mac vs pc,

Please fire me. I am a software developer, and got my 2012 iMac downgraded to a 2010 Macbook when one of the applications I was building was dependent on the 2012 iMac display. I asked my boss for an external display, then he yelled and cursed at me. We have 17 external displays on the 8th floor that have not been used in 6 months.

Computer advice - please help

So I’ve always been loyal to having a PC for my home computer, but every other product in my home is Apple. Literally everything. I’ve always disliked Macs because I didn’t understand how to use them, but I’m seriously considering getting one for my next computer because I know I can learn how to use them if I really give it a chance. Can anyone give me some pros, cons, why you love your Mac or hate it? If you’re a loyal PC user, which models work really well for you? I’m looking at either the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro 13 with no touchpad if I decide to go that route. I want something that will run Photoshop well, that I can download and upload files on without waiting an eternity (I have a fast internet connection so that won’t be an issue if the computer runs well), that I can check my email on, and I want to be able to pay my bills and get on social media without it freezing every other minute. Ive had so many computer issues for the longest time, and I want something that will run well and not give me a bunch of issues after having it for only a short time. I’m trying to do plenty of research before I make my decision, and the opinions of others can sometimes be the most accurate advice. Thanks for any input you can offer me.


experiences that in my opinion are a good summary of silicon valley life:

  • pro-life protesters hanging out around my school with extremely gory signs. none of the students seemed to be grossed out and there were zero complaints filed about the huge gory signs next to school. the protestors left because nobody was paying attention to them
  • I once took a trial run of a SAT essay writing class. The class consisted of me and a 4th grader. Teacher spent the whole time helping the poor kid figure out how to structure paragraphs. I don’t blame him but I didn’t take more classes there
  • I was taking a practice ACT at a (mostly white) prep center when someone sneezed. I am so unaccustomed to people saying “bless you” that when everyone said it I nearly jumped out of my seat
  • inspirational quotes carved into the bathroom tiles at the school I took my ACT at because they have a problem with kids killing themselves on the nearby train tracks
  • I wrote an article about Macs vs. PC in my middle school newspaper and decided that PCs are better. A kid ran up to me later that week, asked me if I was the author, and said “I hate you” and then dashed off
  • Brown admissions interviewers holding their interviews in a brand-new fully furnished yet abandoned office and showing us a stream of a SpaceX launch while we were waiting
  • robots at the mall. just…..robots at the mall
  • most of the east asian families I know still take off their shoes indoors, but they take their shoes with them instead of leaving them outside. this is because robbers like targeting asian houses, because we have money and no guns
  • running into classmates in labs over winter break because everyone and their mother is an intern at Stanford Medical School
  • I chatted with a white girl I met at summer camp after she told me she was from San Jose. I told her I was from Cupertino and she immediately said her neighborhood was “ghetto af” and faked a posh British accent and went “oh look I’m from Cupertino I work at Apple and I will go to Yale”
  • chinese boys doing shit like spending the summer in France as a farmer in order to ~*distinguish themselves*~ from the guys who play League and made USAMO in 7th grade
  • a guy on my Science Olympiad team eating his buzzer

Please fire me. I get in trouble for my “lack of efficiency” but I’m working on an computer that still has a floppy disk drive and runs on Microsoft Windows 2000! It’s 14 years old… Oh, and I get constant alerts of shutting down due to a thermal event. It heats up so bad it sounds like it’s gonna take off.