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Let Her Go
Mac DeMarco
Let Her Go

tell her that you love her, if you really love her
But if your heart just ain’t sure, let her go

The Rainbow

Mac was out and he was excited. At Paddy’s he loudly exclaimed that he was going to The Rainbow and he would need someone to drive him. He was going to get plastered. He grabbed Dennis by the wrist and dragged him to the range rover. “You are coming with me, dude.” He stated firmly.

Dennis groaned. “Fine. If I it makes you happy.”

Dennis didn’t want to say anything while Mac blasted shitty pop music. He didn’t want to ruin Mac’s good mood. After 40 years of being in the closet, Mac deserved this. Dennis just really did not like Kesha.

At The Rainbow, Mac was on the dance floor while Dennis was at the bar. He drank beer and watched Mac dance. Thank God he wasn’t doing karate moves because he would have hit someone, like an asshole. Dennis felt a rage bubble up as he watched Mac dance extremely close to a random guy.

“Why don’t you just go talk to him, sweetie?” He heard from behind him. Dennis turned to the voice. It was some random dude.

“Why is that any of your business?” Dennis asked, angrily.

The guy raised his hands in faux surrender. “I’ve seen enough jealousy to know it when I see it. Just go talk to him. He seems like he’d be down.” He looks at Mac. Dennis turns back to Mac and sees him smiling at Dennis. Dennis sent a tight smile back, then turned back to the guy.

“I’m not jealous.” He stated, wishing it were true. “He’s my best friend, he just came out, so he dragged me here to drive him.”

“Sure.” The man pat Dennis on the shoulder and walked away.

Dennis paid for his beer and stood up. He took a deep breath and headed toward Mac. Mac was facing some dude he was grinding on, one arm wrapped around the guys waste and the other wrapped around his neck. Dennis lightly tapped Mac on the shoulder. Mac looked at Dennis, but didn’t stop his movements with the guy. “Sup?” He asked, his voice breathy.

“Let me dance with you.” Dennis says.

Mac looks back at the guy and shrugs. He let’s go and the guy moves on to some other stranger. Mac turns to Dennis and sways. Dennis matches his movements. “What’s up?” Mac asks, taking a step closer, moving his hips to the beat of the music.

“Jus got bored.” Dennis places his hands on Mac’s hips and pulls him close. “Do what you were doing to him to me.” He says in Mac’s ear, his breath hot.

Mac nods and wraps an arm around Dennis’s waste, and the other around his neck, mirroring what he did with the other guy. The swayed and grinder to the loud music. Mac hesitantly pressed his lips to Dennis’s jaw. They looked into each other’s eyes for a few seconds after Mac pulled away. Dennis leaned in close and pressed his lips to Mac’s. Mac kissed back.

Suddenly they were making out at a gay bar. They were grinding and dancing. The sounds of Lady Gaga’s voice blasting through the speakers as the lights flashed in sync with the beat. Mac wasn’t shocked when glitter fell on them from above. Dennis didn’t pull away from Mac’s lips. He didn’t care. Nothing could compare to the things he felt with Mac touching him like this. He felt complete.

His God Hole was filled.

maybe this is just a lot of wishful thinking but

based off that promo I’m imagining an episode like “the gang drags Mac back out of the closet”

where they have become fed up with Mac being closeted again after he finally came out

and it includes the gang dragging Mac to a strip club and getting him a lap dance from a dude

and also a frustrated Dennis being like “okay I didn’t want to have to do this but I am obviously the most attractive man you’ve ever seen, so I am going to give you a strip tease if it means you’ll finally come out of the damn closet”

don’t let me down rcg

we’re dreaming // 8tracks playlist

**hannah hunt- vampire weekend

**dreaming- mac demarco

**eskimo kiss- the kooks

**naomi- neutral milk hotel

**you- the 1975

**ooo- karen o

**sweet disposition- the temper trap

**dream lover- the vaccines

**the love club- lorde

**toothpaste kisses- the maccabees

**luna- bombay bicycle club

**white leather- wolf alice

**francisco- swim deep

**i wanna die- fidlar

listen here

look of the day with Vanessa Roberts

  • Hair: [xxx]
  • Eyeshadow: [xxx]
  • Eyeliner: [xxx]
  • Lashes: [xxx[Kijiko]eyelash_version2_natural-colors
  • Bronzer: [xxx]
  • Contour: [xxx]
  • Lips: [xxx]
  • Earrings: [xxx]
  • Nagisa: I can't find any of my team members in this crowd dammit.
  • Nagisa: *gets up on a chair* NAGISA HAZUKI IS A DUMBASS.
  • Rei: Tru but he's my dumbass so fight me.
  • Makoto: did you jUST INSULT MY SON?!?!!
  • Haru: Who dares insult someone who swims so perfectly?

“Welcome to the strippin’ game, partner. Blue, you ain’t nothin’. All you do is spin records, that’s all you do. Who’d you think you is, DJ Quik? Kid Capri? Oh, then you must be Jimmie Walker. Blue you ain’t nut-zin! You don’t deserve nut-zin, you don’t get nut-zin. You get what I give you. I got a contract betwinx me and you that say you do what I tell you to do. Therefore, shut the fuck, don’t say nothin to me, don’t even look at me. Tell you what, you better get on up outta my office and outta my face, before you get swole.”

- Dollar Bill (portrayed by Bernie Mac)
The Player Club (1998)