mac is my angel


A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]

Queen Soda - Hanging out in park 

Don’t Make Plans - Ducktails

Today is the Day - Yo La Tengo

Outside with the Cuties - Frankie Cosmos

La La Means I Love You - The Delfonics

Still Beating - Mac Demarco

Let’s Go Away For Awhile - Beach Boys

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood - Nina Simone

Venus - Frankie Avalon

Miranda - Angel Olsen

Wildfire - Michael Murphrey

Fourth of July - Sufjan Stevens

Moon River - Andy Williams

So I’m doing MacCready’s personal quest again and I stumbled across this little place tucked away in the parking garage next to Med-Tek…is this where Mac was living before he set himself up in Goodneighbor? Or where he’s been staying between jobs, laying low from the Gunners? Torturously close to the cure for his son, yet still so out of reach. Is that Duncan’s teddy bear next to his bedroll? Why do I do this to myself my heart hurts

Surprising Jared on Tour

Authors note: I’m sorry the intro is so long. It’s just setting the scene. Anyway as usual I hope you enjoy. x 


Jared Imagine.

Surprising Jared on tour.

“Y/N I miss you so much” Jared whined down the phone.
“I know I miss you too”
“We’ve been together a year and a half now and I swear it gets harder to leave you, beautiful”
“Well it sure doesn’t get any easier babe” I sighed.
“So how have you been” He carefully asked knowing things haven’t been the best lately as I’ve been filling him in via text.
“Honestly… not good. Tina, my boss, won’t accept my report. So she’s making me write out another plus one more because apparently I fucked up this one. My laptop is broken so now I have to work off of my phone which is horrible because the screen is so bloody small and… my new assistant keeps bringing her home life into work. She keeps fighting with her boyfriend, so he rings the office and shes constantly on the phone therefore I’m not getting any messages because clients cant get through to her and she’s slacking. So I stay at the office until 8 pm trying to pick up the pieces and have done for the last month” I feel the tears forming in my eyes and my voice cracks when I say “ and I just need a cuddle”. I hear Jared sigh on the phone. “Sorry babe, I’m just feeling sorry, for myself, I just miss you a hell of a lot that’s all”. 

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anonymous asked:

Angels on bare skin

angels on bare skin: are you religious? - not anymore, I was raised in a pentecostal church but when i started being forced I started to fuck around at church as I got older. One time when I was in grade 8 going into grade 9 I told my gramma I was sick and that I couldn’t sit in the sanctuary so I left and went upstairs to this secret room (I knew the church like the back of my hand) I hit a fat sesh, listened to music & recorded myself on my mac smoking. I guess it never really processed with me what I did because one day I just realized like woah moms not forcing me to go to church today or hasn’t for awhile wtf.. so I asked her and she’s like “ya I stopped forcing you to go to church the minute I found you smoked upstairs..” and that was the last time yo girl has gone to church.

Except on Christmas I go with my dad since he’s catholic for the Christmas service

Sorry for the short story😭

dramaqueenrolf  asked:

Hi, I'm back with another question😋 Which one would you choose as an illuminating face moisturiser? By own or under foundation? Glamglow mega illuminating moisturiser or mac strobe cream or Estée Lauder morning aura or any other which you prefer?

Ask as many as you like angel💖 i adore Mac strobe cream, but my favourite is Estée Lauder because it feels so rich and smooth when you put it on!! I also use Laura mercier illuminating primer and it gives a gorgeous glow under foundation. You should give it a try if you get the chance Doll xx