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MAC MILLER • TUMBLR IRL • 9/18/15 • Pittsburgh

In the last week, Mac Miller (helloitsmacmiller​) returned home to Pittsburgh for the impending release of his major label debut, and a big agenda. Among the softball tournament, pop-up shop, tailgate and scavenger hunt, Mac threw down a Tumblr IRL for the books. 

With the help of his mom and brother, millermccormick​, the room looked like a cross between a high school auditorium and a bar-mitzvah party. He even had the classic childhood photo, Ken-Burns-effect slideshow to go with it. 

Even the mayor of Pittsburgh was there and ready to Horah.

Mac set the mood with an a-cappella “Star-Spangled Banner” and then took the crowd through a high-energy, live version of his new album, GO:OD AM, which is out now right here

Stay tuned for more pics like these, by hannahaltmanphoto.