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MAC Product Reviews and Demos

When it comes to makeup, MAC are undoubtedly one of the most popular brands of makeup, and for many years have been considered the best of the best, the stuff that pros use and the ultimate goal was to have a makeup bag filled to the brim with MAC products. With an extensive range in hundreds of different colours, formulas and textures; MAC is definitely a brand to have fun with, but its popularity can cause some people to doubt its hype. So here’s the answer, are MAC products really worth the hype and where can I see them in action?

MAC Strobe Cream

MAC Strobe Cream is a product that serves as a staple in my beauty bag, it’s perfect for adding moisture and leaves the skin looking super glowy, dewy and hydrated. I like using it under makeup, but you can also use it to highlight. Full review.

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Yesterday was Sheila’s last day at work for the state.

So this is what it feels like to be a one income family. That’s why at the going-away happy hour party with her co-workers last evening I drank tap water. Even between 4 PM and 6 PM beer costs money! Calculating the waiter’s tip was easy too (20% of $0, hahahaha).

Today she’s a stay-at-home wife. Bringing home the bacon is solely my responsibility. Some sort of household jobs list for her might be a good idea, no? Cleaning windows and sweeping floors can be done while watching General Hospital. It’s not like Sheila is losing TV privileges. At least not if the floor is well swept.

She’ll probably go shopping later today. The grocery list probably has bonbons written down though it would be prudent to stock up on mac & cheese (store brand is just fine). I haven’t taken away the credit card. Yet.

There’s no need for a nanny cam. I work from home and can monitor her cleaning progress even while making a conference call. Sheila! Shhhh! I’m talking to Denver! Sheila! Shhhh, I’m running the WENUS report! Sheila! Vacuuming has to wait until evening!


Work hard; play hard.

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  • Me: being pregnant sounds terrible and i have no interest in ever going through that ever
  • Some asshole: but at the end you get a beautiful baby!
  • Me: looks directly into the camera like I'm on parks and recreation

Enjoy a fall playlist that takes you on a journey from the delight you feel when fall is just around the corner, to the light breeze that fills the air- requiring a cardigan, and finally to the bone chilling cold and sad, grey skies that appear just before fall gives way to winter. 

1. Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood

2. Here- Alessia Cara

3. Autumn Sweater- Yo La Tengo

4. Late in the Night- From Indian Lakes

5. Lucie, Too- Now, Now

6. Solitaire- Marina and the Diamonds

7. Robbers- The 1975

8. Green & Gold- Lianne La Havas

9. Turning- Meg Mac

10. Bravado- Lorde

11. Talking in Code- Margot & the Nuclear So and Sos

12. Out Getting Ribs- King Krule

13. Long & Lost- Florence and the Machine

14. The Cliff Waltz- Sucre

15.  As You Are- Kimbra

16. Misguided Ghosts- Paramore

17. O’Sister- City and Colour

18. Candles- Daughter

19. Family- Noah Gundersen

20. Runner- From Indian Lakes

21. School Friends- Now, Now

22. Woman (In Mirror)- La Dispute

23. Son of a Widow- mewithoutYou

24. Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis- Brand New

25. Every Stone- Manchester Orchestra