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Falling Asleep


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Could you do a Macgyver imagine where you guys are hanging out but you end up falling asleep on him and then you get embarrassed but he thinks it’s cute!! 👍 LOVE YOUR IMAGINES!!

Feet up, glass of wine and good company, that was how you were spending your evening. Every Friday Mac would come over for dinner and the two of you would sit reminiscing old embarrassing stories, talking about life and cracking really bad jokes. Mac and you were good friends, in fact you considered him one of your closest friends. From the day you meet him the two of you got along incredibly well.

“Okay, I’ll literally pay you to do that again so I can see Jack’s facial expression”, you laughed as Mac was retelling a prank he pulled on Jack a while ago. “I’m sure if I did that again Jack would kick my ass”, he replied back taking a sip of his wine. “Like I said I’ll pay you to do that again”, you looked up at Mac with a mischievous smile and it took him a second to catch on, when he did he gently nudged you. “Okay, who’s side are you on?”, he asked while pouting. Setting your own wine glass down, without even giving it a second thought you cuddled into Mac’s side. “I’m kidding, you know I’m always on your side”.

It had been a long day, so long that you were amazed at the fact you even got through dinner with Mac. He sensed how tired you were and that’s why he suggested to just take a load off and relax on the couch, as opposed to doing anything that required maximum energy. “I know, although I wouldn’t exactly mention that to Jack”, he spoke leaning forward just enough to set his own wine glass down. He resumed his position and wrapped an arm around you. The great thing about your friendship with Mac was that both of you were extremely comfortable around one another. So being this intimate with him wasn’t that big of a deal, however it did give the others, mainly Jack, the chance to joke around or drop comments here and there about how close you and Mac were.

“So when am I going to see you in action?. I hear a lot from Bozer and the others how Mac saved the day due to his insane but yet incredible ability to Macgyer things”. There wasn’t even any need to look up as you already knew what his facial expression would be like. “As much as I would love for you to come and see what I do, it’s also very dangerous and I rather not have to worry about you while on a mission. If something happened to you I wouldn’t know how to handle that”, he confessed. You knew that Mac was just being an over-protective friend, but replaying his words in your head, could there be more to them?.

Yawning, your focus begun to drift and sleep was starting to make it’s way in. “I get it, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. It’s not fair that you, Jack, Riley and Bozer get to have all the fun”. Mac laughed but remained silent. Your eye lids were closing and before you had any control darkness fell. “If it makes you happy I’ll ask Thornton if you can come to the Phoenix, I can show you around. I mean I know it’s not out in the field, but at least it’s something?”. When you didn’t respond Mac frowned his eyebrows, “Y/N?”. He turned to the side and saw that you had fallen fast asleep, grabbing the blanket that was laying on top of the couch he carefully put it over you, smiled and reached for the remote.

The sound of two people talking alerted you, slowly opening each eye you squinted a bit before your vision cleared up. Observing your surroundings, you were absolutely confused as to why you had a blanket over you. Turning to the source of the noise the TV was on. Wide eyes you shot up and all Mac did was greet you with a goofy grin. “I fell asleep on you, didn’t I?. Oh my god, I’m so sorry Mac, I didn’t mean too. Wow this is embarrassing”, you muttered the last part but you were pretty sure Mac heard it anyway.

Turning off the TV, he turned to the side. “Actually I found it kinda cute, you can fall asleep on me anytime”. Putting head into hands for a split second, you weren’t entirely sure what to say next. Mac wiggled in his spot and turned to you, just staring. “Why are you looking at me like that?”, you gave him a puzzling look. “Your obviously tired so here, you can use me as a pillow”, he said patting his lap. “Mac I’m not using you as a pillow, what if you want to leave and you can’t because I’m asleep?”.

“Then I’ll carry you to bed, leave a note telling you I have left and then I’ll go”, he responded with ease, like it wasn’t a big deal. Truthfully you have no idea why you were making a big fuss over this. But when you accidentally fell asleep on Mac, there was a sense of comfort, one that you hadn’t felt before or in a very long time, and that scared you. “I know you want too. Plus I’m way more cosy than a bed”, he smirked.

Knowing that Mac wouldn’t take no for an answer, you settled back down and had to admit it wasn’t all that bad. Mac was playing with your hair which made sleep come around a lot faster. Feeling the weight fall from your shoulders, you closed your eyes and fell into a deep slumber.

The next morning you woke up in a daze wondering how you got into bed. Sitting up and looking around, a note was resting on your nightstand.

I told you I’d carry you to bed and leave a note - Mac

Re-reading the note again, a big smile was plastered on your face. Leaping out of bed you went in search for your phone which was located on the kitchen counter. You sent a quick thank you to Mac. Before you even got the chance to put the phone down, it buzzed.

Anytime. Can’t wait to see what happens next Friday x - Mac

You heart stopped for a second when you noticed Mac placed a “x” at the end of the text. He’d never done anything like it before and it had you wondering if there was a meaning behind it. Shaking your head from that ridiculous notion, you replied back.

Me either x - Y/N

Putting your phone back on the counter, you walked away feeling a little bit flustered about the simple “x” Mac placed at the end of his sentence. What you didn’t know was that Mac was also feeling the exact same way about the one you had placed at the end of your sentence too.

Angus Macgyver x Reader: Influenza

A/N: Your infected with the flu and Mac worries too much about you.

Originally posted by macgyverdaily

*Not my gif

It was flu season anyways so no wonder you got sick. First, Riley got sick, then Bozer got sick. Jack and Mac were the only ones who probably haven’t gotten sick yet. You showed all the symptoms, a runny nose, red puffy eyes, the coughing and the shivers. You laid on the couch watching The Golden Girls on the tv, covered in a soft blanket with a pile of tissues on the table in front of you. Mac was supposed to be away on an important mission.

You had to stay home because you were sick. You even heard Thornton was out sick for three weeks. You were home at the moment alone while both Mac and Bozer were out on a mission until you heard the front door open and shut. “(Y/N)?” You heard Mac’s voice call. “In here.” You called and you heard his footsteps and you see he was standing behind the couch.

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Let Me Take Care Of You


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Could you do a Macgyver imagine where he gets hurt in a mission and once he gets home you take care of him!! Your imagines ROCK!!

You had been getting regular updates from Bozer regarding if Mac as well as Jack had been located ever since their helicopter got shot down by a missile. Once you had gotten the phone call, you heart was pounding, palms were sweaty and naturally your worry levels went through the roof. If anything were to happen to Mac, you wouldn’t know how to function.

Sitting by waiting for the phone to ring with any new information, this was absolute torture. Most of the afternoon was spent pacing and staring at walls. Hearing your ringtone echo throughout the house, you ran at lighting speed to see who was calling. “Hello”, you desperately answered.

“Y/N it’s me Riley. Both Mac and Jack are okay, well Mac’s sorta injured but other than that they’re both fine”.

“Where are they?”, you asked tapping fingers on the counter.

“They went home, but-”. Before Riley had the chance to finish, you pressed end call, grabbed a jacket and drove all the way to Mac’s place. Upon walking up to the front door, you were hoping that when Riley said he was injured, that it was minor and not anything too serious. Ringing the doorbell several times in hopes it would magically get the door to open. You heard on the other side Mac saying that he was coming.

“Y/N, what are you doing here?”, he asked quite stunned to see you at his front door. “What do you mean, what am I doing here? Riley told me you were injured”. You informed him, hanging your jacket on the coat rack next to the door and taking Mac’s hand so he could sit down. Having the chance to properly glance at him, his face had a few cuts, and his lip seemed to have a small cut slashed across it, but what your eyes really focused on was Mac’s hand that he had wrapped around his waist. Walking into the bathroom and back with a first aid kit in hand, you stood in between Mac’s legs as he took a seat on the kitchen stool. “Shirt off”, you instructed. Mac’s eyes grew wide.

“Wait, what?”.

“Are you really going to sit there and tell me your side doesn’t hurt?”, giving him a stern look. He tried to chuckle but hissed and gripped his side more. “Now that we have established you are in fact injured, just take off your shirt so I can treat it”. Mac shifted to get comfortable again, “I’m fine Y/N. The doctors at The Phoenix already looked me over”.

Sighing, why was this so difficult?. “Mac, please for my own peace of mind just let me have a look. I didn’t go to medical school for nothing. Plus if it makes you feel any better I’ve already seen you without a top on”. Smiling innocently at him, he started to remove his shirt, knowing better than to argue with you. When you saw the pain becoming much, you stepped forward to lend a hand. His left side had a bruise forming and when you gently pressed two fingers to it, Mac’s face scrunched up. “What did you do, get hit by a tree?”.

“No, but I might as well have. Jack and I were trying to tie up this big ass guy and he sorta hit me in the ribs”. He explained. “He sorta didn’t hit you Mac, he did hit you”. There wasn’t much you could do to treat a bruise, and there wasn’t any indication that Mac had broken any ribs. So just to be safe you applied a cream to dull down the bruise and carefully wrapped some bandage around his waist. As you were concertinaing on the task at hand, you didn’t notice that Mac’s gaze had adverted onto you.

Cutting off the excess bandage and taping it down. “There all done. Now next time please try and don’t become a punching bag, i’ll feel a whole lot better”. Lifting your head, you met Mac’s intense stare. “What?”, you slowly asked him. This really wasn’t the position you had expected to be, and now you were starting to realize just how close the two of you were. Mac was shirtless while you stood in between his legs trying so hard to keep your eyes on his.

“Nothing, it’s just-thank you for patching me up”. Something told you perhaps that wasn’t what he originally intended to say, but you let it slide. Tucking a strand of hair behind your right ear, at this point you felt like a school girl trying so hard to not do something stupid. “It was nothing….you really had me worried Mac. When Riley called to tell me I-I felt like I couldn’t move, and sitting at home not being able to help..”. Mid sentence your voice cracked, and Mac wasted no time to grab your hand in his. “A helicopter crashing in the wilderness and having to chase a criminal, isn’t going to keep me from coming home. Especially since every time I go on missions I have a reason to do whatever it takes to ensure I make it back home”.

Briefly breaking eye contact to look down and then back up, whereas Mac was still giving you his full attention. And you didn’t think that throughout this entire conversation Mac broke eye contact, not even once. “Well whatever the reason is I’m glad it’s working”. You went to turn to tidy up the first aid kit, but Mac securely put his hand on your waist. “Don’t you want to know the reason?”, he asked. When your mouth wouldn’t allow for any words to come out, because apart of you was in a state of confusion and blankness. Mac attempted to get up, coming out of this random daze you steadied his balance. “You shouldn’t be standing, you need to rest Mac”, sternly telling him.

“I’ll rest after I do this”. Not sure what he was talking about until his lips sweetly crushed on yours. Resting a hand on his cheek, you didn’t even have to think and kissed him right back. Mac winched and you immediately pulled away. “I’m sorry”, you whispered. “Don’t be, that was completely worth it”, he responded with his charming smile. Handing him back his shirt, he with help from you, got it over his body. “Now go rest”, you demanded pointing to the couch which he made his way too.

Stopping in the middle of the living room and kitchen he turned to you, “Only if you come with me”, he extended his hand, taking his hand the whole evening you took care of Mac, with him occasionally stealing a few kisses now and again claiming that they helped him heal faster. And how could you argue with that logic?.


Part two of my little odyssey at Super Smash Con.  I have a  few more pictures (I get annoyed at Tumblr’s 10 picture limit) and I’ll post them a bit later.  I kind of regret not going to day 3 but I think I may of overdone it with the suit.  My head is still kind of hurting and I’ve been doing my best to re-hydrate from yesterday’s events.  I hope you like these, and for those who I got these great pictures with, I hope you find them.


Jack: Oh my god, I’m in a car full of nerds!

Mac: Who rented this minivan again?

Jack: Really?

The anon the other day mentioned this scene and I actually really like it, so I wanted to make it into a gifset XD


Some gifs from the preview of MacGyver episode Fish Scaler

So excited for it to be back on this Friday!


Some Mac gifs from episode 8 “Corkscrew”, because there’s always need for more Lucas Till in your day

Your Choice


Mac x Reader

Summary: Hi! Could you do a MacGyver x Reader where he and the reader are sort of an established thing but then Nikki comes back and there is a lot of tension? You can go anywhere you’re like from there.

“I want you to fight for me Mac. I want you to tell Nikki she has no place in your life anymore, not after what she did”. You couldn’t believe this was an actual, real-life conversation that you and Mac were having. You had gotten a text from him to meet back at his place, and informed you that Nikki had just announced that she didn’t betray them, instead she was undercover for the CIA.

Mac of course believed her without hesitation, you however wished she had just stayed far away. Not one part of you trusted that women, she always had some sort of agenda. Too many questions ran through your head when you found out from Jack, who was the first one to tell you.

“It’s not that easy, there is more to this than what we know”. Mac argued, although it sounded a lot like he was more than happy to defend every bad thing Nikki had done.

“You know what Mac go ahead help Nikki, I’m sure she’ll have no regard whatsoever to the fact that you’ve moved on, if you even have that is”.  The fact that Mac couldn’t look directly at you, didn’t make all the fear and worries disappear. Jack came around the corner with a very apologetic expression, and reminded Mac that they had to go.

Not wanting to stay in the same room as him anymore, you gave Mac one last thing to think about. “Whenever she’s around you’re different, she clouds your judgement and most of all she hurts you. And I just don’t understand why you always rush to her aid or her defense. I’m not going to be your second choice Mac and I’m not going to compete with Nikki”.

Giving Jack a sad smile, he too returned one. Mac finally found his feet and rushed after you. “What are you trying to say, is this your way of breaking up with me?”. Opening the door you stopped in the threshold. “I’m telling you that you have a choice. Either let Nikki go and we can continue to work on our relationship, remember the one that we have been in for nearly 6 months. Or you can run back to Nikki and give her the power to hurt you again, because Mac we both know that she will”.

Walking down the pathway to your car, Thornton was sitting in the drivers seat and you could see Nikki in the back. The two of you made eye contact and within seconds you broke it. Getting into the car, now Mac and Jack had stepped out. You said what you needed and now it was up to Mac to decide what he needed or wanted. Reversing out the driveway his face was the last one you saw and it killed you inside.

There was nothing in your apartment to provide a minute worth of distraction. Not the TV, cleaning, reading or going out for a run. Your brain was in overdrive, thinking about every bad possibility that could be happening right now. From Mac telling Nikki he never stopped loving her, to them sharing a romantic kiss.
Your phone was sitting on the kitchen counter, reaching out you retracted your hand not wanting to be disappointed if there was no word from Mac yet. So a shower it was.

Feeling refreshed, a loud knock came from the front door. Freezing in your position, almost forgetting how to move. Another knock, then another occurred. Finding your feet you opened the door. Mac stood looking tired and worn out.

“Can I come in?”, he asked. Stepping to the side, he walked through the door.

No one said a word, it felt like he was waiting for you to say something and here you were waiting for him to do the same thing. Mac’s shoulders slumped and he let out a very heavy sigh. “We organized a trap for the mole who Nikki said was in the Phoenix, all of us set it up at this hotel”. He begun to explain.

Interrupting him, “Why are you telling me this?”.

“Because I don’t want you to hear this from Jack, and you deserve to know…that Nikki and I had a moment which lead to a-a kiss”. Tears formed, not because you were surprised or shocked but because hearing him say it, hearing Mac make your fears and worries a reality cut deeper than you ever imagined.

“So you came here to tell me that you choose her?”. He stepped forward and you stepped back. Hurt could be seen in his eyes, but it was nothing compared to what your eyes showed. “No”, he answered.

“What do you mean no, you kissed her Mac!?”. Normally you hated raising your voice, but the amount of emotions running through every inch of your body couldn’t be contained.

His phone beeped, but he ignored it. “And I regret it, you and Jack were right. When I’m around Nikki I’m different. She means a lot to me, we have a history and I can’t change that. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. And I hate myself for causing you so much pain”.

Since Mac had long legs, it only took him 3 steps to come face to face with you. His hands embraced yours, and you couldn’t help but think about how those same hands had been on Nikki. But pulling away was not an option, his grip was tight, not enough to cause any pain but enough to prevent you from slipping away.

“You told me to fight for you and I’m here to do just that. I screwed up and let my past emotions control my actions. I’m sorry Y/N, please believe that”. Once again, his phone kept beeping and if you had to guess it was probably work. But you mind wondered to the possibility that it could every well be Nikki.

Detaching your hands from his grip, which required quite a tug. You put distance in between you and Mac.“You should get that”, pointing to his phone that was resting in his pocket. He checked the countless of messages. “It’s Jack, we have another case”.

“Well then you should go”, the tone in your voice was emotionless and Mac very much picked up on that. You could tell that leaving was the last thing he wanted, just by the way he slowly walked to the door. “You gave me a choice and I choose you, kissing Nikki meant nothing. Now it’s up to you to choose whether or not you still want to be with me”.

“I want to be with you Mac, but I can’t forgive you, at least not yet”. He let himself out and you walked towards the window over looking the street. Upon walking to his car, he ran his hands through his hair, a sign that he was stressed and frustrated.

You didn’t know if things would ever be the same, what you did know was that losing Mac would hurt a lot more than how you were feeling now. Watching him get into his car, he looked up knowing exactly which window was yours. And the both of you lingered just for a few minutes before he drove away and you closed the curtains.

Can’t Sleep


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Could you do a MacGyver x Reader story to the prompt “You come to my room and wake me up at 4am, to cuddle?” :)

You couldn’t sleep, it felt like an impossible task tonight. Tossing to the right and turning to the left, you huffed and threw the bed sheets off your body, the cold breeze instantly hitting bare skin. Nights like this weren’t rare, when you were little your brain would be most active at night, and so that made getting to sleep very difficult. As you grew older that didn’t change. Now with a job that you loved all you wanted to do was work, work and work.

Brewing tea that Bozer had brought just for you, it soothed the aching muscles and calmed your mind. This however was the second option, the first would have been to head into Mac’s room and have him hold you close. But considering it was 4 in the morning, that option seemed a bit out there. So tea was what you had to settle on. Filling up the cup, you walked over to the couch and wrapped yourself in the extra blanket that was left there from a few days earlier.

The urge to look at your phone or emails grew with each tick of the clock, closing your eyes to block out the temptation, you allowed the warm tea to slide down your throat and warm the inside of your body. Once you had finished, you went back to bed in hopes that sleep would finally consume you.

No such luck, not even 10 minutes went by and you still were completely wide awake. Glancing towards the door Mac’s room was just a few feet away. The more stared at the ceiling the more waking him up made you feel guilty, but he was the last option. Knowing that he was right beside you made sleep come easy, it worked every time. Throwing off the bed sheets once again you walked down the hallway until you reached his door, carefully opening it, he looked so peaceful. “Mac?”, you whispered. When he didn’t respond, you gently nudged him. “Mac”, this time you sounded more forceful.

He groaned and turned to the other side but didn’t wake, sitting on the edge you shook his leg. “Mac please wake up”, the plea must have worked because he sat up. “Y/N, what’s wrong?”.

“I can’t sleep and I tried reading a book, tea, listening to music but it hasn’t helped. My brain just won’t shut off. So I was wondering if I can come and stay with you, because that always seems to work”. You explained, playing with the bed sheet as you did so. Mac checked the time on the alarm clock that was sitting on the dresser, “You come to my room and wake me up at 4am, to cuddle?“. Giving him your best puppy dog look, if this didn’t work then it would be back to a sleepless night, one thing you didn’t want.

Mac patted the empty spot next to him and you hurried under the covers, "Have I ever told you that you’re amazing?”, mumbling to him. He kissed the top of your head as you laid on his chest. “Every single day”. Yawning, your eyes became heavy and as Mac continued to draw light circles on your back, sleep was finally closing in.

Still Mad, But I Miss You


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Combining two requests together:

- Hi!! I was wondering if whenever you get a chance could you write a Mac imagine where you guys are in a really big fight and you make him sleep on the couch but then feel bad and go sleep on the couch with him or something like that!!??
- MacGyver x Reader - “Hey it’s me…and I’m still pissed, but I shouldn’t have said what I said.”

It was an ongoing argument, one that started at the Phoenix and followed you all the way home. Despite Mac pleading that you sit out of this dangerous mission, you didn’t listen and went, according to him, behind his back and convinced Thornton you could be an asset out on the field. She eventually agreed and once the mission ended, the argument begun.

Rubbing your temple, you followed Mac inside the house. He hadn’t said a word during the car ride home. But you knew that he was fuming, even though he was trying very hard to hide that fact. His eyes gave it away along with the tightening of his jaw.

“Mac this is ridiculous, how is me wanting to catch a dangerous man any different than when Murdoc came after you?”. He threw his leather jacket, one that he always looked handsome in on the couch.

All he did as stare, and he was either trying to come up with a suitable reply or it was a sign that he was done arguing. However it was impossible at this point to tell which one it actually was.

“Because Y/N it just is different. And you know I had no choice but to go and face Murdock, you on the other hand very well knew that I wanted you to stay at the Phoenix. Why is it that whenever I try to protect you, you go ahead and completely throw that right back in my face?”. Mac exasperated and messed up his perfectly styled hair.

Looking down, apart of you knew where he was coming from. But your job was to be an agent just like Mac’s, so naturally the instinct to protect and catch criminals at times overpowered logic and reason. “I had an idea to catch him, yes it could backfired, but it worked. Mac, I understand your need to protect me and I love you for it. But I’m an agent, that’s who I am. So for you to ask me to sit out on a mission, just doesn’t work for me”.

Mac’s phone rang, he pulled it from his pocket, ended the call and threw it where his jacket lay. “So you rather get yourself killed? What part of I can’t lose you is so hard for you to understand!?”.

Tears pricked your eyes, but you held them back. Mac by now wasn’t even making eye contact and that hurt. “And what part of I can’t sit by and do nothing is so hard for you to understand!?”. You argued back.

This time he did make eye contact, his eyes narrowed and if his jaw tightened anymore you swore it would break. Out of frustration you messed up your own hair by running fingers threw it.

“Do you think just because you can Macgyver things out of anything and everything that it gives you some sort of advantage, and makes you better than me, when it comes to being out on the field?”.

Mac’s face dropped. Usually you’d be quick to apologize, but emotions were rising high and it made things cloudy. “If the roles were reversed, can you honestly say that you’d listen to me, if I told you to stay because I thought it was too dangerous for you to be out there?”.

He turned away and remained silent.

“That’s what I thought…I’m going to bed, please don’t follow me. You can sleep on the couch tonight”. You left the room before Mac could say anything and the faint close of the door could be heard.

Throughout the night you kept tossing and turning, possibly because you and Mac never slept apart. Throwing off the covers you huffed. Staring at the ceiling for a minute or two until you turned to the side and wondered if Mac was doing okay out on the couch. Guilt set in and you threw the bed sheets off and made your way down the hall into the living room.

Mac was curled up on the couch, the blanket had fallen off and he looked peaceful. Walking on over, you picked up the blanket and covered Mac with it. Bending down, you brushed a piece of hair from his face which caused him to stir, he then opened his eyes.

“Hey it’s me…and I’m still pissed, but I shouldn’t have said what I said. I hate fighting with you Mac". The tears from earlier fell and rolled down your cheek. Mac sat up and pulled you onto his lap, wiping away the tears.

Burying your face into his chest, he without hesitation wrapped his arms around your waist. “I hate fighting with you too, Y/N. I just can’t stand anything happening to you, so I do at times get too over-protective”.

Lifting you face to look at him, he looked all sleepy and it made you smile. Touching his cheek, “I’m sorry for making you stay out here on the couch, it’s not the same sleeping without you”.

“Are you saying you would like me to come and sleep in our bed?”, He asked raising an eyebrow.

Biting your lip and nodding.

Mac took a minute and put his thinking face on. “Oh, I don’t know. I quite like it-”. Slapping his chest jokingly, he laughed. “I’m joking, I can’t stand not having you beside me either”.

Getting up from his lap, you grabbed his hand going back to the shared bedroom. You no longer tossed or turned and Mac for the entire night didn’t let you go.

I’m Pregnant 


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Could you do a MacGyver x Reader Imagine where you find out that you’re pregnant with Mac’s baby?

Checking the instructions once again to ensure you didn’t read them incorrectly the first time, you looked down at the bathroom sink and saw two vertical lines. Breathing deeply this wasn’t suppose to happen, at least not yet. Apart of you felt utterly shock that you were staring at a positive pregnancy test, whereas the other half was thrilled in becoming a mum. Throwing the test in the bin and washing your hands, mixed emotions just kept on making their way through your head. Without thinking your hand rested on your stomach. There was a tiny human being growing inside of you, how does one begin to even process that?. “Shit”, you whispered. How were you going to tell Mac?.

A change into black leggings and one of Mac’s old shirts he left at your apartment was very much needed. Entering the kitchen you had no idea where to start, pouring water into the kettle and waiting for it to brew, you reached for your phone and hovered over Mac’s name. You must have zoned out because the steaming of the kettle made you jump, setting down the phone for the moment and poured yourself a cup of tea. Making yourself comfortable on the kitchen stool, laptop opened, tea right beside you and phone still on Mac’s contact. You let out a exasperated sigh. After much debate with your head and heart, you typed a message to Mac.

I need to talk to you about something important, come over after work? - Y/N

It might of seemed dramatic and once Mac read the message, you were sure that a million different possibilities would be running through that brain of his. But there was no other way to put it, other than what you opted to write. You needed to talk to him, to see him. This was something that couldn’t be ignored and the longer you put it off, the harder it would be. After all this effected Mac just as much as it effected you.

Flipping your phone over so you wouldn’t get distracted, you googled pregnancy and read articles upon articles. The more you kept on reading, the more mixed emotions came flooding back. From knowing what you could and couldn’t eat, to preparing the baby’s room and familiarizing yourself with what child birth was like, the list was endless. Being so immersed in everything you completely loss track of time. Hearing the doorbell made your heart race, quickly closing the laptop you straightened Mac’s old shirt that you were wearing and walked to open the door.

Mac was standing there wearing his favourite leather jacket, simple blue collar top and dark blue jeans. His hair was perfectly styled, expect the few loose strains that had fell on his forehead. The only thing that was missing when he usually came over, was his smile that had the potential to light up an entire room. “Hey, thanks for coming. Come in”, you stood to the side and Mac walked in. “How was work?”, asking him. You could see in his eyes that he was nervous, worried in fact. “Fine, look Y/N if you asked me here to break up with me, I just-”.

Stepping forward and taking his hand, you lead him to the couch as this was a conversation that needed to be had sitting down. “Mac, I’m not breaking up with you”. He sighed in relief and ran his fingers through his hair. “Oh, thank god. I don’t know what I would have done if you did”. The small talk was over and it was now or never. Rubbing your hands together and keeping your focus on the coffee table in front, you gave yourself a few minutes to really figure out on how to start. However what you didn’t realize was you had been silent for quite some time, “Y/N? What’s wrong?”. Mac shifted closer and rested a hand on your knee.

“Remember when we said that whatever happens in our relationship, that you and I will always find a way to make things work. Whether it be your gurgling schedule and commitment to the Phoenix Foundation, or me having to constantly travel for my job?”. Mac nodded and was now paying extra attention to your speech. “And remember how you always say as long as we love each other, that’s the only thing that matters”. Once again he nodded to show he was listening, you paused and breathed in, then exhaled out. “Well I know that I love you and I can’t imagine not being with you. I just hope you love me enough to not leave me”.

“Y/N that’s ridiculous, why would I ever leave-”, gripping his hand a little tighter you blurted, “I’m pregnant!”. Mac’s face went slightly pale and he found the floor to be rather interesting, the silence was killing you, but this was his time to process the life changing information you just bombarded him with. “I know this wasn’t planned, and our whole lives will change but I-”. Mac’s lips found yours and after a minute he pulled away, resting his forehead on yours. “I’ll admit having kids wasn’t in my immediate plans right now, but I love you and I’m not leaving…ever”.

Leaning back and relaxing with Mac on the couch, his hand rested on your stomach which caused your heart to flutter. This was it, you were going to start a family with Mac. Putting your hand over his, you settled in his embrace and the two of you fell asleep, completely content with this very moment.


Jack insisted on the whole team checking out the new bar that had just opened downtown. And everyone knew that he wouldn’t take no for an answer. So reluctantly the team agreed and that’s where you and Mac were headed too now.

The two of you entered the bar, hand in hand of course and scanned the room. “Only Jack would invite us out and in the end show up late. Should we call and see how far away he is?”. Asking Mac, who had a slight smirk on his lips.

“Or we can play a game of pool while we wait?”, he suggested pointing over to the vacant pool table.

Removing your jacket, it was time to finally beat Mac at something. You were the reigning pool champion within your family. “Prepare to lose. I’m an expert when it comes to pool”.

Mac chuckled and handed you a pool stick, the balls were already set up. It was time to play. You were pretty confident and watched as Mac went first.

“Just because were dating don’t expect me to go easy on you”. Winking at Mac.

He licked his lips. “Oh really, is that how were going to play it? I was going to hold back a little to give you a chance, but now it’s definitely game on”. Crouching slightly he hit the white ball, scattering all the other ones across the table.

After 10 minutes the game was still going, although Mac was in the lead by a few points, that didn’t damper your spirits. Aligning the white ball with the purple one near the corner net, you took a shot but effectively missed, letting out a groan.

It was now Mac’s turn again. Taking a couple minutes, you could tell his brain was spinning in thought. Yours however was convinced that there wasn’t anyway he could make the shot. He’d have to perfectly curve the ball in order to hit the black ball into the net.

He concentrated for a few more seconds, got into position and took his shot. The ball fell in meaning that Mac had won.

“Okay, no that’s not fair. You can’t use physics to play pool”.

Mac put down his pool stick and made his way over, wrapping his arms around your waist. “I believe I just did”. He tried to be cute and flashed a smile in the process.

“Well then the least you could do is be a lovely boyfriend and teach me how, so I can kick Jack’s ass in pool when he arrives”. 

Mac didn’t object and centered the balls the way their were before. He stood behind you. Leaning down, you could feel his hot breath tickle the back of your neck. “It’s all in the hand movement and the angle of your body”, he explained setting a hand on your waist to turn your body a tad to the right.

Right about now you weren’t focusing on a single word he was saying, but where his touch was instead. “Now all you do is shoot”. It was no surprise that you missed. Mac although had surprise written all over his face.

“That should of worked, let’s try again”. He reached over but you pulled his arm back. In the process of turning fully around the pool stick fell to the floor, you grabbed Mac by his leather jacket collar and kissed him.

“I don’t care about pool anymore, besides I can think of a game that involves both of us winning”, giving him a suggestive wink.

He cleared his throat and grabbed your hand while your other one was holding your jacket, both making a dash towards the door.

“Whoa, where are you two going? Sorry were late, but the whole team is here now so let’s have some fun”. Jack announced as he and Mac collided in the middle of the doorway.

Biting your lip, you saw how anxious Mac was to get out of this bar. No-one knowing the reason why but you.

“Mac and I just decided that we want a nice quiet night in, but we promise the next get together we’ll be there”. You replied inching closer to the exit.

Hurrying Mac out of the door to avoid anymore discussions on the topic, leaving Jack, Bozer and Riley in a state of utter confusion.



Another day, another mission. This one - secretly stop a device being set off during a party without alerting the culprit. Thornton didn’t want this man to know that he was being tracked until it was the right time.

You and Riley were set up in a van further down the road. Normally you’d also be out in the field, but Thornton wanted you to help Riley hold down the fort. And to even serve as extra back-up if needed..

Mac pulled up, causally stepped out of the vintage car and fixed his suit, “How do I look?”. Smiling towards you since he knew you were watching.

“Handsome as always. You should wear a suit more often”, you replied.

Flirting with Mac had been an on going thing ever since the two of you meet. Little comments here and there, side-ways glances as well as a few cheeky smiles. They annoyed everyone else at the Phoenix who just wished you and Mac would become a couple already.

“You two are killing me, just make out and get it over with”. Jack commented through the coms. The two of you forgot the communication lines were open to other people, mainly Jack, and not just you and Mac.

Mac cleared his throat and thank god Riley was the only one here with you.

Spinning lightly on the chair you were occupying while Riley was running interference, you decided to mess with Jack a little. “You look handsome too Jack, that a new suit?”.

Jack adjusted his tie and continued to walk down the footpath, scoping the area. “That’s funny Y/N, truly. But I think you should just stick to flirting with Mac”.

Pretty soon Mac’s voice filled your ear piece. “I second that”.

“Don’t worry Mac, you know I’ve only got eyes for you”. Stating as you watched him walk towards the entrance of the party.

“Are you two done? We’re on a mission after all”. Jack spoke, not sounding too thrilled with the current conversation at hand.

Riley typed away on her laptop. The two of you shared a look, “Jack you’re just mad because no-one wants to flirt with you during a mission”. She said, while you and Mac couldn’t help but giggle.

Seeing Jack through the cameras he pretended to look offended. “Plenty of people would happily flirt with me, thank you very much”.

“Name one person”, Riley challenged.

“I-I, you know what Riley stay out of this”, Jack stuttered

“Guys focus, we can debate about this later. Riley tell me which room this device is in, Y/N watch the security cameras inside for any unusual activity. And Jack stay on the look out around the area”. Mac took charge and you’d be lying if you didn’t admit that it was a tad sexy.

Even though Mac couldn’t see, you still nodded. “Mac, be careful”. You instructed.

He smirked and buttoned his suit, “Aren’t I always?”.

“If you’re done being a smart-ass, get inside the room and let’s stop this device from going off. And who knows, if things are successful you might even get a victory kiss”. You teased.

Mac had just entered the huge ball room filled with people and had a huge grin on his face, “Just a kiss? Kinda hoping for a bit more than that, after all you know exactly how I feel about you”.

“Well finish this mission and then I’ll show you how I feel”. Jack pretended to gag and you couldn’t help but laugh. 

That was the exact motivation Mac needed, the mission turned out to be a success. And finally after months of flirting you and Mac took the next step.



Being an agent wasn’t a fruitful experience, often missions stayed with you making it hard to fall asleep. You were restless tonight, pulling the covers closer to your chin only to push them away ten seconds later. Tossing to one side but then feeling the discomfort having to turn the other way.

Your brain wouldn’t stop replaying the mission you had been on weeks earlier. It was meant to be a simple gather Intel then leave, but it turned into so much more, resulting in you getting shot. The wound was still recovering but it was more than likely that it would leave a scar.

The dream you were having was of that particular moment. Where the gang leader had figured that you were an agent, drawing his gun pointing it directly at you.

You tried to talk him down, convince him that his theory of you being a secret undercover agent was false. However the op was already blown and he wasn’t having any of it, resulting to him pulling the trigger. As soon as he pulled the trigger in the dream, that’s when you shot wide awake, gasping for air and clutching the wound which was located on the left side of your stomach.

Mac stirred beside you before awaking himself, turning his lamp on he reached for your hand. “Nightmare again?”, he asked removing his hand from yours and placing it on your thigh.

Burying your head into your hands, you had the same dream each and every night. Mac pulled himself up, leaning his back against the headboard. “I promise we’ll get him Y/N”.

Shivers ran up your spine at the thought of seeing his face again in person, it was bad enough seeing it in your dreams. “What if we can’t catch him? Or worse what if I can’t get him out of my head, Mac? I keep having the same dream…it’s like I’m getting shot all over again”.

Moving your hand through your hair, it was hard to not let tears fall. Mac pulled you into his embrace and kissed the top of your head to soothe you. “I promise you I’ll find him, I’m never going to let him hurt you again. He’ll pay for what he did”.

Resting against Mac’s chest, he held onto you, continued to rub your back and didn’t turn off the light until he was 100% sure that you’d fallen into a deep slumber. It was killing him that you were hurting, and he wasn’t going to rest until he had caught the guy who hurt the girl he was madly in love with.


Shot At A Second Chance


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Mac and you broke up a few weeks ago so the wounds are still fresh. However when the two of you get tricked into a room that automatically seals shut, tension beings to rise.

You should of known this was going to happen, expect you had been too caught up with catching this guy, that logic and reason all went out the window. Which resulted in you and Mac running straight into a trap.

For the last 15 minutes Mac was trying to look for any way he could to Macgyver the two of you out. But the door only opened on the outside and the windows were bolted shut.

“You already tried that”, Mac pointed out as you attempted to unscrew the blot sealing the window shut for the fourth time.

Slamming your hand on top on the window sill, “Well I don’t see you doing anything”, snapping back at him.

“And here I thought we could at least be civil with one another out on the field, I guess not”. He uttered, clearly taken back by the sudden shift in mood.

Sighing deeply. “You ended things Mac, broke my heart and now you want to pretend like you don’t know why I’m not too thrilled with being stuck in a room with you”.

Dusting off the dirt from your clothes, Mac was now pacing the room. “It’s like you think I wanted to hurt you Y/N. But your forgetting that my heart broke too”.

“Yeah, well I guarantee you it didn’t break as much as mine”. Mumbling under your breath but he caught the entire sentence.

“What do you want me to say, Y/N? That I’m sorry, because I am. That the only reason why I ended things was because I was afraid that they would use you to get to me, which they nearly did by the way. I didn’t break your heart to hurt you, I did it to protect you from the dangerous people I was assigned to take down during the mission I was working on, giving to me by The Phoenix”.

Each step Mac took the floor creaked underneath his shoes.

“You should of told me about the mission in the first place. But you didn’t, you hid the truth and let me believe I was the reason why you walked away!”. Shouting at him.

Leaning against the wall, the air was starting to become thin.

“You make it sound like it was so easy for me to walk away from you…from us”. Mac replied as you tried to conceal any tears from falling.

“I understand better than anyone Mac how hard this job can be and how much harder it can become, when the people you love get put in danger or threatened. All you had to do was talk to me and we could of figured it out together. But you choose to throw us away instead”.

The rest of the time was spent in silence, Mac had figured out after he was able to concentrate there was a secret compartment in the floor, using his swiss army knife he picked the lock open and the two of you followed the tunnels all the way out of the building.

By the time you and Mac got to the rest of the team, they had the guy already in handcuffs being whisked away by agents.

“What happened to the two of you?”, Jack asked noticing the tense energy.
Mac and you shared a glance, although it didn’t last long.

“He locked us in a room, kinda took awhile for us to escape”. Mac explained, earning a raise eyebrow from Jack in the process.

Thornton made her way over, “Thank you Y/N for the assist with this case. We couldn’t of caught this guy without you”. Shaking her hand, she left and everyone cleared the area.

Back at the Phoenix you were on your way out when you saw Mac through the glass windows. While watching him, Jack’s words of wisdom he had given you earlier popped into your head. “Despite everything I know you still love him and vice versa. All he needs is for you to show him that he has a shot at a second chance”

Taking a deep breath, you took Jack’s advice to heart and marched into the room.

Mac seemed shocked to find you standing in the doorway. “Y/N, I didn’t think you’d still be here. If your looking for Thornton she’s in a meeting regarding the mission, I can go and-”.

“Mac, just shut up for one second and let me do this”. You demanded, as you took several big steps and pulled him down for a long, unexpected, but yet passionate kiss.