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So many good things I’m literally dead!!!!

• “Woman” (Single) by Diana Gordon - This is one of the best feminist songs I’ve ever heard it’s no wonder she has writing and producing credits on Lemonade
• “Harry Styles” by Harry Styles - Look I didn’t want to like this but here I am…it’s surprisingly good and has a really cool rock vibe to it. I can’t believe harry did this to me. Favorite tracks are Carolina, Kiwi, and Woman.
• “This Old Dog” by Mac Demarco - I get why people talk about this guy now lmao I loved this album a lot!!! It has some really neat funk undertones to it but it’s so relaxing and smooth. Favorite tracks are My Old Man, Baby You’re Out, Moonlight on the River, and Watching Him Fade Away.
• “Humanz (Deluxe)” by Gorillaz - This is really hit or miss tbh I was a little disappointed. The ones I love are super great but there’s like 20-something tracks and it’s just too many for them to all be bops. I wish they cut down and focused on making all of them great. However, it does feature a lot of great artists including Kali Uchis!! Favorite tracks are Strobelite, Saturnz Barz, Interlude: The Non-conformist Oath, Carnival, and She’s My Collar.
• “Pollinator” by Blondie - Wow Blondie did not come to fuck around this time lmao!! This album is really incredible and has a more modern pop sound to it because they worked with modern pop artists, but it just works. Favorite tracks are Fun, Best Day Ever, and Fragments.
• “Love is the Law” by The Memories - I heard one of their songs from this album on another playlist and I really liked it, so I decided to give the album a listen. They do a lot of short little love songs that are pretty cute and it’s just a sweet thing to listen to. Favorite tracks are Go Down on You, Time, and You Need a Big Man.
• “DAMN.” by Kendrick Lamar - Kendrick really shows off how he’s a god damn talented lyricist in this album. These songs are really powerful and it’s such a fucking good listen. Favorite tracks are FEEL., PRIDE., HUMBLE., and FEAR.
• “Most Girls” (Single) by Hailee Steinfeld - Gooooodddddd this song is good!!!!!!! I love the video for it too. It’s just such a positive feminist anthem and promotes love and support for women, something I see Hailee Steinfeld pretty much doing all the time.
• “First Ditch Effort” by NOFX - I really love NOFX like god it’s just something about Fat Mike’s voice that’s so gritty and I dig it every time. All of their albums are super politically charged and this is no different. As always, they use a ton of fun instruments, making it fun to listen to. Favorite tracks are Oxy Moronic, I Don’t Like Me Anymore, California Drought, and Generation Z.

• “Eternity, In Your Arms” by Creeper
- I added like three of their songs to a playlist I have that’s all of my favorite songs to drive in the car to so that’s saying a lot lmao

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100 ‘greatest drummers of all time’ by Rolling Stone 2016

100. Christian Vander, Magma
99. Travis Barker, Blink-182
98. Steven Adler, Guns N’ Roses
97. Cindy Blackman, Lenny Kravitz
96. Larry Mullen Jr., U2
95. Chris Dave, D’Angelo and Robert Glasper Experiment
94. Meg White, The White Stripes
93. Tomas Haake, Meshuggah
92. Ralph Molina, Neil Young and Crazy Horse
91. Brian Chippendale, Lightning Bolt
90. Janet Weiss, Sleater-Kinney
89. Bill Stevenson, Descendents
88. Jon Theodore, The Mars Volta and Queens of the Stone Age
87. George Hurley, The Minutemen and Firehose
86. Phil Rudd, AC/DC
85. Tommy Lee, Mötley Crüe
84. John Stanier, Battles
83. Ronald Shannon Jackson
82. Glenn Kotche, Wilco
81. JR Robinson
80. Steve Jordan, John Mayer Trio
79. Mick Avory, The Kinks
78. Micky Waller, Jeff Beck Group
77. Moe Tucker, The Velvet Underground
76. Earl Young, The Trammps
75. Earl Hudson, Bad Brains
74. Michael Shrieve, Santana
73. Pete Thomas, Elvis Costello
72. James “Diamond” Williams, The Ohio Players
71. Butch Trucks and Jaimoe, The Allman Brothers Band
70. Tommy Ramone, The Ramones
69. Dale Crover, The Melvins
68. Jerome „Bigfoot” Brailey, Parliament Funkadelic
67. Greg Errico, Sly and the Family Stone
66. Kenny Aronoff, John Mellencamp
65. Sly Dunbar, Sly and Robbie
64. Chad Smith, Red Hot Chili Peppers
63. Dennis Chambers
62. Tony Thompson, Chic and The Power Station
61. Clem Burke, Blondie
60. Mick Fleetwood, Fleetwood Mac
59. Jim Gordon, Derek and the Dominos
58. Sheila E, Prince
57. Manu Katché
56. Richie Hayward, Little Feat
55. Max Weinberg, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
54. Questlove, The Roots
53. Jimmy Chamberlin, The Smashing Pumpkins
52. Matt Cameron, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden
51. Alex Van Halen, Van Halen
50. Cozy Powell, The Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, Whitesnake, and Black Sabbath
49. Vinnie Colaiuta
48. John “Drumbo” French, Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band
47. Dave Lombardo, Slayer
46. Dave Garibaldi, Tower of Power
45. Billy Cobham
44. Jerry Allison, The Crickets
43. Phil Collins, Genesis
42. Bill Ward, Black Sabbath
41. Carter Beauford, Dave Matthews Band
40. Jack DeJohnette
39. Ramon „Tiki” Fulwood, Parliament Funkadelic
38. Jim Keltner
37. Jeff Porcaro, Toto
36. Steve Smith, Journey
35. Fred Below
34. Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann, Grateful Dead
33. Tony Allen
32. James Gadson
31. Roger Hawkins, Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section
30. Clifton James, Bo Diddley
29. Carlton Barrett, Bob Marley and the Wailers
28. Carmine Appice
27. Dave Grohl, Nirvana and Foo Fighters
26. Danny Carey, Tool
25. Earl Palmer, Little Richard
24. Steve Gadd
23. Elvin Jones, John Coltrane Quartet
22. Levon Helm, The Band
21. Ian Paice, Deep Purple
20. Bernard Purdie
19. Tony Williams, Miles Davis
18. Joseph „Zigaboo” Modeliste, The Meters
17. Terry Bozzio, Frank Zappa
16. Bill Bruford, Yes and King Crimson
15. Buddy Rich
14. Ringo Starr, The Beatles
13. D.J. Fontana, Elvis Presley
12. Charlie Watts, The Rolling Stones
11. Benny Benjamin, The Funk Brothers
10. Stewart Copeland, The Police
9. Al Jackson Jr., Booker T. & the MG’s
8. Mitch Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix Experience
7. Gene Krupa
6. Clyde Stubblefield i John „Jabo” Starks
5. Hal Blaine
4. Neil Peart, Rush
3. Ginger Baker, Cream
2. Keith Moon, The Who
1. John Bonham, Led Zeppelin

//I’m so happy Steven is on this list (for me he is number one s2)

anonymous asked:

What food do you think of when you think of batkids?

tbh this is such a neat question. I’m just gonna name off foods that pop into my head when i think of each batkid. sound good? lets do this

  • dick grayson- cereal first off (duh), but to continue i feel like he has more of a sweet tooth than most of the other bats. he likes fruit salads and tangy snacks. he loves salt and vinegar chips (damian thinks theyre Disgusting) and he’s a big believer in grab and go snacks like swedish fish and granola 
  • jason todd- chili dogs, stir fry, and enchilada’s. jason loves cooking so he’s big on like full robust meals (also because he grew up starving, so he likes being able to eat rich flavors now) he can cook amazing hashbrowns and he’s only given the recipe to alfred in exchange for his fudge recipe. his go to snacks are beef jerky, carrot sticks, crunch bars, and lollipops. (he bites them and dick always nags he’s gonna crack his teeth)
  • tim drake- tim is a hodgepodge. he’s been known to sneak down into the kitchen at 3am and squirt cheese whiz into his mouth, but he also really loves spinach, berries, and feta cheese (jason voice: rich kid palate  am i right??) he’s big on smoothies, though he’s made awful ones when it’s 3am and inspiration strikes “guys cmon in the heat of the moment ‘dinner smoothie’ sounded like a great idea”
  • damian wayne- damian has exotic tastes. he’s the one that adds dragon fruit, mangoes, and pomegranates to the grocery list. he also loves brown rice and almond milk and since he’s a vegetarian he loves tofu (him and cass both eat it) tbh damian is just a cross hrybrid between a hippie mom and a snooty kid. his fave junk food is jelly beans 
  • cassandra cain- cass is kinda like damian, but she eats fish rather than meat. so her and steph go out for sushi a lot (sushi dates tbh) and sometimes all three of them like going around town and sampling new coffee places (and talking shit on the fam over a venti iced carmel macchiato) her fav junk food are those mini oreos, not the big ones. just the tiny ones. 

  • stephanie brown- stephanie is all about comfort food. pancakes, waffles, scrambled eggs, breakfast is her absolute fave. she can cook fairly well, and is always the one trying out new recipes (jason helps out once in while, she usually has to say pretty please and let him lick the spoon if theyre baking) shes the only one that has jason’s stir fry recipe and she’s so thankful for it. she also makes a mean mac and cheese. 

  • barbra gordon- tbh, she’s the mom who always makes sure everyone’s eating enough and is okay. she likes steak when its cooked right and will always say yes to a girls day with steph and cass (she loves the iced green tea boba, thank u steph) 
Sonny Is Batman AU

(Did You Really Think I Didn’t Have One Of These Too?)
Max - Alfred
Olivia - Batwoman/Kate
Ava - Catwoman/Selina (This.Is.Not.A.Batcat.AU For Batcat See ~Jason Is Batman AU~)
Jason - Nightwing/Dick
Stone Cates - Red Hood/Jason
Robin - Oracle/Barbara
Mac - Jim Gordon
Michael - Red Robin/Tim
Morgan - Robin/Damien
Kristina - Spoiler/Stephanie
Lila(its my AU I Do What I WANT) - Black Bat/Cassandra
TJ - Batwing/Luke
Molly - Harper/Bluebird

Carly - Black Canary/Dinah
Sam - Huntress/Helena B.(Avery Is Helena W.)
Alexis - The Question/Rene Montoya (Olivia×Alexis…Fight Me) Claudia - Zatanna ROGUES
Ric - Hush
Franco - The Joker
Liz - Harley Quinn
Curtis - Deadshot
Nina - Poison Ivy
Johnny Z - The Penguin
Spinelli - The Riddler (once again FIGHT ME)(Everyone Knows Eddie&Dick Are Bros)
Kiki - The Jokers Daughter™
Julian - Two Face BTW This Would Be A Post-Hush “Batman Is Dead” AU That Focuses More On The Batkids(+Batwoman) And Rogues.(iE:Sonny Himself Isn’t That Big A Factor)
Jason Is Batman AU

Max - Alfred
Sam - Catwoman/Selina
Carly - Batwoman/Kate
Mac - Jim Gordon
Robin - Oracle/Barbara
Stone Cates(it’s my AU I Do What I W A N T) - Lark/Duke
Spinelli - Nightwing/Dick
Morgan - Red Hood/Jason
Michael - Red Robin/Tim
Kristina - Spoiler/Stephanie(L I T E R L Y THO)
Kiki - Cassandra/Black Bat
Jake - Damien/Robin
Emma - Tiffany/Batgirl
Molly - Harper/Bluebird
TJ - Luke/Batwing
Joss - Bette/Flamebird
Franco - Joker(No Brainer)
Liz - Harley Quinn/Dr.Harleen Quinzel
Nina - Poison Ivy/Dr.Pamela Isley
(Lina >>>>> Friz/Valentina)
Julian - Two Face/Harvey Deigo - Riddler/Ed Nygma
Anna - Wonder Woman/Diana Prince
Curtis - Superman/Clark
(Jason×Anna×Curtis Trinity… *Sigh* The Dream)
Hayden - Lois Lane(I Must.. I Simply Must)
Sonny - Lucius Fox
Maxie - Black Canary/Dinah
Claudia(it’s my AU I Do What I WANT) - Huntress/ Helena B.(Obviously Scout Is Helena W)
Olivia - Zatanna

So About That Fic I’m Writing…. Lol (Recommend Some More Rogues Maybe???)

anonymous asked:

tell me fifties/sixties music u recommend. already got the beatles (of course), the rolling stones, the who, the doors, the beach boys, the animals, the kinks, the monkees, led zeppelin, the mamas and the papas, elvis, credence clearwater revival, chuck berry, little richard, buddy holly, carl perkins, the isley brothers, the temptations and arthur alexander. can u tell me more? thx :*

Sure!: The Four Seasons, Simon & Garfunkel, David Bowie, Jimi Henrix Experience, Fleetwood Mac, Peter & Gordon, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatra, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin, Cream, The Byrds, The Supremes, Jefferson Airplane, The Yardbirds, Grateful Dead, The Everly Brothers, The Coasters, The Ronettes, ectectect.