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Interviewer: You’re in Hawaii, if there gonna be some shirts off actions?

Lucas Till: No no, because I haven’t, uh, I’m not tan enough to

George Eads: And I don’t know too many people who want to see a 50 year old with his shirt off.

Lucas Till and George Eads on-set interview about the Hawaii five-0/MacGyver crossover.

So, unfortunately, we will not be getting another shirtless Mac scene in this next episode.

I Need To Know This


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: You get injured while out on a mission, and when Mac hears about it he losses it.

“His going to find out”, Riley gave a disapproving look while helping you out of the medical bay at the Phoenix as the two of you walked down the hall.

Clutching your stomach, the mission you were on went side ways and without meaning too you got caught in the crossfire. Mac and Jack were on their own mission, so Riley was the only one here at the Phoenix. Once she had her own freak out, you swore her to secrecy. Mac didn’t need to find out, at least not while he was focused out in the field.

“It’ll heal by the time he finds out”, you gave her a sheepish look and all Riley did was shake her head. Walking into the main room where the team meets up, you carefully sat down on the chair.

Riley grabbed her laptop and sat down opposite you. “Y/N, a lunatic stabbed you with a knife. It’ll take more than a few hours for your injury to heal. So yes, Mac is definitely going to find out and we both know he isn’t going to be happy”.

Squeezing your eyes shut from having to move too suddenly, it didn’t go unnoticed by Riley. “You shouldn’t even be out of the medical bay yet”.

“I’m fine, and I didn’t get stabbed just obtained a deep cut”.

She was about to respond but an income call from Mac came through. “Hey Riley we need you to track this guys location via his cell phone”. Reilly typed along on her keyboard and you had to bite the corner of your lip to prevent from making a sound. Mac still thought you were out in the field, and worrying him while he was close to solving his own mission was something he didn’t need, although that was going to be a debated once he came back, you just knew it.

“Okay, his cell phone currently shows him at 175 Erickson road, house number 5”.

Not being able to bite your lip anymore, you accidentally let out a small groan.

“Y/N?”, Mac had a hint of surprise in his voice. Riley gave a “you need to tell him” look and you gave her a “not yet” one in return.

“Yeah, I’m here. My mission finished early”. Technically that wasn’t a lie, you just got injured in the process.

“I wonder why”, Riley muttered under her breath.

Mac must of caught on, he knew you way too well. “I feel like I’m missing something here?”, he asked. Jack in the background faintly told Mac that they had to go. Before he could say another word, you said a quick goodbye and ended up the call.

Riley glanced over, “I know his going to find out”. You sighed and mentally prepared for what was about to come.

Few hours later

“Riley, have Mac and Jack returned yet?”, Bozer came blazing into the room. He did a double take when he saw that you were also there. “Y/N, when did you come back?”.

Doing your best to plaster a smile despite being in a whole lot of pain, you responded. “Not that long ago”. Bozer arched his eyebrow when he noticed that your hand was clutched tightly around your stomach, he was about to pose a question about it but Mac along with Jack entered the room.

“Another win for the Phoenix, another loss for the bad guys”. Jack smiled proudly. “How did you mission go Y/N?”, he asked.

Eyeing Riley nervously, you gulped. “Fine, same as always”. You could tell that Riley wasn’t impressed.

She got up, “If by fine you mean getting a knife to your stomach, then yeah the mission went fine”.

You shouted out her name, while the other three yelled “What!?”.

Slowly standing up, Jack steadied your balance. You caught Mac’s facial impression and his jaw tightened. Everyone else sensed the tension arise and excused themselves out of the room, to give you and Mac some well needed privacy.

You were trying to think of the best way to approach this delicate issue. Mac rarely got angry, but whenever he heard about your life being in danger he became fiercely over-protective.

“I was on the mission, we had the guy cornered and I must of misjudged a small detail of the operation. He tricked me and-”. You stopped explaining to observe Mac’s body language

He stepped forward, arms now uncrossed.Don’t stop now, I need to know this. I needed to know about this the minute it happened”.

“You were on a mission Mac, I didn’t want you to worry if it wasn’t that big of a deal”, you argued back and perhaps that wasn’t the best way to put it.

His eyes crinkled and mouth opened and closed. Mac ran his fingers through his hair, “Not-not that big of a deal! You do realize that if that blade had gone any deeper, you would of ended up in the hospital due to severe blood loss. So you tell me now how getting attacked by a knife isn’t that big of a deal, Y/N!?”.

Using the seat as support, Mac’s eyes softened and he made his way over. Standing in front of you, he leaned his forehead gently on yours. “I’m sorry, the thought of losing you out there scares the hell out of me”.

Touching his cheek, “And you don’t think I don’t feel the same way when your out on the field? Mac, I get just as worried about you as you do about me. I made a mistake and because of it I got injured, but I’m okay and I promise to you that I won’t make that same mistake again”.

Mac pulled away so now his blue eyes focused on yours. “And I promise to be careful whenever I’m out on the field too. But you know Jack tends to get in trouble a lot, so he kinda needs me to save his ass”.

You couldn’t help but smile at Mac’s attempt to be funny, you pressed your lips on his. Something you had wanted to do the minute he walked in. “You better hope that Jack doesn’t hear you say that, otherwise it’s your ass that will need saving”.

Mac too cracked a smile, “I can take him”. He said with quite some confidence.

Laughing, “In your dreams you might have chance”. Continuing to giggle at Mac’s facial expression you forgot about your injury and hissed.

Mac look concerned, “It’s okay. I just need to lay down”.

He let you leaned against his body and helped you out of the Phoenix. The entire night Mac didn’t leave your side and continued to look after you until the injury healed. And once you were 100% better, you showed Mac just how thankful you were for him taking care of you.

Angus Macgyver x Reader: Influenza

A/N: Your infected with the flu and Mac worries too much about you.

Originally posted by macgyverdaily

*Not my gif

It was flu season anyways so no wonder you got sick. First, Riley got sick, then Bozer got sick. Jack and Mac were the only ones who probably haven’t gotten sick yet. You showed all the symptoms, a runny nose, red puffy eyes, the coughing and the shivers. You laid on the couch watching The Golden Girls on the tv, covered in a soft blanket with a pile of tissues on the table in front of you. Mac was supposed to be away on an important mission.

You had to stay home because you were sick. You even heard Thornton was out sick for three weeks. You were home at the moment alone while both Mac and Bozer were out on a mission until you heard the front door open and shut. “(Y/N)?” You heard Mac’s voice call. “In here.” You called and you heard his footsteps and you see he was standing behind the couch.

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My Girl

Pairing : Mac x Reader

Summary : Imagine dating Mac since high school and when he is deployed in Afghanistan, your parents force you to marry a man who is abusive to you. When Mac returns from the war, he saves you from your husband.

(gif belongs to fyeahlucastill)

When you met Mac you had bumped into him on the first day of high school. Ever since then it’s been you and him. You were high school sweethearts and all throughout high school you were known as the couple that would be together forever.

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An alert popped up on your phone, the team were on their way back from the latest mission. Leaning back in the chair, the time had come to stop avoiding Mac and face what surely would be an awkward conversation.

Gathering up your things, you placed a few folders along with your laptop in the big oversized black bag. Switching off the office lights you walked down the hall knowing exactly where Mac was going to be.

Arms crossed, looking through the long vertical glass windows he watched as you walked in. He turned as you came through the door.


Setting down you bag, you were nervous and mind was quickly spinning in every direction. “Hi…look Mac-”. You had no idea where you wanted to go beyond that, luckily Mac cut in .

“Me first, otherwise I might not be able to say this later. I know kissing you like that was completely out of the blue, but I don’t regret doing it. If I’ve learned anything doing this job it’s that-”. Mac reached where you were standing.

Looking into your eyes for a brief moment, he gently ran his thumb over your cheek. “Time is short and anything can happen in a split second. I don’t know about you Y/N, but I don’t want to waste any more time hiding how I really feel”.

You weren’t expecting any of that, it threw you even more off balance than the kiss. You must of been silent for a few minutes at least, because Mac started talking again.

“I know this is a lot to think about and you don’t have to say anything right now. But I just needed you to know”. He went to take a step, but without thinking your hand reached for his, sending a small electric jolt up your arm. Whether that was a sign or because of friction, it didn’t matter.

“I don’t have to think about it Mac, I feel the same way”.

The smile on his face was something you’d never forget and the kiss after that left you absolutely breathless.



Pairing : Mac x Reader 

Summary : Imagine breaking something of Mac’s and being afraid to tell because he might get upset.


You didn’t mean to. You just wanted to move the stupid coffee table. You didn’t mean to hit the motorcycle. This proved you had the worst luck in the world.

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Oh My, Leather

Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Mac sees you in his leather jacket for the first time.

Side Note: @geniuscomputerhacker here you go, hope you like it!

Work had been in overdrive. Case after case, the team barely got the chance to breathe. Thankfully, for the past few days the criminals decided to take some time out. Unlike before, where the cases piled up one after the other, these ones that came across Matty’s desk weren’t as demanding. Although the stress still could be felt in every area of the body.

You were roaming around the house. Mac was still asleep, exhausted from today’s events. The case involved stopping a corporate hedge fund who had a side business involving some shady dealings with wanted criminals. Once the confession was caught on tape and the criminals arrested, the only thing you and Mac wanted to do was snuggle into bed.

The clock read 1pm. A decent amount of sleep was what your body had now gotten. You felt rejuvenated, refreshed, energized. 3 things that were quite had to achieve or maintain in your line of work as an government agent.

Strolling down the hallway, Mac’s leather jacket hung behind the kitchen stool, catching your attention. Feeling the material against your hand, you’d always wondered how Mac’s jacket would feel. Turning back around, the door to the bedroom was still closed. Drumming your fingers along the chair, you were already wearing Mac’s t-shirt, therefore trying on his leather jacket wouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Throwing it over your shoulders and sliding each arm in, the jacket engulfed you, ending just inches above where his shirt did. There was still a linger of Mac’s scent, it smelled like home. What also heightened your sense of smell was the steaming pot of coffee. Taking a mug from the top cupboard, you filled up the cup, slowly sipping the delicious beverage as you overlooked the city from Mac’s backyard terrace. The afternoon breeze swept through, making this the perfect picture moment.

Hearing a noise come from the kitchen, you suspected that Mac was now awake.

“Hey there, sleepyhead”.

Mac’s head snapped towards the sound of your voice, looking astonished. Rubbing his eyes, he still wore the same expression. “That’s my leather jacket”. Pointing to the piece of clothing wrapped around your body.

Sheepishly glancing down. “Yeah, I’m sorry. I just-um wanted to try it on, I can take it off”. Putting the mug of now half empty coffee on the TV cabinet, you proceed to remove his beloved leather jacket, until Mac put up his hand and blurted out for you to stop.

Sucking in a sharp breath, “I-I mean it’s up to you”.

It clicked, when you saw Mac shuffle more behind the counter. You were notably standing before Mac in little clothing. He’d seen you in his shirts plenty of times, those he could handle, but add the leather jacket that he loved so much and oh my.

“I’m more than happy to keep it on”, playing with the zipper, eyes locking with one another, like magnetics.

Taking three big strides, Mac backed you against the wall, not caring in the slightest when the small painting fell, due to the force of impact. His lips hungrily attached themselves to yours. Right hand pressed flat on the wall, while his left rested on your cheek, blocking any chance of an exit, not that you needed one anyway.

Both were panting after the heavy make out session. Mac leaned his forehead on your own. “Keep the jacket on”, removing his hand off the wall, Mac tugged at the green t-shirt. “Just”, rubbing your thigh, “the”, kissing down your neck, “jacket”, tearing open his shirt revealing a floral pattern underwear set, leaving you stunned at this seductive side of Mac.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this speechless, Y/N”. Toying with the strap of the bra, beaming with self-confidence.

“Quick playing games, Mac. Matty could call with another mission any minute, and I’d rather not go to the office sexually frustrated”. Tugging the string of his sweatpants, loosening the hold around his waist.

Mac smirked. Whispered for you to jump and dropped you on the couch before hovering above. “Fine, but my jacket doesn’t come off”.

Biting your lip. “As you wish, Angus”.

You rarely ever called him by his first time, so when it rolled effortlessly out of your mouth, Mac gulped. His light blue eyes changing to a more darker shade. 

The leather jacket stayed on, up until the couch was swapped out for the bed. There it lay, folded up nicely at the foot of the bed. You and Mac entwined, the aroma of your perfume mixed with his cologne, burning candles and sex dominating the room.

“After that, the jacket might need to be dry cleaned”. Giggling, as Mac played footsies under the sheets.

He kissed the top of your head. “I’ll get around to it, but for now I like the way it smells”.

Both phones buzzed simultaneously, meaning one thing - work.

Taking quick separate showers, you opted for the classic look of black jeans and white tee. While Mac went for blue jeans matched with a dark grey collar shirt.  Reaching for his leather jacket before him, Mac stared at you - dumbfounded.

“And what do you think you’re doing?”. Tilting his head, smiling.

A flash of a flirtatious glint appearing in your eyes. “Isn’t it obvious?”. He ogled as you slowly teased putting on his jacket, Mac licked the bottom of his lip. 

Moaning under his breath. “Oh, this is going to be a long day”.

Having A Movie Night w/ MacGyver Involves:

  • This is a one in a lifetime things.
  • There are no missions and everything is slow and the day is cold outside.
  • Mac is whining like a big baby because of the freaking cold weather outside.
  • Jack suggest a movie night so you and Jack run out to the video store.

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Still Mad, But I Miss You


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Combining two requests together:

- Hi!! I was wondering if whenever you get a chance could you write a Mac imagine where you guys are in a really big fight and you make him sleep on the couch but then feel bad and go sleep on the couch with him or something like that!!??
- MacGyver x Reader - “Hey it’s me…and I’m still pissed, but I shouldn’t have said what I said.”

It was an ongoing argument, one that started at the Phoenix and followed you all the way home. Despite Mac pleading that you sit out of this dangerous mission, you didn’t listen and went, according to him, behind his back and convinced Thornton you could be an asset out on the field. She eventually agreed and once the mission ended, the argument begun.

Rubbing your temple, you followed Mac inside the house. He hadn’t said a word during the car ride home. But you knew that he was fuming, even though he was trying very hard to hide that fact. His eyes gave it away along with the tightening of his jaw.

“Mac this is ridiculous, how is me wanting to catch a dangerous man any different than when Murdoc came after you?”. He threw his leather jacket, one that he always looked handsome in on the couch.

All he did as stare, and he was either trying to come up with a suitable reply or it was a sign that he was done arguing. However it was impossible at this point to tell which one it actually was.

“Because Y/N it just is different. And you know I had no choice but to go and face Murdock, you on the other hand very well knew that I wanted you to stay at the Phoenix. Why is it that whenever I try to protect you, you go ahead and completely throw that right back in my face?”. Mac exasperated and messed up his perfectly styled hair.

Looking down, apart of you knew where he was coming from. But your job was to be an agent just like Mac’s, so naturally the instinct to protect and catch criminals at times overpowered logic and reason. “I had an idea to catch him, yes it could backfired, but it worked. Mac, I understand your need to protect me and I love you for it. But I’m an agent, that’s who I am. So for you to ask me to sit out on a mission, just doesn’t work for me”.

Mac’s phone rang, he pulled it from his pocket, ended the call and threw it where his jacket lay. “So you rather get yourself killed? What part of I can’t lose you is so hard for you to understand!?”.

Tears pricked your eyes, but you held them back. Mac by now wasn’t even making eye contact and that hurt. “And what part of I can’t sit by and do nothing is so hard for you to understand!?”. You argued back.

This time he did make eye contact, his eyes narrowed and if his jaw tightened anymore you swore it would break. Out of frustration you messed up your own hair by running fingers threw it.

“Do you think just because you can Macgyver things out of anything and everything that it gives you some sort of advantage, and makes you better than me, when it comes to being out on the field?”.

Mac’s face dropped. Usually you’d be quick to apologize, but emotions were rising high and it made things cloudy. “If the roles were reversed, can you honestly say that you’d listen to me, if I told you to stay because I thought it was too dangerous for you to be out there?”.

He turned away and remained silent.

“That’s what I thought…I’m going to bed, please don’t follow me. You can sleep on the couch tonight”. You left the room before Mac could say anything and the faint close of the door could be heard.

Throughout the night you kept tossing and turning, possibly because you and Mac never slept apart. Throwing off the covers you huffed. Staring at the ceiling for a minute or two until you turned to the side and wondered if Mac was doing okay out on the couch. Guilt set in and you threw the bed sheets off and made your way down the hall into the living room.

Mac was curled up on the couch, the blanket had fallen off and he looked peaceful. Walking on over, you picked up the blanket and covered Mac with it. Bending down, you brushed a piece of hair from his face which caused him to stir, he then opened his eyes.

“Hey it’s me…and I’m still pissed, but I shouldn’t have said what I said. I hate fighting with you Mac". The tears from earlier fell and rolled down your cheek. Mac sat up and pulled you onto his lap, wiping away the tears.

Burying your face into his chest, he without hesitation wrapped his arms around your waist. “I hate fighting with you too, Y/N. I just can’t stand anything happening to you, so I do at times get too over-protective”.

Lifting you face to look at him, he looked all sleepy and it made you smile. Touching his cheek, “I’m sorry for making you stay out here on the couch, it’s not the same sleeping without you”.

“Are you saying you would like me to come and sleep in our bed?”, He asked raising an eyebrow.

Biting your lip and nodding.

Mac took a minute and put his thinking face on. “Oh, I don’t know. I quite like it-”. Slapping his chest jokingly, he laughed. “I’m joking, I can’t stand not having you beside me either”.

Getting up from his lap, you grabbed his hand going back to the shared bedroom. You no longer tossed or turned and Mac for the entire night didn’t let you go.

Milkshake pt2

MacGyver (2016/reebot): Macgyver x reader, Jack Dalton
Word Count: 891
Warning/Triggers: None that I’m aware of, lemme know
A/N: Part 2 was requested by an adorable anon
Requests open

You didn’t really pay attention to where you were going and you were confused when you found yourself in the parking lot of a little café you frequented when you were out with friends. You parked up your car and entered the café ordering a chocolate milkshake and taking a seat in the corner next to the window.  You looked at your shake without really looking at it, biting on your lower lip as you thought about the past few days and what had happened at Mac’s place.  You didn’t even catch a glimpse of the test before you threw it in the trash or even checked to see if you had covered it up properly.  After sipping at your milkshake for a couple of hours you decided to pop over to the local pharmacy and pick up a couple of tests – you wanted to be certain before giving someone some, potentially, life altering news.

By the time, you got back to Mac and Bozer’s place it was dark out and you honestly wouldn’t have been surprised to find Mac, Jack, Bozer and Riley out back, sitting at the firepit. You opened the front door and felt a hand covering your mouth while another wrapped around your waist.  In your panic, you dropped your bag and immediately dug your elbow into, what you assumed was, your assailant’s mid-section.  You used your other hand to grab the one around your mouth and manoeuvred yourself free, pushing your assailant to the ground and digging your knee into the centre of their back.  When the assailant ‘tapped out’ like they were a wrestler you realised who it was.  The Texan accent was a dead give-away.

“Jack?!” You whisper-shouted so as not to gain the attentions of anyone else who may have been in the house and within earshot.  “Yeah, it’s me Y/N, jeesh” You released Jack’s arm and helped him to his feet.  “What the hell were you thinking Jack?”  You looked at him with a glare as you bent down to pick up the bag and return the items which had spilled out of it.  “Me?! You’re the one who went all ninja on me!” “In all fairness, Jack, what did you expect?”  You said as you stood up straight again, “why’d you try to give me a heart-attack anyway?”  Jack’s only response was to sheepishly hand over the test you had tried to cover up in the trash earlier.  You looked at him stunned, “you do realise that I pee’d on that right?”  Jack suddenly looked at the test as though it was a bomb or something.  You took it from him and threw it into your bag without looking at it.  “What about it?” You asked looking down at your shoes, the floor, anything but Jack’s face as you readjusted your bag.  “What?  You seriously didn’t think I’d get curious when you ran out of here like a bat outta hell earlier?  Are you gonna talk to Mac?”  You still avoided Jack’s gaze, “obvcourse I am, but not until I’m sure, and don’t you go tellin’ him either Jack!”  You warned him.  His only response was to cross his arms as he looked at you, sighing, “Look, Y/N, I think you should tell Mac, it isn’t fair for you to do this alone, and it isn’t fair to keep Mac in the dark about this, it affects him too.  Most importantly though, it isn’t fair for you to put it on me to keep it from him.”  Jack tried to catch your eye as he spoke.  You shook your head, sighing, “I guess you’re right.”

You sighed as you headed to the fire-pit outside to try and talk to Mac.  Once you had convinced him to come inside and abandon the fire-pit you got him to sit on the couch.  That’s when you explained to him about everything that had happened over the past couple of days, the icky feeling, the cravings, the test, all of it.  Even the part where Jack just about gave you a heart-attack.  Mac said nothing as you rambled your way through your explanation and said nothing. He just sat there… listening to you. When you finally finished talking Mac placed his hand on your knee and asked only one question. “So… what was the result of the test you trashed?”  You looked at Mac for a second.  “I honestly don’t know,” you said as you turned around to take the test out of the bag, “I kind of just threw it in the bag.” You shrugged as you turned the test over and got closer to Mac so you could both read the result.  It took you both a few moments to register what the result was, “it’s positive,” you said quietly, as if speaking any louder would jinx it or something.  Slowly both of your smiles grew as it completely registered and Mac kissed your cheek, pulling you toward him in a hug.  Over the course of the night you took the other tests you had bought just to be certain, and each of them read ‘positive’.  You and Mac both agreed that you would wait until you had confirmation from the doctor before you even thought about telling the rest of the team.  Obviously Jack was an exception and was sworn to secrecy.