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Cool complexions usually have pink undertones

  • Fairest (Bobbi Brown Alabaster, MAC NW10, MUFE 107, NARS Siberia)
  • Fair (Bobbi Brown Porcelain, MAC NW15, MUFE 110, NARS Mont Blanc)
  • Light (Bobbi Brown Warm Ivory, MAC NW20, MUFE 115/118, NARS Deauville)
  • Light-Medium (Bobbi Brown Sand, MAC NW25, MUFE 125/127, NARS Punjab/Sante Fe)
  • Medium (Bobbi Brown Cool Beige, MAC NW30, MUFE 135/140, NARS Santa Fe/Barcelona)
  • Medium Tan (Bobbi Brown Natural, MAC NW35, MUFE 150/160, NARS Barcelona)
  • Tan (Bobbi Brown Natural Tan, MAC NW40/43, MUFE 175, NARS Cadiz)
  • Dark Tan (Bobbi Brown Golden, MAC NW44/45/47, MUFE 178, NARS New Guinea)
  • Deep Dark (Pink) (Bobbi Brown Walnut, MAC NW50/55, MUFE 180, NARS Tortuga)

Neutral complexions usually have beige or olive undertones

  • Fairest (Bobbi Brown Alabaster, MAC Matchmaster 1, MUFE 110, NARS Siberia)
  • Fair (Bobbi Brown Porcelain, MAC N1, MUFE 115/117, NARS Gobi)
  • Light (Chanel B20, MAC N2, MUFE 117/20, NARS Deauville)
  • Light-Medium (Bobbi Brown Beige, MAC N3, MUFE 125/127, NARS Ceylan)
  • Medium (Chanel B30, MAC NC/NW30, MUFE 128, NARS Stromboli)
  • Medium Tan (Chanel B40, MAC NC/NW35, MUFE 128)
  • Tan (Bobbi Brown Honey, MAC NC/NW40, MUFE 170)
  • Dark Tan (MAC NC/NW45, NARS Syracuse)
  • Deep Dark (MAC NC/NW50/55, Revlon Cappuccino)
  • Deep Dark (Red) (MAC NC/NW50/55, MAC Matchmaster 7.5)
  • Deep Dark (Yellow) (MAC NC/NW50/55, MUFE 75)

Warm complexions usually have yellow undertones

  • Fairest (Bobbi Brown Alabaster, MAC NC10, MUFE 110, NARS Siberia)
  • Fair (Bobbi Brown Porcelain, MAC NC15, MUFE 115, NARS Mont Blanc)
  • Light (Bobbi Brown Warm Ivory, MAC NC20, MUFE 118, NARS Ceylan/Deauville)
  • Light-Medium (Bobbi Brown Beige, MAC NC25, MUFE 118/120, NARS Fiji)
  • Medium (Bobbi Brown Warm Beige, MAC NC30, MUFE 123/125, NARS Punjab)
  • Medium Tan (Bobbi Brown Warm Natural, MAC NC35/37, MUFE 128/140, NARS Stromboli)
  • Tan (Bobbi Brown Warm Honey, MAC NC40/42/43, MUFE 150/155, NARS Barcelona)
  • Dark Tan (Bobbi Brown Golden, MAC NC44/45/47, MUFE 170/173, NARS Macao)
  • Deep Dark (Peach) (Bobbi Brown Deep Tint, MAC NC50/55, MUFE 70, NARS Macao)
  • Deep Dark (Red) (Bobbi Brown Espresso, MAC NC50/55, MUFE 178/180, NARS NARS Macao)
  • Deep Dark (Yellow) (Bobbi Brown Warm Walnut, MAC NC50/55, MUFE 175/180, NARS NARS Macao)

anonymous asked:

Hey bf! I think freckles are really cute. I want to make it look like I have freckles. What kind of products and brushes should I use? And how would I do it, like just put dots all over my face?

NO MAKEUP LOOK: Faux Freckles and Eyebrows by Sonjdradeluxe 

She describes the application process and uses the NYX Microbrow Pencil in Espresso and MAC Dipdown Fluidline on a Smith 210 brush to create the illusion of a freckled complexion 

FOTD: Pink + Brown Eyes

I haven’t worn eyeshadow for the looooongest time. I’ve been preoccupied with SO MANY things so lipstick and mascara are just more convenient and faster to put on. I had time and reason to do a quick eye for Paul & Joe’s Autumn 2011 Collection Launch and I decided to go for a soft, girly/romantic look. 

I bought this pink MAC eyeshadow called SUSHI FLOWER (how cute is that name??) from Hong Kong months ago but this is the first time I’ve actually worn it. Pink eye shadow is not easy to pull off, I tell you. There’s a really big chance it might end up looking so eighties (I personally think that was the worst era ever, in terms of fashion. If I could sum it up in one word, it would definitely be “baduy.”) or like you’re going for the sales girl look (sorry, no offense, really! But they should be aware! Avoid blues and pinks since they’re hard to pull off and go with greens and purples instead. They suit Filipina brown eyes more!) In short, I was determined to pull off the pink eye shadow look.

MAC Espresso and MAC Sushi Flower

I used a whole wash of MAC SUSHI FLOWER on the entire lid, MAC ESPRESSO (matte brown) on the crease, and a light sparkly pink from my mini 4U2 Empress Palette (BEST CHEAP FIND EVER, P150 for 4 pretty pretty colors! Highly pigmented too, and available in all Watson’s branches – not endorsing, kahit wish ko oo. haha.) on the inner corners of my eyes, a really thin line of black gel liner, and my usual 5 coats of Max Factor’s False Lash Effect mascara.

4U2 Empress Eyeshadow Palette

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup in 61 Ivory (F-N) on the entire face, and YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #6 Rose Bergamasque on my lips.

I am not going to ask if you think I’ve pulled it off. I’m afraid to find out. Haha! I’m just hoping you like it and that you have something new to try out on yourself. :)

[TRANS] 141210 - MBN (M+ Anatomy concept) Part 1


Base: MAC SPF 50, Banila Co Primer Powder, MAC Fix Fluid Foundation, Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick

Brows: Bobbi Brown Brow Kit

Eyes: MAC Soba + Espresso, Bobbi Brown’s Gel Liner

Highlighter & Shading: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle

Lip: MAC Lip Conditioner


Base: Bobbi Brown Protective Face Base & Skin Foundation, MAC Beauty Balm Compact, Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder

Brows: MAC Soba + Brow Kit

Eyes: Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Base, MAC Pro Longwear Eye Pencil

Highlighter & Shading: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Lip: Bobbi Brown Crystal Lipgloss


Base: MAC Strobe Cream + Sheer Finish Loose Powder, Banila Co Primer

Brows: MAC Brow Shader

Eyes: Bobbi Brown Saddle, MAC Soba

Highlighter & Shading: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle

Lip: Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss