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Separate Lives, Ch 33, (33/?)

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Summary: Set after 3x20 “Kansas”. After saving the town one more time, Emma decided to return to New York, leaving her past behind. Three years later, she realizes that might be not have been the best decision.

I want to thank jessbecauseiam for reviewing this and laschatzi for encouraging me to write this idea! And spartanguard​ for the banner!

Chapter 33 – The Truth

Paint a picture of the days gone by
When love went blind and you would make me see
I’d stare a lifetime into your eyes
So that I knew that you were there for me
Time after time you were there for me

I remember you, Skid Row

Killian woke up the next morning with Emma by his side, his body sore but feeling more lighthearted than he’d ever felt in his life. She stirred next to him before opening her eyes and smiling softly at him. He pulled her closer to him, pressing a soft kiss in her temple. This is how it was going to be each day for the rest of his life. He sighed in contentment.

Emma agreed to leave the room only after Mac had arrived and between him and Killian they had convinced her to go get a quick shower and change of clothes. She agreed to run quickly to grab the stuff she had at his place as she refused to go all the way to New York. She kissed him deeply before leaving, not caring about the amused look on Mac’s face.

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