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Makeup Dupes

Okay so this post was highly requested and I found most of these dupes online so I do not take credit for any of these but I also did some research myself to find the best dupes!

~ Benefits cosmetics high beam £21.50 -  NYX born to glow liquid illuminator £8

~ NARS Bronzing Blush Duo £42 - e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder £5

~ Urban Decay Naked 3 palette £39 - Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette £11.99

~ Kylie Jenner Candy K matte Lipstick £21 - NYX soft matte lip cream Stockholm £5.70

~ Kylie Jenner Posie K £22 - COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip in CLUELESS £4.61 

~ MAC Studio fix foundation £22 - L'Oréal Paris Infallible foundation £9.99

~ Urban Decay Naked Palette £38.50 - Max factor Masterpiece Golden Nudes eyeshadow palette £14.99

~ Kathmandu tattoo liner £13.04 - Miss Sporty pump up liner £2.79 

~ Marc Jacobs eye pencil £19 - NYX jumbo eye pencil in black bean £5

~ Stila stay all day waterproof volumiszng mascara £15 - Max factor 2000 calorie mascara £4.99

~ Anastasia dip brow £15 - NYX eyebrow gel £5.50 

~ MAC longwear concealer £17.50 - Maybelline age rewind concealer £5.99


I hope you find this helpful!! Again, please message me with any suggestions that you would like me to post! 

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My fix it fic for Dennis’ Double Life.  I feel like we were robbed of a little moment of tenderness between Mac and Dennis ‘big feelings’ Reynolds so here’s a little something I would have liked to have seen in the finale.

Taking place between Dennis’ deciding to leave and the gang blowing up the SUV. Mac and Dennis have a brief tender exchange.

I would love to know what you think of it!

dupes/alternatives masterpost ✨

Hey loves, this masterpost was partially requested and I’m so excited.  I recommend to do your research before buying the dupe, some of the dupes are better than others. Some brands are repeated. Here is a dupe masterpost for MAC lipsticks. Here is a dupe masterpost for liquid lipsticks. Here is a spreadsheet of Coastal Scents eyeshadows to MAC eyeshadow dupes. Most of these dupes I found online so I do not take credit for any of those but some I researched myself. This is under read more because this list is very long. :) If you have any more dupes or questions, feel free to send them in.

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I am seriously waiting patiently for someone to make the new kids beds into double and toddler sizes (particularly that cast iron one 🤤) and seperate the mattresses heh heh

Classic Rock Bands for Your Sign
  • Aries: The Who - Loud, destructive, hard
  • Taurus: Fleetwood Mac - Spirited, fixed, talented
  • Gemini: The Rolling Stones - Multi-generational, catchy, trendsetters
  • Cancer: The Beach Boys - Melodic, child-like, vintage
  • Leo: Queen - Theatrical, powerful, anthems
  • Virgo: Rush - Intelligent, precise, understated
  • Libra: The Beatles - Peace, love, popular
  • Scorpio: Led Zeppelin - Dark, heavy, legendary
  • Sagittarius: The Doors - Perceptive, different, shocking
  • Capricorn: KISS - Kings, pioneers, "fathers of hard rock"
  • Aquarius: Pink Floyd - Experimental, social/political, dynamic
  • Pisces: Nirvana - Emotional, raw, martyr-like

There’s something to be said about the complexity of Mac and Dennis’ relationship that I don’t see enough of here.

I think the nature of their toxic relationship is highlighted best when Mac and Dennis move to the suburbs. Mac deludes himself (as he often does) into thinking that everything he does, he does for Dennis. When in reality, he does it all for himself. For the entirety of this episode, he does the exact opposite of what Dennis wants. He cooks the same five minute meal from a box every single day. The house is filled with trash two weeks in. The television falls off the wall and the pool filter is still not fixed. Why does he act like this, when during their “break up” we see Mac’s immaculate work at Frank and Charlie’s apartment? Mac cleans their place on his own, going so far as to put plastic over the couch, not because Frank or Charlie wanted him to, but because he wanted to improve his own living environment. So Mac is capable of maintaining a suburban household. He did this because he was angry that Dennis forced him into the role of housewife. He wanted to make Dennis’ home life as unbearable as possible. This in turn, causes Dennis to snap and assert himself even more as a domineering husband.

Their pattern is cyclical.

Dennis flips out on Mac for inviting a stranger into their house. Dennis has an unhealthy need to be in control of every situation. Mac’s self absorbed narcissism doesn’t allow for that. Throughout the show, Mac consistently, repeatedly always does whatever he wants, disregarding any protest from other members of the gang. Mac’s selfish behavior combined with Dennis’ own realization during their break up that he needs Mac, causes his feelings towards him to manifest as anger and hatred. We see time and time again, that Dennis is not the master manipulator he likes to think he is. He hates Mac because there are things he can’t control about him.

In a bubble, their toxic behavior becomes down right dangerous.

Mac could have just fixed the damn pool filter. Dennis could have told Mac that the chirping was a smoke detector. They could have made each other’s lives more bearable, but they didn’t. And it explodes in their faces.

The point I’m trying to make, is that the show is clearly careening towards a trajectory that has Mac thinking of others before himself, and Dennis learning to care for his own mental health and live life without total control. It’s going to be a slow journey. But they’ll get there.