mac was jealous

Meanwhile over with Mercy and her family, Lily and Mac are visiting Rhys and Remy.   (When Remy and Rhys first met Lily and Mac as children here)

Lily:  “Can you believe that Hope got a kiss before me?  I was sure it would be me and Rhys first.”

Mac:  “It’s not some sort of contest, Lily.”

Lily:  “You’re just jealous because you’ll still be single while the rest of us have a guy.”

Mac:  “I’m not jealous.  I have more important things on my mind than trying to hook up with some loser.”

Lily:  “Hey!  Rhys isn’t a loser.”

Mac:  “He hasn’t even kissed you yet.”

Lily:  “Key word is yet.  I’m going to remedy that today.”

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MacDennis Week Day 7: Free Choice

Fic request by Anonymous

“I’m not jealous.”

Mac has never been a man good with words. Not like Dennis, who somehow manages to say what he’s thinking before he even figures it out himself. It’s like sometimes the words just get jumbled up in his head when he tries to get them out.

It shouldn’t be hard. It’s just plain English. But sometimes it drives him nuts.

Like when they get back to their apartment and Mac sees the damn Transporter 2 DVD sitting on their coffee table. The lighthearted laughter fades from his throat. It might be the six rum and cokes, or maybe it’s something else that hits him as a wave of discomfort flips his stomach over.

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Ok but what if Macdennis happens next ep like here me out like what if Mac admits to Dennis and Dennis realizes Mac is the perfect choice to get validation and acceptance from cause girls are definitely not gonna give him that anymore (cause he’s a creepy piece of shit) and so like they actually get together and season 12 is like Mac and Dennis desperately trying to work it out even tho their relationship is a mess and they keep having to prove their love for each other in more unnerving and disturbing ways (cause Mac is jealous and has low self esteem and Dennis constantly needs proof that he is #1 to everyone but especially Mac) and it’s freaky and horrific and at the end everyone is like NOPE because it’s reached the point you’d expect mass murder from one of them. It would be so fucked up and disturbing but RCG could do SO MUCH with it gods please I beg like it probably won’t happen but we didn’t think Mac coming out would happen either so …