mac and cheez


This post is all about magic. First, real (or as close to real as possible) magic. And second, the magic of this glorious vegan cauliflower mac ‘n’ cheeze from my new favorite cookbook, Tess Masters’ The Perfect Blend, topped with my new favorite creation: grain-free hemp cauliflower breadcrumbs. But before we eat…

Last night I went to The Magic Castle for the first time. The Castle is a turn of the century Hollywood mansion devoted to the magical arts, a bastion of wonder—a sentiment hard to come by these days. It’s invite-only, so it’s not a place one can simply drop by. One must be accompanied by a member, or have a golden ticket of sorts, to gain access. There’s a wildly strict dress code (they keep ties on hand for men who’ve shirked their tie-wearing duties) and a distinctly old boys club vibe, the likes of which I haven’t felt so keenly since my Yale days. But I’m doing that thing where I say yes to as many invitations as I can stomach right now, in the effort to transcend my naturally Dickinsonian homebodied self, and so I said yes.

Read more and get the recipe here.


It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Cheez-y

Mac N’ Cheez (#bestcatnameever) is a 7-week-old kitten whose hind legs are temporarily paralyzed. So, the good folks at Massapequa Pet Vet built him a “wheelchair” out of K’nex. While they work on his treatment, he gets to scoot around the office on his rad new rig.

Godspeed, Mac N’ Cheez and get well soon.

answers-without-questions  asked:

This is weird since we've never met, but I feel compelled to tell you that I dreamed I was on a road trip and somehow I wound up visiting your house. But none of the woofs were around and I was very upset about this, especially since you didn't seem the least concerned. Anyway we ate Mac and cheese together and talked about dogs, and your couch was super comfy. So thanks for dream-hosting me!

Oh my gosh that sounds like a great dream EXCEPT FOR THE LACK OF WOOFS. I’ll make sure they visit in the next dream :3 (ps now I want mac n cheez)

cute vegan food n snacks for chirebs!

I’ve seen some lists of ideas for cute chire food and the like for when you’re regressed, but not a whole lot for lil vegans like me! so here’s some stuff off the top of my head!

☆ pb&j (cut into fun shapes of course!)

☆ gogo squeeze pouches or other squeezable fruit/applesauce blends–I love the pedal pedal peach kind!

☆ earth balance cheez nips

☆ ants on a log!!

☆ bagel pizzas! with all kinds of fun toppings like tomato sauce, daiya cheez, n veggies cut into neat lil shapes

☆ chopped fruit in your fave cute bowl

☆ unbuttered popcorn with diy vegan seasonings! I like nooch on mine ~

☆ vegan mac n cheez–they make box varieties but it’s also easy to make a yummy cheez sauce yourself (or with a carer) using potatoes and carrots!

☆ vegan nuggets & french fries/tater tots

☆ veggie sticks and hummus or pb!

feel free to reblog with your own ideas!!


Vegan food we’ve made from scratch over the past few months. From left to right: Beer battered fried chickn homemade seitan, TVP popcorn chickn, Pizza with homemade cheeze and crust, Mac n cheeze with homemade cheddar sauce, Beer battered feesh, Chickn strips with homemade seitan, Cannolis, deep fried doughnuts.

Let me feed you…

Vegan Mac’N’Cheeze Sandwich.

So, I made this bad boy last night on @CookReel ‘s Snap Chat contest for Master Chef. Congratulations to the winner @momfitnessdiary who has been crowned Master Chef! Woo hoo! It was so much fun to participate in a cooking contest with some wonderful foodies/chefs. It was an honor actually. Be sure to also check out @livshealthylife & @lafujimama for some yummy plant-based inspo. And thank you @CookReel for the opportunity to share one of the recipes from my ebook L’herbe Muse: Simple Everyday Plant Based Recipes. (Link in bio) Peace.

anonymous asked:

What's your favourite food? And don't say Potstickers, that's Kara's Food :D Oh, and does your soon-to-be-fiancée watch Supergirl? xx

Oh! Um. I love food. Like, food is awesome. So I’m… not sure? Um…. I make a mean vegan mac and cheez, and um… I loveeee homemade french fries, and I love homemade vegan fudge, and ummmm ooh, savory vegan scones, and ummmm oh I make these great vegan biscuits and oh oh oh also vegan caesar salad and roasted chickpeas and ummmm this cranberry apple cobbler that my lil broski makes and ummmm I make this really awesome banana-peanut butter-date-almond milk smoothie…. Okay stopping now…

And yes, she does!!! <3 <3 <3