mac and cheese for life


I have only had mac and cheese once in my entire life ever, in my 20′s. The reason for this is it’s not a British thing. In Britain, we don’t really have mac and cheese, and I guess my mum doesn’t really like cheese or creamy things, so she would never eat it or buy it. So, for the whole of my childhood, until I was like 18, no one ever, like, gave me mac and cheese. And then I was in university; you’d think that being a student, it’d be a good thing, and then Phil doesn’t like cheese. I’ve literally… I think it was when I was in America.

Awake Part 9

Title: Awake

Summary: You had just graduated with a degree in English and thanks to some writing competitions you had gotten noticed and offered the job of a life time right out of school. This job was your dream job, you were going to be a writer for the tv show Supernatural, your favorite tv show. The whole cast and crew are very welcoming and kind and you find yourself making some of the best friendships, specifically with the green eyed actor that plays Dean.

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: language, smut

You and Jensen hugged Jared and Gen bye as you got into different cabs. Jensen placed his hand on your lower back as he led you to the car and you felt your stomach do flip flops. How was it possible for him to make you feel this way with just a gesture; The two of you had been physically affectionate as friends but now every time he touched you whether it was sexual or not it made you nervous and excited at the same time. Jensen slid into the cab after you and you looked up and smiled at him he smiled at you and slid his arm around you pulling you to him. You leaned in to him and rested your head on his shoulder.

“My mom texted me earlier and asked if we would come to dinner tomorrow night?” Jensen said rubbing your arm.

“That sounds really great, but are you sure you want me meeting your family so soon? I mean if you want to go see your family I don’t mind just hangin out at your house-” Jensen cut you off with a kiss.

“I’m ready if you are, we were such good friends first it just feels like we’re a lot further along than we really are if that makes sense” Jensen explained.

“I’m ready” you smiled and kissed him gently, “and that does make sense, I feel the same way” Jensen gave you a huge smile and pulled you into another kiss. When he pulled back the car had stopped in front of a beautiful house that was settled on acres on land, “Jensen this place is beautiful” you said as you got out of the car. He grabbed the bags from the trunk and walked with you up to the front door.

“My room is at the end of that hallway” Jensen walking you into his house. You walked to where he said and into a large master bedroom, it was really hitting you that you were dating a tv star, and someone who was in a much more stable point in their life. You still ate mac and cheese for dinner every night, whenever you tried to cook anything else it basically caught on fire. You were still figuring out how to be an adult and you were dating a full blown adult with nice things and he was an actor. You could feel yourself panicking and looked up and Jensen had noticed it too.

“Are you ok sweetheart?” Jensen said setting your stuff down and walking over to you. You were trying to think what to say when he pulled you too him as he sat down on the bed.

“Yeah I’m ok, I just- I guess I hadn’t really processed it yet that you’re a mature adult that has adult things, like a beautiful house, and I’m fresh out of school and my most grown up thing I own is sexy underwear and wine” Jensen started chuckling a bit at you and you couldn’t help but laugh too even though you weren’t really sure what you were laughing at, “why are you laughing at me you ass?” you asked playfully.

“I am the furthest thing from mature, you of all people should know that” he said smiling and you couldn’t help but giggle, he pulled you closer to him so you were straddling him now on the bed, “I know that there is a bit of an age gap and that we are in different stages in life, but I adore you and the fact that you eat mac and cheese for almost every meal unless I get you pizza or make you pancakes, I love how sweet and innocent you are. I just enjoy being around you, you make me happy. We can move as fast or as slow as you need, but like I said earlier, I’m all in” you smiled at him and felt your worries melt away again.

“I’m all in too. I’m sorry I keep having minor freak outs, I just overthink things.” You said and Jensen laughed.

“You keep forgetting that I know you really well, I already knew that before we started this” He said and you smiled leaning in to kiss him.

“Mmm Jensen what do you say we talk about some of those experiments?” kissing your way down his neck. Jensen moaned as you nipped at his collar bone.

“Let’s take that sweatshirt off of you and your leggings” he said reaching for the hem of your sweatshirt and you lifted your arms up letting him pull the sweatshirt off of you. He let his hands wander over your stomach and ribcage till he reached your breasts. He ran his thumbs under your breasts causing you to bite your lip. He could be so rough but also so gentle and you weren’t sure which was your favorite, “Alright baby girl stand up and take your pants off” he said gruffly.

Feeling a surge of confidence, you decided to test something out, “Yes sir” you said as sexily as you could as you stood up and peeled your leggings off.

“I like that, you should definitely say that more baby girl” he said obviously turned on.

“Mmm yes sir” you said crawling back into lap. Jensen groaned as he rested his face in the crook of your neck. You started to kiss his neck again as you lowered yourself down on his jean clad bulge. You pulled back to kiss Jensen’s face but he stopped you.

“Why don’t you move over to my thigh?” Jensen said with a smirk on his face. You’d forgotten in your drunken haze that you had told him about your thigh riding kink. You bite your lip and looked down shyly.

Jensen lifted your chin to meet his gaze, “Come on sweetheart I would really like to see that. Don’t make me ask again I would hate to have to punish you…” he said gripping your ass tightly.

“But what if I want to be punished?” you said reaching your hands under his shirt.

Jensen groaned and gave your ass a firm smack making you moan, “damn that is hot… we will do more of that later but for now I want you on my thigh, alright?”

“Yes sir” you responded pulling a smile from Jensen. You resituated yourself and lowered yourself on his left thigh. You looked up at him under your lashes feeling your nerves go crazy. He reached his hands out to grip your hips holding you to him. He smirked at you as he flexed his thigh causing you to moan. You started to move your hips trying to hit the right spot with each movement. The friction of your panties and his jeans feeling amazing on your clit. You threw your head back and moaned as you found the right rhythm. Jensen sat up straighter so that he was flush against your chest, he had one hand on your ass and the other on your hip pushing you down onto his thigh. He moved his face to your neck and started to trail bites and kisses, sucking new marks onto your throat. He kissed down to your chest and laid his head down against you watching as you used his thigh, “That’s it baby girl, god you are so sexy, I love watching you fuck yourself on my thigh” he mumbled his grip getting tighter as you went faster. You felt the familiar coil in your stomach starting to build and Jensen noticed your movements becoming sloppier. He used his hands to guide your movements helping you to reach your finish. When you were riding his leg at a fast pace Jensen attached his lips to yours in a bruising kiss. Jensen swallowed your moans as you came feeling you pulse through his jeans. He held you to him letting your relax against his chest. He wrapped you in a tight hug rubbing your back as you came down from your high, “you are definitely doing that again that was so hot” Jensen said and you laughed into his chest and looked up at him and he had a satisfied smirk on his face as he leaned down to kiss you. The kiss started out sweet, but Jensen began to deepen in gently biting your bottom lip and pulling it. You reached your hands up to his neck and pulled him closer to you. The two of you made out like that for a while before you realized he was wearing several more layers than you.

“Jensen you have too many clothes on” you whined pulling his shirt off of him. The two of you pressed up against each other kissing some more. Jensen reached behind you to unhook your bra and you leaned back to help him pull it off. You reached down to unbuckle his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. You moved back and stood up to let him stand up and pull his jeans off. You got down on your knees to pull his boxers off wanting to return the favor but Jensen pulled you back up to him. He licked his lips as he grabbed your panties and pulled them off of you. You looked up at him wondering where this was going.

“Get on the bed and lay on your stomach” you nodded and walked to the bed laying down. Jensen pulled his boxers off and walked over to the bed. He gripped your hips and pulled them up so your ass was up and your chest of to the bed. He pulled his hand back and gave your ass a smack pulling a moan from you. He did that a few more times till your ass was red, “you really are a dirty girl aren’t you?” he said his voice low and husky.

“Mmm yes sir, I’m you’re dirty little girl” you moaned out as he slid two fingers in.

“So wet sweetheart, I’m just going to slide right in” you simply nodded your head not sure if you could speak. Jensen gave himself a few pumps before lining up with your center and pushing in. You moaned loving the way he stretched you. As he pulled in and out of you he leaned forward and reached his arm around to rub circles on your clit. You felt yourself nearing your finish again and you could tell from the way Jensen was moving he was close too.

“harder baby, please-m close” you mumbled out as coherently as you could. He gripped your hips and pulled you up getting a deeper angle hitting your g-spot. You gripped the bedding as you came your walls squeezing Jensen pulling his own finish from him. Jensen continued to thrust through his finish to pull the most pleasure from both of you. As he stopped he leaned over placing a sweet kiss at the nape of your neck. As he walked into the bathroom you rolled over laying on your back. Jensen came back in with a wet washcloth and cleaned you up before laying back down with you. He pulled you to his chest and you cuddled up to him. You sat up on your elbow to look at him

“do you want to take a shower and then maybe get a snack and watch a movie in bed till we fall asleep?” you asked smiling down at him. Jensen shot up and practically tackled you to the bed kissing all over your neck and face making you giggle.

“You are perfect and that sounds perfect” He said as he kissed your nose. And before you knew it he had thrown you over his shoulder and carried you into the bathroom.

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Hello I am sorry I'm new but why? does everyone? associate Thomas Jefferson with mac and cheese? Pls show me a meme if there is one I'm just confuzzled

uhh one time he went to france and he ate mac n cheese there and was like “hOLY sHsit!!!!”
after that life changing incident he came back to usa w a recipe and he changed to his own and ate macaroni til he died

thee and


“Love…For Better or Worse”….. Pt. 2

With Valentine’s Day solidifying our choice to expand our family, Moses and I have been taking every chance we have to try for a baby. Knowing that he wants this just as bad as I do, and that he’s still willing to try with the odds weighing heavily against us, makes me see him in a whole different light. I honestly feel more connected…more in love with him, and more loved by him. Even my level of attraction for him has gone up, something I never thought was possible with his sexy ass. I’m not sure if it’s because of those orgasms he gives, leaving my ass gone, his new “Zaddy” beard, or just the fact that we are doing this, but he can get it anytime he damn well pleases. Humph, today was no different. I finally received a new shipment of exclusive and very expensive items to reserve for “priority” clientele, and Moses stopped by from the studio to help me unpack. After listening to the beats he just finished and eating, I’d say we got through one box before temptation set in and my ass ended up pinned against the wall. As punishment for taking his time, I decided to ignore his attempt to get at me and continued sorting through boxes. After playfully threatening me saying “the longer I take, the harder he’s gonna fuck me”, I brushed by him asking him to “make that a promise”. Next thing I know, his stiffness was pressed against my ass, his hand was up my dress and his lips were wrapped around my neck. Shit, after that, the only thought on my mind was how good his dick was going to be, as we hauled ass into the back office. Unfortunately, there was one thing that I wish stuck…The fact that I told Levi and Dana to come through to pick out one item each. So I guess you could say it was a little awkward when we came out of the room, me in shock looking freshly fucked, and Moses walking out with a guilty ass smirk on his face. The two of them had a ball snickering as they looked on, while Moses said goodbye to me after greeting them. Levi looked me up and down shaking his head, while Dana ran to the window to make sure Moses left. Once the “coast was clear”, she ran back and immediately started to grill me. 

Dana: “Bitch….What in the actual fuck???” She said, cracking up. “I’m guessing since the lights were off, your nasty ass forgot we were coming? Shit, y’all could have at least drove instead of calling a car to take y’all around…Got us comin in here thinking you stepped out and shit…” 

Levi: “Right, was it that serious for mini mogul to make an appearance??” 

Teeleah: “Oooh, don’t be tryin to play my man out like that…His shit is far from little or thin…You need to be nice Vi, since he’s the one paying for that portfolio you keep reaching into…” I jokingly snapped, sticking my tongue out. “Anyways, I have no idea what you two are referring to..”

Dana: “Oh really, hunh??…Then why is your hair in that ponytail, when your snap you posted a few hours ago shows it down and extra done??”

Teeleah: “I plead the fifth…” I said, as we all cracked up. 

Levi: “Mm-hum…Keep messin around like that and an actual mini muse might make an appearance.” 

Dana: “Exactly..” She chimed in, while I stood silent. 

Levi: “Wait a minute…You have been glowing a helluva lot recently, extra happy for no reason too, all signs that you’ve been getting it in like crazy…Girl, are y’all trying to get pregnant???” He asked, getting no response from me.

Dana: “Leah, you don’t have to answer that…I don’t think it’s any of our business.” She said, glaring at Levi. 

I continued to stay silent after she said that. Conflicted, barely describes what I was feeling at that moment. Moses likes to keep shit under wraps and I wanted to respect that but, at the same time, I was dying to tell my closest friends. Dana is like a sister to me, especially now that Nica and I aren’t as close, and Levi has been in my life for years. what’s the harm in telling them? Who doesn’t want someone to go to with frustrations and feelings that can’t share with a significant other?  I honestly need all the support I can get being that this journey is gonna be tough. Hell, the only person I told was my mother and she was not pleased at all. I know having them rooting for us will make this a lot easier, so with all that in mind, I decided to answer the question.  

Teeleah: “Actually we are.” I said, as they both stared at me confused as hell with reactions I damn sure didn’t expect. “Look, I know it’s not the most traditional thing to do but…”

Levi: “Oh honey, I get it…I’m just a little concerned that’s all. I mean after he slept with that girl? He literally fucked her hours after you sent him that break up text, Leah. Who the hell does that? And what about your long break up before that? You’ve only been back together for what…6 months and ever since you’ve run into issues? I just feel like it’s too soon, what’s with the rush? Why not give you a ring first? Since when did Mogul want a kid so bad? It just seems too convenient.”

Teeleah: “All of that shit is behind us and is staying there. There is no rush, nothing is shady or convenient, Levi. This is something we both want.” 

Levi: “It’s just doing too much. 

Dana: “How bout you’re too much!” She yelled, directing her attention towards Levi. “I get that you’ve known her for years but you need to calm all that noise down. Over here bringing up irrelevant shit, when she’s sharing somethin that’s bringing her joy. Whatchu mad for?”

Levi: “Sweetheart, nobody’s mad! I’m just trying to save her from becoming baby mamma #1″. 

Teeleah: “Alright Vi, you said enough. Let’s drop it.” 

Dana: “Nah, you ain’t tryin to help shit. All you wanna do is gossip and get your tea for the day. I’m not beat…I can see right through your ass.” 

Levi: “You know what…I’m just gonna go. Leah, I truly am looking out for you and I’m sorry for coming on too strong. So are we still good?” 

Teeleah: “Yess, Vi…See you Monday.” I said, as he gave me a huge hug.

After he left, Dana had a few things she wanted to get off her chest. Since her demeanor changed, I realized she too was having issues with our decision. At this point I was drained from the bullshit Levi was on, and I didn’t really want to hear it. 

Dana: “Listen, I’m gonna keep it real. While I don’t like or trust Levi’s intentions, he has raised some valid points. Babes, I can’t wait for you to have children but I’m not sure if now is the right time. You feel me? Like he said, this just seems rushed and I know you’d rather be his wife than baby mamma first. You’re 29, you have plenty of time to have kids. Why not wait? Plus there’s something else…” 

Teeleah: “Because..” I said, trying to compose myself. “I might not be able to have children…”

I explained everything to her, from losing the twins to what my fertility tests say. When I was finished the first thing she did was give me a hug. It was clear that she now understood and accepted my choice.

Dana: “Girl, I am so sorry. Losing those babies, and finding out this bullshit?? You need to do whatever you can. You hear me?” She said, as she wiped tears from her face. 

Teeleah: “Yeah, I do…” I said, as my voice cracked and I too wiped tears from my face. 

Dana: “Shit, this IVF betta work.” 

Teeleah: “Girl, I’d be so grateful.” *crying again* “This shit ain’t fair…I’m trying my hardest to stay positive, but I honestly don’t think it’s gonna happen. Humph, but you know what…” I said, drying my eyes. “I’m gonna give it my all. That’s all I can do…So you said there is something else you wanted to say?”

Dana: “Shit….Girl…Aight, Moses was chillin with Sean the other day and I kinda overheard something I found a little sketchy. He was basically worried about something Asia could possibly leak. She’s apparently been going off on twitter calling him a fraud and shit. He seemed scared actually. Moses didn’t say any other details, of course, but it’s clear that he’s hiding something.”

Teeleah: “He’s probably scared that she’s gonna leak the fact that he slept with her. You know how they are with the media getting wind of their business.” 

Dana: “Humph, ain’t that the truth…You’re probably right. I should’ve thought of that before I almost caused all hell to break loose.” *lauging*

Teeleah: “Ha, it’s ok girl….Shit, lets get out of here. All this drama just made me hungry.”

Dana: “Yesss…Let’s go to to this new soul food restaurant that just opened. I need some Mac n Cheese in my life right now.” 

We left the shop and headed for the restaurant like we planned. I definitively didn’t expect all this stress today. While I’m glad I have Dana’s support, I’m unsure about Levi. I’m know he’ll come around but in the meantime, I can’t let it affect me. As for Moses hiding shit or them initially believing that this is all too convenient, I’m not going down that road. I can’t let speculations ruin my relationship so unless something concrete pops up, I’m not going to pay it any mind.  


Real Talk - Drabble

A/N: Based on a list of random sentences, that inspired those drabbles.


“Thanks for that, [Y/n], it was amazing,” Steve claimed as gulped the last bits of food from his plate.

“Best mac and cheese I’ve eaten in my life,” Bucky smiled at you.

“When can we get more?” Sam asked.

Bucky looked at him disapprovingly and Steve tapped the back of his head as you chuckled. “There’s more in the kitchen, if you want, Sam.”

He quickly shook his head. “I’m pretty sure that if I eat more, I’ll explode.”

Bucky slapped his hand on his forehead as Steve groaned, both of them very disappointed on his friend’s manners.

“Next time will be for the entire team,” you promised.

Bucky rose from his seat, “As you cooked, we get to clean up.”

Bucky and Steve began grabbing the dishes as Sam took the bowl of reaming food to the kitchen. “Thanks, guys.”

Bucky made your heart flutter with a smile.

“The least we could do, doll,” were his words before he disappeared into the kitchen after the other two.

Not only two minutes later, Bucky came back. “They shoved me out,” he grumbled, making you laughed.

He plopped down in the chair next to you. “Real talk, can I kiss you?  I haven’t been able to get the idea out of my head recently.”

“Hell, yeah.”

Your hands flew to his neck and his to your waist, pulling each other close and closing your eyes. Bucky’s lips ghosted over yours before pressing down. His soft lips are gentle upon yours, his hands roam over your sides as yours tug at his hair.

Sam and Steve looked at each other, Sam surprised at Bucky for making the first move and Steve couldn’t be happier for his friend. They slowly walked backwards out of the living room, back to the kitchen.