mac killer

  • Person: what's your music taste?
  • Me in my head: twenty one pilots, taylor swift, alanis morissette, nirvana, billy joel, panic! at the disco, amy winehouse, the killers, melanie martinez, foo fighters, britney spears, weezer, fleetwood mac, lana del rey, vance joy, cage the elephant, florence and the machine, the offspring, ed sheeran, frank sinatra, imagine dragons, john lennon, ke$ha, spice girls, disney, every broadway soundtrack ever. the list does not stop. there is no coordination.
  • me out loud: umm I like alternative haha

here’s the gay mac watchlist!! every title on the list has some noticeable hints, but some are more subtle than others. bolded titles are really gay (episodes where mac being gay is either explicitly discussed beyond an offhand comment, or there are details included that very obviously reflect closeted mac). asterisks after titles* indicate that components of that episode were written out of ignorance, and may only be indicators of “gay mac” when taking mac’s misogyny, transmisogyny, and/or Propensity To Be An Asshole into consideration, especially in early seasons. 

4.4 is the first instance where anyone directly mentions that mac is gay; the references become less and less subtle from there. as always, if this is your first time watching sunny, i recommend skipping season 1 and coming back later. hope you enjoy!!

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Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci Jr with Annie Mac @ BBC Radio 1 - 20 July, 2017

FULL PROGRAM (BBC Radio 1 Website)


TRACKLIST (songs chosen by Brandon and Ronnie):

1. Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself
2. Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again
3. ZZ Top - Legs
4. Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody
5. The Roots - The Seed (2.0)
6. Talking Heads - Once In A Lifetime
7. DIIV - Under The Sun
8. Erasure - A Little Respect
9. Phoenix - J-Boy

LISTEN (BBC Radio 1 Website) 

Photo source: BBC Radio 1

The Killers’ ‘The Man’ to Premiere on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 Show Wednesday Evening in the UK

It appears that Annie Mac will premiere The Killers’ ‘The Man’ as the Hottest Record in the World during her show on BBC Radio 1 Wednesday evening in the UK.

Victims around the world should be able to listen in live assuming the track does not debut earlier in the United States at some point throughout the day.

20 Favourite Songs

1. Coldplay - Swallowed In The Sea
2. U2 - Every Breaking Wave
3. The 1975 - Settle Down
4. Coldplay - Warning Sign
5. Coldplay - The Hardest Part
6. The Killers - All These Things That I’ve Done
7. Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent
8. Fleetwood Mac - Sentimental Lady
9. M83 - Splendor
10. MGMT - Time to Pretend
11. Of Monsters and Men - Yellow Light
12. M83 - Moonchild
13. Coldplay - Ink
14. Arcade Fire - Here Comes the Night Time
15. Coldplay - Square One
16. The Lumineers - Big Parade
17. Lana Del Rey - Ride
18. Crystal Castles - Baptism
19. Vance Joy - Georgia
20. Foals - My Number

Flowers, Vannucci to Play Favorite Tunes, Discuss ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ with Annie Mac Tonight

Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci will be picking their favorite tunes and discussing ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ with Annie Mac tonight during her BBC Radio 1 program.

The program is airing right now and you should be able to listen live via the BBC online player.  The Killers’ part of the program has not yet aired as of 7:15pm UK/ 2:15pm EST.

I will update this post with any new information that is revealed during their conversation with Mac.


The Shirley Ledford Tape

On Halloween night, 1979, at approximately 10:30 p.m. Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris drove into Sun Valley, where they encountered Shirley Lynette Ledford as she hitchhiked home from the job she held as a waitress. Within 5 minutes of Shirley Lynette entering the van which Bittaker and Norris referred to as Murder Mac, Bittaker had driven to a quiet side street, where he slammed on the brakes of the van before throwing Shirley from the passenger seat into the rear of the van. Norris then wrestled her to the floor, stripped the clothes off the terrified girl, and bound her hands behind her back. 
This is just part of the transcript of the tape Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris recorded in the van with Shirley Lynette Ledford (it does not include extensive periods where all one hears are Shirley’s heartbreaking screams, weeping, gasps of pain/agony and wailing):

Bittaker: (Slapping Shirley) Say something girl, huh? Huh?
Ledford: What do you want me to say?
Bittaker: Huh, huh? Say something, girl! Don’t you hit me? Huh, huh?
Bittaker: Say something girl. Huh?
Ledford: Ouch! (Shirley begins to scream)
Bittaker: Say something! C’mon! You can scream louder than that, can’t you? Huh? What’s the matter, don’t you like to scream? (Slapping sounds can be heard).
Ledford: (Screams) Oh no!
Bittaker: What’s the matter, huh? You want to try again?
Ledford: (Screams) Oh no! Don’t touch me! No!
Bittaker: Huh? You want to try again?
Ledford: On no, don’t touch me! No don’t touch me. No! No! No! No! No!
Bittaker: Want to try again?
Ledford: No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

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anonymous asked:

favourite dennis look?

unsurprisingly i have several! in no particular order:

1. when he’s standing in front of a mirror shirtless and rocking red lipstick, telling himself “make it work, dennis”
2. that purply-red face he got because he couldn’t wait to call himself a bastard man
3. any time his mascara runs from crying
4. his “bad dad” shirtless duster look from his stripper act
5. his electric dream machine look, complete with stars painted on his face and deep pink lipstick
6. that blazer/turtleneck combo from “mac is a serial killer”
7. his twink black tank top look from the pilot episode
8. his mustard yellow hugh honey suit
9. when he had a sweater tied around his neck in the boat episode

Reasons why Mac from Always Sunny is actually Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Both are obviously gay but don’t really express it
  • Both are alcoholics
  • Both love god and thinks science is a bitch sometimes
  • Both got fat in a short amount of time (and still looked pretty good doing it)
  • When jeff wore his yellow contacts when searching for dudes he probably looked like the nightman (because laughs are easy… Jeff was going for GASPS)
  • remember that episode called “Mac is a serial killer” where they found the guy WITH HEADS IN HIS FRIDGE!!. i mean dennis might also be one but mac got that episode early on