It features custom music and graphics, a colourful cast of characters, and a lot of bunnies. It’s best enjoyed in a bright room with a warm cup of tea.

>> Download it here! <<

(You will also need to install RPG Maker VX Ace RTP in order to play!)

Bronzing Powder (mega-pack) by MAC

            ** 27 Shades | 36 Swatches (The 9 Darkest Tones come with                                                                                 a corresponding alternative) **

                                      MEDIAFIRE | SIMFILESHARE

These Bronzing powders will appear in the “Blush” category and were formulated to work with any skin-tone.

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My writing class is done, so I’ve been able to focus on finishing the Story for Carrie. These were the last two images, and I spent a lot of time fixing the glitches and coding the final scene.

What’s next is editing some glitches with the new unlock mode and making some extra palettes too, as well as adding in some extra music and alternate voice clips that friends contributed, PLUS some little extra art for the tables.

There’s also the steam features, I’ve been putting that off for some time, one part so that the can have an updated version, and also because I’m intimidated by Steam lol.