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Interviewer: You’re in Hawaii, if there gonna be some shirts off actions?

Lucas Till: No no, because I haven’t, uh, I’m not tan enough to

George Eads: And I don’t know too many people who want to see a 50 year old with his shirt off.

Lucas Till and George Eads on-set interview about the Hawaii five-0/MacGyver crossover.

So, unfortunately, we will not be getting another shirtless Mac scene in this next episode.

I Need To Know This


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: You get injured while out on a mission, and when Mac hears about it he losses it.

“His going to find out”, Riley gave a disapproving look while helping you out of the medical bay at the Phoenix as the two of you walked down the hall.

Clutching your stomach, the mission you were on went side ways and without meaning too you got caught in the crossfire. Mac and Jack were on their own mission, so Riley was the only one here at the Phoenix. Once she had her own freak out, you swore her to secrecy. Mac didn’t need to find out, at least not while he was focused out in the field.

“It’ll heal by the time he finds out”, you gave her a sheepish look and all Riley did was shake her head. Walking into the main room where the team meets up, you carefully sat down on the chair.

Riley grabbed her laptop and sat down opposite you. “Y/N, a lunatic stabbed you with a knife. It’ll take more than a few hours for your injury to heal. So yes, Mac is definitely going to find out and we both know he isn’t going to be happy”.

Squeezing your eyes shut from having to move too suddenly, it didn’t go unnoticed by Riley. “You shouldn’t even be out of the medical bay yet”.

“I’m fine, and I didn’t get stabbed just obtained a deep cut”.

She was about to respond but an income call from Mac came through. “Hey Riley we need you to track this guys location via his cell phone”. Reilly typed along on her keyboard and you had to bite the corner of your lip to prevent from making a sound. Mac still thought you were out in the field, and worrying him while he was close to solving his own mission was something he didn’t need, although that was going to be a debated once he came back, you just knew it.

“Okay, his cell phone currently shows him at 175 Erickson road, house number 5”.

Not being able to bite your lip anymore, you accidentally let out a small groan.

“Y/N?”, Mac had a hint of surprise in his voice. Riley gave a “you need to tell him” look and you gave her a “not yet” one in return.

“Yeah, I’m here. My mission finished early”. Technically that wasn’t a lie, you just got injured in the process.

“I wonder why”, Riley muttered under her breath.

Mac must of caught on, he knew you way too well. “I feel like I’m missing something here?”, he asked. Jack in the background faintly told Mac that they had to go. Before he could say another word, you said a quick goodbye and ended up the call.

Riley glanced over, “I know his going to find out”. You sighed and mentally prepared for what was about to come.

Few hours later

“Riley, have Mac and Jack returned yet?”, Bozer came blazing into the room. He did a double take when he saw that you were also there. “Y/N, when did you come back?”.

Doing your best to plaster a smile despite being in a whole lot of pain, you responded. “Not that long ago”. Bozer arched his eyebrow when he noticed that your hand was clutched tightly around your stomach, he was about to pose a question about it but Mac along with Jack entered the room.

“Another win for the Phoenix, another loss for the bad guys”. Jack smiled proudly. “How did you mission go Y/N?”, he asked.

Eyeing Riley nervously, you gulped. “Fine, same as always”. You could tell that Riley wasn’t impressed.

She got up, “If by fine you mean getting a knife to your stomach, then yeah the mission went fine”.

You shouted out her name, while the other three yelled “What!?”.

Slowly standing up, Jack steadied your balance. You caught Mac’s facial impression and his jaw tightened. Everyone else sensed the tension arise and excused themselves out of the room, to give you and Mac some well needed privacy.

You were trying to think of the best way to approach this delicate issue. Mac rarely got angry, but whenever he heard about your life being in danger he became fiercely over-protective.

“I was on the mission, we had the guy cornered and I must of misjudged a small detail of the operation. He tricked me and-”. You stopped explaining to observe Mac’s body language

He stepped forward, arms now uncrossed.Don’t stop now, I need to know this. I needed to know about this the minute it happened”.

“You were on a mission Mac, I didn’t want you to worry if it wasn’t that big of a deal”, you argued back and perhaps that wasn’t the best way to put it.

His eyes crinkled and mouth opened and closed. Mac ran his fingers through his hair, “Not-not that big of a deal! You do realize that if that blade had gone any deeper, you would of ended up in the hospital due to severe blood loss. So you tell me now how getting attacked by a knife isn’t that big of a deal, Y/N!?”.

Using the seat as support, Mac’s eyes softened and he made his way over. Standing in front of you, he leaned his forehead gently on yours. “I’m sorry, the thought of losing you out there scares the hell out of me”.

Touching his cheek, “And you don’t think I don’t feel the same way when your out on the field? Mac, I get just as worried about you as you do about me. I made a mistake and because of it I got injured, but I’m okay and I promise to you that I won’t make that same mistake again”.

Mac pulled away so now his blue eyes focused on yours. “And I promise to be careful whenever I’m out on the field too. But you know Jack tends to get in trouble a lot, so he kinda needs me to save his ass”.

You couldn’t help but smile at Mac’s attempt to be funny, you pressed your lips on his. Something you had wanted to do the minute he walked in. “You better hope that Jack doesn’t hear you say that, otherwise it’s your ass that will need saving”.

Mac too cracked a smile, “I can take him”. He said with quite some confidence.

Laughing, “In your dreams you might have chance”. Continuing to giggle at Mac’s facial expression you forgot about your injury and hissed.

Mac look concerned, “It’s okay. I just need to lay down”.

He let you leaned against his body and helped you out of the Phoenix. The entire night Mac didn’t leave your side and continued to look after you until the injury healed. And once you were 100% better, you showed Mac just how thankful you were for him taking care of you.

Angus Macgyver x Reader: Influenza

A/N: Your infected with the flu and Mac worries too much about you.

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*Not my gif

It was flu season anyways so no wonder you got sick. First, Riley got sick, then Bozer got sick. Jack and Mac were the only ones who probably haven’t gotten sick yet. You showed all the symptoms, a runny nose, red puffy eyes, the coughing and the shivers. You laid on the couch watching The Golden Girls on the tv, covered in a soft blanket with a pile of tissues on the table in front of you. Mac was supposed to be away on an important mission.

You had to stay home because you were sick. You even heard Thornton was out sick for three weeks. You were home at the moment alone while both Mac and Bozer were out on a mission until you heard the front door open and shut. “(Y/N)?” You heard Mac’s voice call. “In here.” You called and you heard his footsteps and you see he was standing behind the couch.

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What was a bath good for? - relaxation, peace and quiet, soothing sore muscles, the list is endless. Why were you taking a bath? All of the reasons above. Candles, bubbles, soft music, a glass of wine and your favourite bath salts made the bathroom calm.

Taking a sip, you titled your head back. Mac was still at work, which was a shame, he was missing out. The idea shouldn’t of popped in your head, but who could blame a girlfriend who wanted to relax with her boyfriend?. Drying your hands, you took a photo and sent it to Mac, captioning it: Hurry home, this bath tub is getting lonely. x

Setting the phone down, you closed your eyes. Relishing in the tranquil state the candles and music were providing. Minutes later the bathroom door opened.

“My girlfriend sending me a sexy photo while I’m work, for the sole purpose to taunt me makes it very hard to concentrate”. Mac removed his shoes and leather jacket.

It wasn’t easy to catch Mac off guard, him being a secret agent and all. He always had a strong composure. But a cheeky photo was something you knew would throw him off balance. “Riley told me you’d finished the mission. Besides I figured I’d give you something to look forward once you got home”. Lifting your leg up, the water ran down. Mac gulped. “Are you going to get in?”.

Discarding his clothes, Mac slipped into the warm water, you leaning against his chest as he massaged your shoulders. “This is perfect, exactly what I needed”.

“I thought you might, after all saving the world must get tiring”. Making the water splash a little as you straightened up. You grabbed both Mac’s hands and crossed them over your chest, fingers still intertwined.

“At times, but knowing I have you to come home too makes it worthwhile”. He kissed your cheek.

“Angus Macgyver getting all romantic, you’re full of surprises”. Giggling. Mac’s hands detached from yours and rested now on your stomach. “Stick with me long enough and I’ll show you some more surprises I have up my sleeve”.

Talking indirectly about the future always made your heart skip. Mac never promised anything concrete, due to his job. But here he was, hinting that he wanted a future with you.

Standing up, you let the water drip off your body before stepping out on the towel placed at the base of the tub. Grabbing Mac’s leather jacket, you put it on. Mac’s jaw nearly hitting the floor as you did so.

“Care to surprise me in our bedroom, Macgyver”. You only ever just called him Macgyver when you were flirting with him, or teasing. In this case it was both. He leaped from the tub and wrapped a towel around his waist. “You, Y/N are going to be the death of me”. He chuckled, bringing you closer to his body.

“Right back at you. Now surprise me, Angus Macgyver”.

He lifted you up bridal style and proceeded to the bedroom. Surprising you over and over again.



Part two of my little odyssey at Super Smash Con.  I have a  few more pictures (I get annoyed at Tumblr’s 10 picture limit) and I’ll post them a bit later.  I kind of regret not going to day 3 but I think I may of overdone it with the suit.  My head is still kind of hurting and I’ve been doing my best to re-hydrate from yesterday’s events.  I hope you like these, and for those who I got these great pictures with, I hope you find them.


Mac with Murdoc in his ear

             MacGyver 1x20 “Hole Puncher”

Still Mad, But I Miss You


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Combining two requests together:

- Hi!! I was wondering if whenever you get a chance could you write a Mac imagine where you guys are in a really big fight and you make him sleep on the couch but then feel bad and go sleep on the couch with him or something like that!!??
- MacGyver x Reader - “Hey it’s me…and I’m still pissed, but I shouldn’t have said what I said.”

It was an ongoing argument, one that started at the Phoenix and followed you all the way home. Despite Mac pleading that you sit out of this dangerous mission, you didn’t listen and went, according to him, behind his back and convinced Thornton you could be an asset out on the field. She eventually agreed and once the mission ended, the argument begun.

Rubbing your temple, you followed Mac inside the house. He hadn’t said a word during the car ride home. But you knew that he was fuming, even though he was trying very hard to hide that fact. His eyes gave it away along with the tightening of his jaw.

“Mac this is ridiculous, how is me wanting to catch a dangerous man any different than when Murdoc came after you?”. He threw his leather jacket, one that he always looked handsome in on the couch.

All he did as stare, and he was either trying to come up with a suitable reply or it was a sign that he was done arguing. However it was impossible at this point to tell which one it actually was.

“Because Y/N it just is different. And you know I had no choice but to go and face Murdock, you on the other hand very well knew that I wanted you to stay at the Phoenix. Why is it that whenever I try to protect you, you go ahead and completely throw that right back in my face?”. Mac exasperated and messed up his perfectly styled hair.

Looking down, apart of you knew where he was coming from. But your job was to be an agent just like Mac’s, so naturally the instinct to protect and catch criminals at times overpowered logic and reason. “I had an idea to catch him, yes it could backfired, but it worked. Mac, I understand your need to protect me and I love you for it. But I’m an agent, that’s who I am. So for you to ask me to sit out on a mission, just doesn’t work for me”.

Mac’s phone rang, he pulled it from his pocket, ended the call and threw it where his jacket lay. “So you rather get yourself killed? What part of I can’t lose you is so hard for you to understand!?”.

Tears pricked your eyes, but you held them back. Mac by now wasn’t even making eye contact and that hurt. “And what part of I can’t sit by and do nothing is so hard for you to understand!?”. You argued back.

This time he did make eye contact, his eyes narrowed and if his jaw tightened anymore you swore it would break. Out of frustration you messed up your own hair by running fingers threw it.

“Do you think just because you can Macgyver things out of anything and everything that it gives you some sort of advantage, and makes you better than me, when it comes to being out on the field?”.

Mac’s face dropped. Usually you’d be quick to apologize, but emotions were rising high and it made things cloudy. “If the roles were reversed, can you honestly say that you’d listen to me, if I told you to stay because I thought it was too dangerous for you to be out there?”.

He turned away and remained silent.

“That’s what I thought…I’m going to bed, please don’t follow me. You can sleep on the couch tonight”. You left the room before Mac could say anything and the faint close of the door could be heard.

Throughout the night you kept tossing and turning, possibly because you and Mac never slept apart. Throwing off the covers you huffed. Staring at the ceiling for a minute or two until you turned to the side and wondered if Mac was doing okay out on the couch. Guilt set in and you threw the bed sheets off and made your way down the hall into the living room.

Mac was curled up on the couch, the blanket had fallen off and he looked peaceful. Walking on over, you picked up the blanket and covered Mac with it. Bending down, you brushed a piece of hair from his face which caused him to stir, he then opened his eyes.

“Hey it’s me…and I’m still pissed, but I shouldn’t have said what I said. I hate fighting with you Mac". The tears from earlier fell and rolled down your cheek. Mac sat up and pulled you onto his lap, wiping away the tears.

Burying your face into his chest, he without hesitation wrapped his arms around your waist. “I hate fighting with you too, Y/N. I just can’t stand anything happening to you, so I do at times get too over-protective”.

Lifting you face to look at him, he looked all sleepy and it made you smile. Touching his cheek, “I’m sorry for making you stay out here on the couch, it’s not the same sleeping without you”.

“Are you saying you would like me to come and sleep in our bed?”, He asked raising an eyebrow.

Biting your lip and nodding.

Mac took a minute and put his thinking face on. “Oh, I don’t know. I quite like it-”. Slapping his chest jokingly, he laughed. “I’m joking, I can’t stand not having you beside me either”.

Getting up from his lap, you grabbed his hand going back to the shared bedroom. You no longer tossed or turned and Mac for the entire night didn’t let you go.


A Mac hug  💕

                                   MacGyver 1x19 “Compass”

Oh My God, You Love Her


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Could you do a MacGyver x Reader where Mac’s talking to Jack/Bozer/Riley about the Reader with one of the following (or combine them if you want)? - “Oh my God! You’re in love with her!” or “I miss her so damn much, and it’s killing me that she’s gone!” Thanks!

“Mac? Hey, Mac!”. Jack waved his hand in front of Mac’s face.

“What?”, was all the response Jack got.

Bozer and Riley both shared a glance, Mac had been silent every since he sat down. And everyone knew that something was bothering him. “Talk to me, what’s going on in that big head of yours?”. Jack sat down and patted Mac on the knee.

“You’ve been kinda off today, whatever it is we’re here to help”. Bozer pitched in while Riley nodded.

Mac sighed and played with the paperclip that was in his hand. “I miss her so damn much, and it’s killing me that she’s gone!”.

Everyone looked to one another. Jack was the most confused, Bozer had his thinking face on and Riley walked around to the front of the room, before letting out a huge smile. “Oh my God! You’re in love with her!”.

“In love with who?”, Jack and Bozer both shouted at the same time and then it clicked. Jack got all excited and smirked towards his partner in crime. “Your in love with Y/N aren’t you? My boy is growing up”, he stated proudly.

Mac went on the defense, although he wasn’t fooling anyone. “I’m not in love with her”. He earned several “are you kidding” looks from Bozer, Riley and Jack. “I’m not, okay. Seriously guys I have no idea what you guys are talking about”. He tried to keep his voice steady, but failed.

“The fact that you’re trying so hard to convince us that your not, is proof that you Mac are totally in love with Y/N”. Bozer exclaimed, earning an eye roll from Mac.

“Are you going to tell her?”, Riley asked.

Mac got up from his seat and placed the paperclip onto the table, “There is nothing to tell, so can we drop this?”. Riley placed her hands up in defense and gave an concerning look to the other two. Jack signalled that he wanted to speak to Mac alone, so Bozer left with Riley.

“I know you better than anyone Mac, so what’s really going on?”. Jack asked while Mac sighed and stared out the window.

“Nothing okay…Fine, it’s just what if she doesn’t feel the same? Or what if I tell her and then Y/N’s life ends up being in danger because of what I do? Remember when Bozer found out about the Phoenix? What if Y/N does too, but this time Thornton doesn’t offer her a job. As much as I want to be with her, because of my job…I can’t”. Mac clenched his hand into a fist, then unclenching to release the tension he was feeling.

Jack stepped forward, “I’m going to give you a piece of advice and I want you to listen very carefully to it, you hear me? Don’t let her slip away Mac, because I can already tell by the look on your face that she means a lot to you. If you don’t at least give this a go, I know that you’ll regret it Mac. And the last thing I want you to do is wake up one morning and wish you had told Y/N how you felt”.

Mac just stared and looked briefly down at the ground, “I hear what you’re saying, I do. But this job-”.

Jack put up his hand to shush Mac. “Forget about the job for once second and just follow your heart. Go and tell Y/N that you’re in love with her”.

Mac pondered over everything that had been said, after standing in silence with Jack watching him mentally debate with himself, Mac grabbed his jacket from the chair and rushed to the door. “I’m going to do it, I’m going to tell her. Wish me luck”. He said before running out the building to find you.


More from the upcoming episode “Flashlight”, the MacGyver/Hawaii Five-0 crossover!

Good Enough


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Based off “Good Enough” by Little Mix. Listen Here.

Am I still not good enough? Am I still not worth that much?

Angus Macgyver wasn’t the popular guy at school, he didn’t have a large following of friends, nor was he the object of every girls eye. Nonetheless he caught your eye. Years went by and the two of you developed a fairly solid friendship. And all you wanted was for Mac to notice you, the same way you noticed him. But he never did.

Things changed when he got recruited to work at some Think Tank, thus when the secret keeping begun. Eventually the truth came to the surface and you discovered it was an Secret Organization masked as a Think Tank. That wasn’t the truth that stung, no, far from it. The introduction of Nikki Carpenter, Mac’s girlfriend, took the hurt you were already feeling and doubled it.

You smiled, faked one at least. Shook her hand and pretended that you were the supportive, happy, best friend. The one thing you’d forgotten in the midst of what felt like your world was collapsing, was that Mac knew you, far too well. He asked for the room.

“That wasn’t the reaction I was hoping for”. He stated, a bit disappointed.

There was no delicate way to approach this, to tell him that you’ve been in love with him all these years. To get him to understand that he could do better…with you.

“I’m sorry, did I miss the part where I’m suppose to become best friends with her? Perhaps you want us to go on shopping trips, get facials, maybe even share stories about you?”. It came out with bitterness, an undertone of slight distaste.

Mac’s face had confusion painted across it. “Y/N, what’s going on?”.

Do you tell him? Of the time you noticed him when no-one else did. Or how he could take your breath away with just one touch. Or even how his the only guy that taught you what it truly meant to love someone - the good, bad and ugly parts of them.

“What am I to you? Who am I to you, Mac?”. It was a question pondering in your head for a while, it was only now that you were brave enough to ask.

He walked over, frosted the glass and stood close to the door. “Where is this coming from?”.

“Just answer the question!”. You shut your eyes, ashamed that you so quickly raised your voice.

Mac stepped forward, you moved backwards. As soon as you did Mac’s eyes displayed a sense of hurt, matching your own.

“You’re my best friend, Y/N. The one who knows me better than Jack, hell even Bozer. The person who I go to when I want to smile, laugh or just for a shoulder to lean on. If I hurt you Y/N, please, I need you to tell me”.

Wiping away the tears on the verge of spilling. You couldn’t see them but you knew the rest of the team was standing behind those windows. And so was Nikki, the women who you envied. Summoning the last sherd of courage you had, you breathed. Then looked Mac dead in the eyes, after all eyes don’t lie. And you needed to see his reaction to what you were about to say.

“Do you want to know who you’re to me?. You’re Angus Macgyver, the boy who I became friends with after he stood up for me. Then you became the man I fell in love with. I was never good enough for you, god knows I tried to be”. Tears now streaming down your face. “But I’ll never be good enough for you, will I?. Because if I was, you would of been honest with me about all of it. About what you really do!”.

Covering your face with your hands, you composed your shaky breath. “I know it’s cliche, the girl falling in love with her best friend. And maybe at some point I missed my chance. But I need to know, right now, Mac. Could you ever love me?”.

You so desperately wanted to love Mac, love him the way he deserved.

“Y/N, I-”.

Staring at him, he just gave you his answer, even if he didn’t realize it. Eyes glistening with tears, picking up your bag you simply, in silence, walked to the door. “Please don’t leave, not like this. I can’t lose my best friend”. He whispered.

All the tears had dried up by now, you had no more left to shed. “No, Mac, you can’t love me. At least not in the way I love you”. It sounded extremely harsh, unfair even, to burden Mac with such guilt. After all it wasn’t his fault that his feelings were only platonic. But you didn’t apologize or back track. You just left.

You weren’t good enough for somebody like Angus Macgyver to love you back, and that was the painful truth you were going to learn how to live with.

Your love wore thin and I never win. You want the best, so sorry that’s clearly not me, oh, this is all I can be.


Another day, another mission. This one - secretly stop a device being set off during a party without alerting the culprit. Thornton didn’t want this man to know that he was being tracked until it was the right time.

You and Riley were set up in a van further down the road. Normally you’d also be out in the field, but Thornton wanted you to help Riley hold down the fort. And to even serve as extra back-up if needed..

Mac pulled up, causally stepped out of the vintage car and fixed his suit, “How do I look?”. Smiling towards you since he knew you were watching.

“Handsome as always. You should wear a suit more often”, you replied.

Flirting with Mac had been an on going thing ever since the two of you meet. Little comments here and there, side-ways glances as well as a few cheeky smiles. They annoyed everyone else at the Phoenix who just wished you and Mac would become a couple already.

“You two are killing me, just make out and get it over with”. Jack commented through the coms. The two of you forgot the communication lines were open to other people, mainly Jack, and not just you and Mac.

Mac cleared his throat and thank god Riley was the only one here with you.

Spinning lightly on the chair you were occupying while Riley was running interference, you decided to mess with Jack a little. “You look handsome too Jack, that a new suit?”.

Jack adjusted his tie and continued to walk down the footpath, scoping the area. “That’s funny Y/N, truly. But I think you should just stick to flirting with Mac”.

Pretty soon Mac’s voice filled your ear piece. “I second that”.

“Don’t worry Mac, you know I’ve only got eyes for you”. Stating as you watched him walk towards the entrance of the party.

“Are you two done? We’re on a mission after all”. Jack spoke, not sounding too thrilled with the current conversation at hand.

Riley typed away on her laptop. The two of you shared a look, “Jack you’re just mad because no-one wants to flirt with you during a mission”. She said, while you and Mac couldn’t help but giggle.

Seeing Jack through the cameras he pretended to look offended. “Plenty of people would happily flirt with me, thank you very much”.

“Name one person”, Riley challenged.

“I-I, you know what Riley stay out of this”, Jack stuttered

“Guys focus, we can debate about this later. Riley tell me which room this device is in, Y/N watch the security cameras inside for any unusual activity. And Jack stay on the look out around the area”. Mac took charge and you’d be lying if you didn’t admit that it was a tad sexy.

Even though Mac couldn’t see, you still nodded. “Mac, be careful”. You instructed.

He smirked and buttoned his suit, “Aren’t I always?”.

“If you’re done being a smart-ass, get inside the room and let’s stop this device from going off. And who knows, if things are successful you might even get a victory kiss”. You teased.

Mac had just entered the huge ball room filled with people and had a huge grin on his face, “Just a kiss? Kinda hoping for a bit more than that, after all you know exactly how I feel about you”.

“Well finish this mission and then I’ll show you how I feel”. Jack pretended to gag and you couldn’t help but laugh. 

That was the exact motivation Mac needed, the mission turned out to be a success. And finally after months of flirting you and Mac took the next step.



Jack insisted on the whole team checking out the new bar that had just opened downtown. And everyone knew that he wouldn’t take no for an answer. So reluctantly the team agreed and that’s where you and Mac were headed too now.

The two of you entered the bar, hand in hand of course and scanned the room. “Only Jack would invite us out and in the end show up late. Should we call and see how far away he is?”. Asking Mac, who had a slight smirk on his lips.

“Or we can play a game of pool while we wait?”, he suggested pointing over to the vacant pool table.

Removing your jacket, it was time to finally beat Mac at something. You were the reigning pool champion within your family. “Prepare to lose. I’m an expert when it comes to pool”.

Mac chuckled and handed you a pool stick, the balls were already set up. It was time to play. You were pretty confident and watched as Mac went first.

“Just because were dating don’t expect me to go easy on you”. Winking at Mac.

He licked his lips. “Oh really, is that how were going to play it? I was going to hold back a little to give you a chance, but now it’s definitely game on”. Crouching slightly he hit the white ball, scattering all the other ones across the table.

After 10 minutes the game was still going, although Mac was in the lead by a few points, that didn’t damper your spirits. Aligning the white ball with the purple one near the corner net, you took a shot but effectively missed, letting out a groan.

It was now Mac’s turn again. Taking a couple minutes, you could tell his brain was spinning in thought. Yours however was convinced that there wasn’t anyway he could make the shot. He’d have to perfectly curve the ball in order to hit the black ball into the net.

He concentrated for a few more seconds, got into position and took his shot. The ball fell in meaning that Mac had won.

“Okay, no that’s not fair. You can’t use physics to play pool”.

Mac put down his pool stick and made his way over, wrapping his arms around your waist. “I believe I just did”. He tried to be cute and flashed a smile in the process.

“Well then the least you could do is be a lovely boyfriend and teach me how, so I can kick Jack’s ass in pool when he arrives”. 

Mac didn’t object and centered the balls the way their were before. He stood behind you. Leaning down, you could feel his hot breath tickle the back of your neck. “It’s all in the hand movement and the angle of your body”, he explained setting a hand on your waist to turn your body a tad to the right.

Right about now you weren’t focusing on a single word he was saying, but where his touch was instead. “Now all you do is shoot”. It was no surprise that you missed. Mac although had surprise written all over his face.

“That should of worked, let’s try again”. He reached over but you pulled his arm back. In the process of turning fully around the pool stick fell to the floor, you grabbed Mac by his leather jacket collar and kissed him.

“I don’t care about pool anymore, besides I can think of a game that involves both of us winning”, giving him a suggestive wink.

He cleared his throat and grabbed your hand while your other one was holding your jacket, both making a dash towards the door.

“Whoa, where are you two going? Sorry were late, but the whole team is here now so let’s have some fun”. Jack announced as he and Mac collided in the middle of the doorway.

Biting your lip, you saw how anxious Mac was to get out of this bar. No-one knowing the reason why but you.

“Mac and I just decided that we want a nice quiet night in, but we promise the next get together we’ll be there”. You replied inching closer to the exit.

Hurrying Mac out of the door to avoid anymore discussions on the topic, leaving Jack, Bozer and Riley in a state of utter confusion.