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Mac And Cheese Bread Cones! Recipe available on
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Could you do lexie please 💜🐱

laugh till i cry- the front bottoms
let it happen- tame impala
let her go- mac demarco
later- cones
loving- land of talk
lady- morning tv
looking like you just woke up- the front bottoms

Kicking off disney!5sos blurb night with @prmntvacations, request/tag us in your writing!

When the opportunity of an all expense paid trip to Disneyland presented itself, you jumped at the offer. Sure, it was for work and you’d have to write articles about the new parade and shows but you hardly saw that as work. Of course, a trip to Disneyland by yourself didn’t sound as exciting as a trip to Disneyland with you boyfriend, so with a little convincing (and a promise to write the articles in a timely manner) Michael and you were buckled into your seats on the plane and headed off to the Happiest Place on Earth. 

The minute the plane touched down the two of you were off, eager to get in as many attractions as possible before you had to report to a press conference tomorrow morning. Surprisingly, the two of you got a lot accomplished minus riding Space Mountain and getting Michael that mac and cheese cone he kept hearing people rave about, leaving those task for Michael to do tomorrow while you listened to the CEO of Disney address the press about future expansion plans. 

The next morning the two of you got ready together. You, buttoning your blouse and shimmying you pencil skirt up your thighs, the fabric smoothing out once it reached it’s proper place on your waist. Michael on the other hand, danced his way into his jeans before pulling a newly boughten Star Wars tee shirt over his head. With one last glance in the mirror, and at each other the two of you exchanged a farewell kiss before heading out. 

It was two hours later, in the midst of the press conference that your phone vibrated violently in your pocket. An unknown number flashed across the screen, forcing you to excuse yourself from the crowded aisle to answer the call. 

“Hey babe,” your boyfriend greeted. 

“Michael? Who’s phone are you calling from?” 

“Funny story,” he laughed, “But I’m kind of in Disneyland jail and I need you to pick me up.” 

An hour later, after finishing the press conference and phoning in your boss to tell her how things went, you found yourself being escorted down a dimly lit corridor with “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King,” playing on repeat – or so you assumed, having heard it twice since the journey began. When the room finally opened up, you were met with cement walls trapping Disneyland offenders into makeshift cells with black bars acting as the fourth wall, “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” still playing in the background despite the fact that none of these offenders would ever be Disney royalty after today. 

You couldn’t believe where you were standing, until you caught sight of your vibrant haired boyfriend standing off to the corner in the second cell. His lips pulling up into a smile when he saw you, leaving the corner and meeting you by the black bars. 

“How exactly, did you end up in Disneyland jail?” you asked later, after the two of you had been escorted out of the park and left to return to your hotel room. 

“This father and his brat of a son tried to cut in front of me for a Dole whip,” Michael pouted. 

“This was all over a Dole whip?” you asked, trying to stifle the laugh that was building. “Are you kidding me?” 

“Technically, it was for using non-Disneyland appropriate language,” he said, rolling his eyes. “Apparently telling someone to fuck off to the back of the line with their sticky child isn’t very Disneyland-esqu.”

“Michael,” you groaned. 

“The worst part is I didn’t even get my Dole whip since the asshole reported me, which I didn’t even know was possible. Fucking tattletale.” 

“Really? I thought the worst part would be getting banned from Disneyland.” 

“It’s only for a day, plus he didn’t say we can’t go to the other park. Besides, I hear that’s where they have this mac and cheese cone I keep hearing about.” 

“Are you going to throw another tantrum?” 

“If someone cuts me I will. No one should come between me and food especially not sticky children.”