mac concrete


What was a bath good for? - relaxation, peace and quiet, soothing sore muscles, the list is endless. Why were you taking a bath? All of the reasons above. Candles, bubbles, soft music, a glass of wine and your favourite bath salts made the bathroom calm.

Taking a sip, you titled your head back. Mac was still at work, which was a shame, he was missing out. The idea shouldn’t of popped in your head, but who could blame a girlfriend who wanted to relax with her boyfriend?. Drying your hands, you took a photo and sent it to Mac, captioning it: Hurry home, this bath tub is getting lonely. x

Setting the phone down, you closed your eyes. Relishing in the tranquil state the candles and music were providing. Minutes later the bathroom door opened.

“My girlfriend sending me a sexy photo while I’m work, for the sole purpose to taunt me makes it very hard to concentrate”. Mac removed his shoes and leather jacket.

It wasn’t easy to catch Mac off guard, him being a secret agent and all. He always had a strong composure. But a cheeky photo was something you knew would throw him off balance. “Riley told me you’d finished the mission. Besides I figured I’d give you something to look forward once you got home”. Lifting your leg up, the water ran down. Mac gulped. “Are you going to get in?”.

Discarding his clothes, Mac slipped into the warm water, you leaning against his chest as he massaged your shoulders. “This is perfect, exactly what I needed”.

“I thought you might, after all saving the world must get tiring”. Making the water splash a little as you straightened up. You grabbed both Mac’s hands and crossed them over your chest, fingers still intertwined.

“At times, but knowing I have you to come home too makes it worthwhile”. He kissed your cheek.

“Angus Macgyver getting all romantic, you’re full of surprises”. Giggling. Mac’s hands detached from yours and rested now on your stomach. “Stick with me long enough and I’ll show you some more surprises I have up my sleeve”.

Talking indirectly about the future always made your heart skip. Mac never promised anything concrete, due to his job. But here he was, hinting that he wanted a future with you.

Standing up, you let the water drip off your body before stepping out on the towel placed at the base of the tub. Grabbing Mac’s leather jacket, you put it on. Mac’s jaw nearly hitting the floor as you did so.

“Care to surprise me in our bedroom, Macgyver”. You only ever just called him Macgyver when you were flirting with him, or teasing. In this case it was both. He leaped from the tub and wrapped a towel around his waist. “You, Y/N are going to be the death of me”. He chuckled, bringing you closer to his body.

“Right back at you. Now surprise me, Angus Macgyver”.

He lifted you up bridal style and proceeded to the bedroom. Surprising you over and over again.


Z Palette

*From the top left going down* 

Mac Nylon, Mac Wedge, Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie, Mac Aqua

Mac Orb, Makeup Geek Creme Brulee, Makeup Geek Chickadee, Mac Naval

Mac Yogurt, Mac Concrete, Mac All that Glitters, Mac Contrast 

Mac Haux, Mac Red Brick, Mac Amber Lights, Mac Corduroy 

Mac Quarry, Mac Blackberry, Mac Expensive Pink, Mac Carbon

Makeup Geek Cupcake, Mac Deep Damson, Makeup Geek Mango Tango, Buxom Lingerie Lover

Buxom Silk Sheets, Buxom Mink Magnet, Buxom Glitz Factor, Buxom Famous Flirt, Buxom Filthy Rich 

When you blend a blue with a pink duochrome, and a pink with a blue duochrome, you get… this.

I was working with raw mineral pigments but you can get the look with 

center: MAC Cornflower pigment

inner 1/3: Urban Decay Fishnet or MAC Stars n Rockets

outer corners: MAC Flashtrack

[EDIT] P.S. I also had a little MAC Concrete (matte brown along the socket!)

I did spray my brushes with a mister AFTER picking up the colors, to get a smoother and more intense finish.

(And this is a day look, no matter what they say. Cos duochromes look WAY more psychedelic and much better in daylight.)