mac the music wizard

leather and lace

It’s October 6, 1981 and Leather and Lace has just come out. Lily of course has always worshipped Stevie Nicks and James thinks it’s adorable and sometimes calls her “Mac” as a nickname instead of “Evans,” based on Fleetwood Mac.  And even though James has always been partial to wizarding musical groups, the first time they hear that song they know it’s theirs, because it makes Lily cry over how beautiful it is and then James cries over how beautiful Lily is and how much he loves her and Harry cries during the second chorus because he’s hungry and just tends to copy whatever his Mum and Dad are doing anyway.  

They only wish it came out before their wedding so they could dance to it then.

But they dance to it in the living room, and James sings perfectly on key along with Don Henley and Lily sings just a little bit flat, but her voice is still the most beautiful thing he’s ever heard.  And even though Lily says it’s blasphemy, James swears he’d rather hear her sing than Stevie any day.

They’re dancing and Harry is sitting in his crib, half asleep but still cooing and clutching his stuffed hippogriff and watching his Mum and Dad, and even though he’s too young to know all the ins and outs of being in love, he can still feel it emanating from the two of them, and it feels wonderful.

And even though it’s only their song for a few short weeks, even though before the month is even up they’re gone, even though no one else really knew how special that song was to them, it’s still theirs.

And one day, years later, Harry hears a strangely familiar melody coming through the radio speakers one afternoon at the Dursleys’, and he can’t quite put his finger on why he wants to smile and laugh and cry all at once, or why he’s suddenly feeling warm and nostalgic in a home that’s only ever shown him hate, but he recognizes that melody as some sort of memory, and it never leaves him.