mac and i are actually the same person

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im suddenly in need of Loghain and his twin a.k.a ur OC pls tq ily

I’m so sorry anon because this was asked ages ago and it refers to this post

But better late than never, right? Here’s the comparison.

As you can see I draw them very similarly in terms of facial features - not just because, mind you, they just happen to be canonically similar. My design of young Loghain is based on the cover art for The Stolen Throne. They both have black hair (Loghain’s eyes are blue, Axel’s eyes are black), and they both come off as silent, prickly assholes but actually have “dat heart of gold”. Axel is a bit of a beefier boy as you can see. And they obviously don’t exist in the same timeline anyway - Axel is from Inquisition (Dorian’s LI).

I refuse to give you a post-trespasser look of Axel because honestly they’d also have the same hair -pretty much- and then they would look like the same person for reals. 

But you know. Point made. 


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xv. + sheith pls!

sorry this took so long, anon, i had to go run some errands…

15. How adventurous are they?

Shiro and Keith are the Xtreme Boyfriends. Keith loves the rush of fast motorcycles and risky flying maneuvers, but he’s also well aware of his own abilities, so they’re typically calculated risks. Shiro is the same, even though he comes off as more sensible or mellowed out. I mean, the guy has got to be one of the youngest pilots, if not the youngest, that the Garrison has ever sent on a mission, and they sent him on probably the most dangerous mission they’ve ever run. If something goes wrong on a space mission that far out (remember, it took them months to get to Kerberos), there’s no one that can help you. So, they both love that rush of doing something dangerous that most people couldn’t do, but that they have enough faith in their own abilities to accomplish.

However, they aren’t adventurous in all areas of life. Shiro is 100% not adventurous about food. He’s very much a “if I find something I like at a restaurant, that will be the only thing I order ever” kinda person. He doesn’t experiment in the kitchen, and honestly, it takes a lot of finagling to get him to try something new. (It usually involves bribing him with kisses, and sometimes even the promise that if he doesn’t like it, he can eat mac and cheese instead.)

While Keith is very much a “I’ll try anything once” kinda person, he’s also someone who will stick with the things he knows he likes, especially when it comes to clothing. He’s very much a “I found a comfortable shirt that I like, so I bought 5 of the exact same shirt” kinda person. And then he’ll wear that shirt for 5 years.

Bonus: Shiro and Keith totally ask each other on what they call “adventure dates” where it’s just, like, going hiking or exploring a town/new planet. It’s very low-key and not actually “adventurous,” but they like spending time together with just the two of them, and they always end up having great conversations, makeout sessions, or relaxation time on their “adventures.”

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What kind of food did you get and where did you go? .... I'm not admitting I have a food addiction

Cracker Barrel. I always get the same thing because I’m super picky, lol. (Actually I’m scared to try new things, but let’s just glaze over that part) Chicken and dumplings with an extra side of dumplings, 2 sides of mac and cheese, two biscuits, and water. Then I usually save my chicken and bring it home for my dog because I don’t like too much meat, lol. 

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How do you keep yourself disciplined when it comes to studying? I always make a plan for the day and then can never stick to it..

This is a frequently asked question, and there’s honestly no good answer to that since it really differs from people to people. But here’s a few tips on what works for me. 

  1. I usually try not to overload my schedule and be realistic about what I can achieve in a day. It takes a lot of self-discipline to finish everything, and that’s a skill that can be developed with time, but there’s a huge satisfaction from finishing everything off your list! Am I the only one who relishes on seeing their to-do list all checked off?
  2. However, if you do not complete everything, don’t sweat it. You can always push things to the next day, just as long as you eventually end up doing them. ;) 
  3. Try to set smaller goals for the day. So instead of “finish reading bio”, try “read chapter 1″ or “write notes on last class”. 
  4. Have an organized, clean study space with everything you need. I like to think that clean space = clean mind, so you can actually focus on the work you have to do. And having everything you need will allow you to not get up every 10 minutes to get something else. 
  5. Take breaks! It’s hard to be disciplined when you’re always on a roll. I usually go for 30ish-minute sessions with short breaks in between, and a longer break after 3-4 sessions. 
  6. Have a reward at the end of a good productive study session (for me that’s during the longer break after my 3-4 sessions). Maybe you can do the things that actually distract you while you study (checking your phone, looking at Youtube videos…). Or maybe it can be to watch a TV episode, go for a walk, play an instrument, eat something… Basically anything that will make you happy! 
  7. I work better with sound (so I don’t get distracted by tiny random sounds that might happen), but instead of music, I usually go for ambient sounds (like rain, wind, water stream, etc). There are many apps/websites that you can try, but I personally use Noizio (on my Mac) and White Noise (on my iPhone), and sometimes apps/sites like 8tracks have great ambient playlists. 
  8. Sometimes I like working with another friend (but only one!), and when you see them work hard, it might entice you to do the same. Just make sure to actually work (but you can still use the 30-minute long session system)! It’s basically playing the “first one to talk loses” game. You just gotta stay focused on your work! 
  9. Know your sources of distractions. If you know that your cell phone is a distraction, put it away, hide it, or even give it to someone so that they keep it! 
  10. Just do it! As I’ve said before, oftentimes the hardest part is the first two minutes. So just do it, and you will probably end up finishing a huge part of the work! 

I hope these tips helped you and/or anyone reading this who is having the same discipline problem. I definitely haven’t always been the most disciplined person, and I’m no expert at all when it comes to good study habits, but I like to think that I have definitely grown as a student and I love being able to help others. 

Good luck with everything! :) 


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Niall is actually quite good at golf for that anon that says Niall isn't good. Another thing Harry copied from Niall is his guitar playing. Look at Harry, he bought the same guitar but just a different colour than Niall. Niall is the one who liked Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac not Harry's who favourite is Shania Twain. Harry is a fake friend who couldn't bother to introduce his friend to his idol yet Niall actually brought Shania to Harry's concert so he could meet her.

i would like to add that i personally think harry looks quite awkward with a guitar. niall looks natural and to me (someone who has next to no music experience lol) it looks like he knows what he’s doing. harry looks like an amateur in comparison, though practice makes perfect so i guess all we can do is give harry time.

Audio Reaction: [S] Act 6

Held you guys up long enough, didn’t I? Anyway, after rereading some of my Act 5 posts and reacquainting myself with the material, I’m back with my next audio reaction! The audio was recorded way back when, but my written thoughts are current to today. Without further ado, [S] Act 6! (And don’t forget to read more after the cut!)

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I don't see how the new MLP episode is transphobic (genuinely confused). Like, everyone knew it was him in a dress and they never made fun of him. They also didn't make Big Mac embarrassed or make jokes about women. Can you explain please?

You’re probably gonna get a much more specific answer from someone who actually watched it. Or, more precisely, a trans feminine person who watched it, since others aren’t going to feel it in quite the same way. But I’ll try to explain what I can from what I know.

It’s good that none of the other ponies made fun of him (like, genuinely, it would have been even worse otherwise). But the viewer is still intended to laugh at him. We’re supposed to look at his large body wearing a dress, his excessive makeup, his big blonde wig, his cracking voice, the obviousness of it all, and laugh at him. I mean, I just googled some screenshots, and make no mistake. Aside from being a horse, he is a 100% standard caricature of a trans woman. That is the way we are drawn by people who wish to make fun of us.

I’ve heard a few people say “Everyone knew it was him” as some kind of defense. But, I wonder, how do you think that feels to a trans woman?

It feels like, even if you dress how you want and give it everything you’ve got, everyone is going to know. Everyone is going to see that you’re too big for that dress. Everyone is going to hear your voice. Everyone is going to see past your hair and makeup. Everyone is going to see your adam’s apple. Always.

I mean it’s like a cartoon pointing a big flashing arrow at all of the things you hate most about yourself, laughing at them, and reminding you that everyone else can see them too. So it hurts.

Not to mention how it tells everyone else that this person looks wrong, that they’re out of place, that this isn’t how they ought to dress and behave. So it’s kind of awful all around.