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can i PLEASE get some damien headcanons i love my hot goth daddy

LONG!!!!!!!!! POST
- right off the bat I’m gonna say that damien’s had top surgery?? if ur telling me that damien wears a long sleeve shirt, a dark colored vest, a cape, AND a binder u got me fucked up do you know how hot that is??? to be wearing all day????

- damien’s a kid at heart. wanna know why???????????? damien got the sads one day so he and dadsona built a huge pillow and blanket fort where they cuddled all day. all. day.

- when damien got his cloak he initially stitched secret pockets into it so he could do….. magic tricks. that’s right. but now he doesn’t really have time to practice any cool magic tricks so he just uses the pockets for practicality? like on that date where he whips out an entire picnic from his cloak? he’s very proud of his pockets

- his library is full of but not limited to: classic Victorian literature (a section he usually takes his guests to so he can impress them), the naruto fanfiction (dadsona only found it probably cause damien was just. ‘ohgodtheresthishotdadinmyhouseihopehelikesme’ and he got distracted), those popular teen books (harry potter, percy jackson, etc from when he tried to get lucien into reading), some more literature from his private collection (you know that book called Fangirl? yeah, basically that genre, but an entire section of it)

- damien likes going out to his garden and saying hello to his gargoyles. he named them ridiculous things (“how are you, Wilhelmina?” “such a fine eve, isn’t it, Kakashi?”) and whenever someone says something rude about his gargoyles he covers their ears (“oh Adelaide, don’t listen to them, you’re gorgeous”) and he love them cause they’re the closest thing in his house he can get to a dog

- one time lucien convinced him to wear fake vampire teeth to a cookout to scare Robert and when he opened his mouth robert kinda… was amazed? like he pulled on lucien’s teeth so he could see them better. then damien said “boo” and Robert screamed and fell on his ass and lucien got the whole thing on video. damien felt so bad afterwards. he made robert an ‘im sorry’ bouquet (robert kept it, it was the first time anyone gave him flowers)

- he has really high pitched hiccups and sneezes that are so adorable but he’s really embarrassed about it. whenever he starts hiccuping uncontrollably around dadsona, and dadsona just hugs him and tells him how cute he is, all damien can do to cope is bury his face in his hands and hope dadsona doesn’t see how red his face is. give this man the love he deserves

- damien!!!!! knows!!!!!! french!!!!!!! or at least he used to be fluent. he knows a few phrases and could probably get his way around France. he learned it when he was young cause he was obsessed with the language of love and… idk… if you speak to him in french he’ll blush… even if you say something simple like “yo dude the mac is done homie” in french it’ll still give him butterflies. bonus points if dadsona is french.

- damien takes scorching hot showers. you tried to join him one time but you ended up getting third degree burns. meanwhile damien is totally fine?? ? and he just stands there on the hottest setting?? like it’s nothing????? damien loves it??

“One of my lucky days as a young photographer was when I decided to try to get backstage at a Fleetwood Mac concert during the peak of the mega successful "Rumours” album tour. I was shocked to be able to walk backstage - unchallenged - and straight into the green room where the weary band sat alone with catered food, instantly welcoming us with “help yourself” to the rather plastic looking spread of generic rock star food. What do you say when it’s just you with the hottest rock band in the world? My assistant and I grasped for words but came up with the most important question - can we shoot from the stage, fully expecting to hear “no way - insurance issues”. We were shocked when the band was totally cool, welcoming us to join them onstage. Stevie Nicks was mesmerizing, SO beautiful and the coolest lady this kid photographer had ever met.”

Gary Parker

The Ultimate Workout Playlist (Will upload later)

The Jig is Up - Kendrick Lamar
I be on that - childish gambino
Bonfire - cg
Just What I Am - kid Cudi
Pursuit of Happiness Remix - kc
Memories - kc
Power - Kanye west
Shabba Remix - ASAP ferg
Wild For the Night - ASAP rocky
terrorist threats - ab soul
Worldstar - cg
Earth: the oldest computer - cg
Crawl - cg
Sunrise - cg
Eat Your Vegetables - cg
Freaks & Geeks - cg
Heartbeat Treasure Fingers rmx - cg
Thank You - Busta Rhymes
Shake Weight - Captain Murphy
Sale - Hodgy Beats
Yes - cg
The Rocker - cg
Toxic - Cg
One Up - cg
Boomshakalaka - chip tha ripper
Be A model - chip tha ripper
Ol Girl - chip tha ripper
Telegraph Ave Ta-Ku Remix - cg
Whatever U Want - consequence
Embrace the Martian - kc
Gladiator - common
Kush Coma - Danny brown
Dubstep - Danny brown
Dip - Danny brown
Dope Fiend Rental - Danny brown 
Pac Blood - Danny brown
Bruiser Brigade - db
Memories Extended - kc
Rolling papers - doom genesis
Burgundy - earl sweatshirt
banana clipper - killer mike
camera day - flying lotus
pyramids - frank ocean
novacane - fo
clique - kw
mercy - kw
cold - kw
creepers - kc
don’t like - kw
old school caddy - hit boy
option - hit boy
tom ford - jay z
fuckwitmeyouknowigotit - jz
niggas in paris - kw/jz
why i love you - kw/jz
who gon stop me - kw/jz
on to the next one - jz
can’t tell me nothing - kw
champion - kw
touch the sky - kw
Monster - kw
runaway - kw
who will survive in america - kw
hell of a life - kw
black skinhead - kw
im in it - kw 
backseat freestyle - kl
maad city - kl
ronald reagan era - kl
rigamortus - kl
dose of dopeness - kc
day n nite crookers remix - kc
the ruler & the killer - kc
immortal - kc
new york city rage fest - kc
lord of the sad & lonely - kc
girls - kc
cold blooded - kc
red eye - kc
london girls - kc
did you get it - kc
maniac - kc
scott mescudi vs the world - kc
can’t stop me - kc
helpless - kc
hottest in the hood freestyle - kc
tim westwood freestyle - kc
enter galactic - kc
make her say - kc
up up & away - kc
cudi zone - kc
maui wowie - kc
cudi spazzin - kc
around my way - lupe fiasco
lamborghini angels - lf
little weapon - lf
go go gadget flow - lf
watching movies - Mac miller
matches - mac miller
extinguisher - mellowhigh
get n drunk - mellowhigh
f666 the police - mellowhype
hannah montana - Migos
party people - nerd
orange juice - odd future
spaz - nerd
everyone nose - nerd
anti matter - nerd
king push - pusha t
happy - pharrell
sexting - schoolboy q
street knock - ar
higher ground - tnght
upper echelon - Travis Scott
dance on the moon - Travis Scott
au79 - Tyler the creator
yonkers - tc
domo23 - tc
jamba - tc
tamale - tc
parking lot - tc
cudi the kid third party remix - kc

4 loko remix
seven - tc
blow - tc
where u been - 2 chainz
partyisntover - tc
tron cat - tc
she- tc
teleport 2 me jamie - wzrd
upper room - wzrd
hate it or love it - 50 cent/game
blessed - schoolboy q
there he go - sq
sweet serenade - pusha t
trouble on my mind - pt
nosetalgia - pt
numbers on the board - pt
sam is dead - of
sooner or later - nerd
hypnotize u - nerd
its in the air - nerd
hot n fun - nerd
aquarium - mm
ok - mac miller
streets on fire - lf
superstar - lf
reagan - killer mike
cleveland is the reason - kc
pursuit of happiness - kc
soundtrack 2 my life - kc
super boo - kc
trippy - kc
mr rager - kc
revofev - kc
on my own - kc
to da top - kc
infinite dreams - kc
brothers - kc
bigger than you - kc
blow my high - kl
adhd - kl
hol up - kl
real- kl
money trees - kl
love lockdown - kw
robocop - kw
welcome to heartbreak - kw
new slaves - kw
send it up - kw
see me now - kw
gorgeous - kw
heard em say - kw
drive slow - kw
crack music -kw
gold digger - kw
i wonder - kw
flashing lights - kw
stronger - kw
already home - jz/kc
us placers - crs
thinking bout you - fo
Super rich kids - fo
crack rock - fo
forrest gump - fo
Hive - es
Molasses - es
Whoa - es
Knight - es
Lie4 - db
Radio Song - db
Adderral Admiral - db
DNA - db
Wonderbread - db
Lincoln Continental - db
My Type of Party - Dom Kennedy
Symphonies - kc
Grown Up - db
Yaphet Kotto - cg
Low Key - chip
Ride 4 U - chip/kc
Good Evening - chip
GloryUs - chip/kc
Rollin in the Deep - CG 
Unnecessary - cg
Black faces - cg
We Aint Them - cg
Nostalgia - chance the rapper
Fuck U Tahm Bout - cr
Thats Love - cr
Favorite Song - Chance the Rapper
Centipede - cg
Backpackers - cg
You see me - cg
Telegraph ave - cg
The Worst Guys - cg
the Race - wiz khalifa
Angels - ar
Sweatpants - cg

Oh my god i love him and the way his voice makes you feel and how he throws in “juxtaposed” now and then and the way he’s a lyrical and musical genius and a philosphical honest person and a cute tiny human at the same time and the way he laughs and the way his voice sounds and just him being Matty