mac marauders

little remus lupin things.

•he loves blankets. every time the little fleece ones are on sale at the store, he picks up a few.
•his favorite books are The Great Gatsby, 1,000 Magical Herbs and Fungi, and the M volume of most encyclopedias.
•Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird is his favorite character.
•Remus always enjoys it when is nails are painted. the paint will be bitten and chipped off in three days, but it’s nice all the same.
•he smells like a record store crossed with a library.
•The Kinks, The Beatles and Pink Floyd are Rem’s favorite bands, and later, The Smiths.
•he, however, abhors Fleetwood Mac
•Remus Lupin has no balance at all. none. zero.
•if you breathe too hard, he will fall over.
•he is terrified of heights.
•Sirius Black is a better blanket than anything made of wool or fleece.
•you can tell he’s upset when he starts smoking his pipe.
•once, Remus set his parent’s kitchen a little bit on fire while trying to make a cup of tea.
•he has a bookclub/bookswap going with Sirius and Lily.
•Remus, sitting in his chair in the common room (no one else is allowed to sit in it while he’s around), planning his very own Hogwarts LGBT club, making posters to put up in the bathroom.
•the club’s only members are his friends, two ravenclaws and one hufflepuff.
•he wears a lot of rings on his hands and fidgets with them when he gets nervous.
•Sirius hated the rings. they always got caught in his hair.
•it’s very hard for him to get to sleep if there are any lights on at all.
•this kid is full of paper cuts.
•the long sleeved shirts and sweaters were initially to hide all of his marks and scars from the whole lycanthropy thing, but they seemed to become a part of his personality.
•he collects small gargoyles.
•every Wednesday at 4:35, Remus has a cup of tea with McGonnagal in her office.
•on quiet nights, Sirius sometimes stumbled upon him sitting behind the stairs in the common room, crying a bit, mumbling to himself about what part he was meant to play in this world.
•he’s quite the pianist, but nobody knows that.
•the boy hated his middle name, John, until he started listening to The Beatles, then he felt like a regular teddy boy, although, the leather jackets were more of Sirius’ thing.
•Remus John Lupin’s friends mean more to him than anything. he would parish if it meant they could get a few more minutes.


i. solsbury hill, peter gabriel // ii. heroes, david bowie // iii. come together, the beatles // iv. american pie, don mclean // v. friday i’m in love, the cure // vi. i wanna be sedated, the ramones // vii. rock with you, michael jackson // viii. don’t stop, fleetwood mac // ix. i want you to want me, cheap trick // x. blitzkrieg bop, the ramones // xi. pinball wizard, elton john // xii. you make my dreams (come true), hall & oates // xiii. dancing queen, abba // xiv. heart of glass, blondie // xv. you’re my best friend, queen // xvi. bennie and the jets, elton john // xvii. gimme gimme gimme, abba // xviii. one way or another, blondie // xix. a hard day’s night, the beatles // xx. go your own way, fleetwood mac