mac miles

Musicians With Your Sun Sign

Aries - Ezra Koenig, Albert Hammond Jr.
Taurus - Matt Helders, Mac DeMarco
Gemini - Morrissey
Cancer - Nick O’Malley, Jamie Cook
Leo - Charli XCX
Virgo - Julian Casablancas
Libra - Marina Diamandis, St Vincent
Scorpio - Nickolai Fraiture
Sagittarius - Rostam Batmanglij
Capricorn - Alex Turner, FKA Twigs
Aquarius - Andrew Vanwyngarden
Pisces - Miles Kane, Jake Bugg

30 Questions Tag!

I was tagged by @thaknows thank you Helene 💖

Rules: Answer thirty questions, then tag twenty blogs you would like to know better.

1. Nicknames: one of my managers sometimes calls me magnets cause i would always try to organize the magnets at work

2. Gender: girl

3. Star sign: gemini

4. Height: 5′2″

5. Time: 3:26 PM

6. Birthday: may 24

7. Favorite bands: arctic monkeys, the last shadow puppets, the beatles, tame impala, unknown mortal orchestra, melody’s echo chamber

8. Favorite solo artists: miles kane, mac demarco, courtney barnett

9. Song stuck in my head: shirim by melody’s echo chamber

10. Last movie watched: i think it was fences

11. Last show watched: big brother US (my ultimate guilty pleasure lol)

12. When did I create my blog: february 2014

13. What do I post: am, tlsp, and records of forever emotional crisis

14. Last thing I googled: the lyrics for used to be my girl

15. Do you have other blogs: yeah, one is an abandoned aesthetic blog i tried out for a little bit, and another one that i just keep as apartment inspo references which i only started like a week ago

16. Do you get asks?: once in a while :(

17. Why did you choose your url: cause i love my tlsp nerds

18. Following: 215

19. Followers: 502

20. Favorite colors: blue

21. Average hours of sleep: 7-8

22. Lucky number: dont have one

23. Instruments: viola

24. What am I wearing: high waisted shorts, a pink striped shirt, and a ny jets sweatshirt

25. How many blankets I sleep with: one

26. Dream job: hmmm…….not sure

27. Dream trip: european tour

28. Favorite food: potatoes

29. Nationality: american

30. Favorite song now: everything now- arcade fire

im going to tag……..: @train-inthedistance @electrasweetheart @florakinesis @prettyvisitorsinthebakery @blister-in-the-sun @usedtobemygirls

do it if you want to of course :)