Okay, now i only need to render this thing

If someone is curious what effects did i use :

- 4color
- KiraKira
- 3tk_flowf
- likelooksB
-  likelooksY
- o_Bleach-bypass (Si : 0.5)
- likelooks
- o_Bleach-bypass (Si : 2)
- AutoLuminous (stage)
- OL_AfterGlow
- HgSao 
- SSAO_Lite
- o_SelfOverlay
- cheaplens
- 1color
- o_LikeHDR
- TrueCameraLX
- o_SimplePixelBlur
- AutoLuminous (eyes)
- PostBlackOut
- dust and dust4

Credits for the model, parts, stage and motion will be on youtube description when i will upload this, but i am not even sure if i will be able to upload this today
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ughhhghghg my guy just go cry on the toilet like the rest of us

i kno the pacing is rl bad bcuz i trie d to cram this into one page and this is p much a done and dead concep  lets chalk it up to style and lining practive

dante-oswin  asked:

I have a VA question, how do you keep your voice from... I don't know how to say, warbling mabye? When you are kinda nervous and you voice is doing a sort of dumb verbato? Is that just a thing that goes away with practice or is there a specific method? Tanks

Ahhh I know what you mean! Honestly the way you fix that is to try to drop your breath into your stomach, does that make sense? Connect your voice to a lower part of you and it will help you stop being trapped all up in your tweeter/head, hopefully this helps! Just breathe deeply and place your hands on your stomach and try to send your breathe there, then speak! 

How to meet people (at a hostel)

-share food (like sweets, crisps, cook too much…)
-have breakfast at the hostel and look out for people sitting alone (and ask them where they’re going today, how long they’re staying and stuff like that)
-ask people in your room or the common room if they want to head out with you to grab food or want to climb a mountain or whatever
-look very lonely and lost and mabye someone actually strikes up a conversation with you

I used all of these before (most of them not on purpose, it just sort of happend), but these might actually be usefull for people who are shy and insecure around strangers (which I used to be and still don’t know how that actually changed). My trip to scotland was the first time I actually travelled all by myself and I was worried that I’d be lonely and not manage to talk to people. What actually happend was pretty much the oposite which is one reason why this trip was so amazing and I’m just hoping to help some of you to achieve the same.

- Robyn

and also i dont understand how people can be mad at people celebrating him getting let so from disney?

like, were celebrating that theres still companys that actually care about what the people they hire and sponser do. sure mabye its just because itd be bad for the company, but i least like to think they genuinly care? idk

theres nothing wrong with celebrating harmful actions getting proper consequences in a time were so many harmful actions are compltly exscused.


THE Flag!

I can’t believe we haven’t posted a picture of this on here! - back in June I went to Switzerland to go to Zurich Pride. Fynn and me came up with the idea to paint our own flag. Which ended up beeing the Nonbinary flag with, of course, golden unicorns! And a little non-bee-nary bee. So far this flag has been to Zurich and Cologne Pride. Originally we wanted to give it to a friend to take it to Hamburg Pride, but i forgot to hand it over (whoops). But it’s going on another journey soon - back to it’s place of birth, the beautiful Switzerland to attend the Milchreise (some queer weekend thing) with Fynn and me and mabye even conquer a mountain? Who knows.
- Robyn

Title: Rancor
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 460
Characters: Draco Malfoy x Reader
Reader Gender: Not specified
Warnings: Jealousy, name-calling
Notes: Request from anon for “Number 9 draco x fem reader.” (9. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?”) // (I didn’t specify anywhere in the story that the reader is female, because I didn’t really have reason to at any point.) // List of prompts is here. ♥

Originally posted by arianavevo

      You liked to think of yourself as a very nice person. You helped those around you, you always used your manners, you never teased or made fun of anyone; your best friend Draco called you “the Golden Heart of Slytherin,” something several others caught onto, and it became your nickname. However, there was one individual who immensely irked you: Pansy Parkinson.
      She was a boorish idiot, who spent the vast majority of her time fawning over Draco. Her behavior irritated you to no end, and you were terrible at hiding it. You knew that it was mostly due to the feelings you harbored for Draco, but there wasn’t a chance of you telling anyone that. Although, everyone already did – you were bad at hiding that, as well.
      “She’s such an uncouth little twit, isn’t she?” you muttered one day, shooting daggers at Pansy. You were seated next to Draco in the Common Room, your legs and arms both crossed, as he rested his head on your shoulder and read a book. He slowly sat up, staring at you with one eyebrow raised.
      “Did… did you just call someone an ‘uncouth little twit’?”
      “Not just someone, Parkinson.”
      Draco laughed, then closed his book at sat it on the coffee table.
      “I’ve never seen you hate anyone at all, let alone enough to call someone names. Why is it you hate her so much?”
      “Don’t you?” you asked, turning to him. Oh my God, does he like her?
      “Of course I do,” Draco said, chuckling. “She’s the most obnoxious person I’ve ever met. But why do you hate her?”
      “She’s so damn annoying, with that stupid, permanent pug-faced scowl she wears. She’s as ugly as a troll, and twice as dumb. And my God, the way she practically drools over you, it’s disgusting. Honestly, you’d think she gave herself Amortentia. She ought to at least try to not embarrass herself –”
      “Oh my God,” Draco stated suddenly, interrupting your rant. A grin spread across his features. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?”
      “Why in the world would I be jealous?” you asked, trying to give a convincing laugh.
      “Because she flirts with me all the time,” Draco replied, still grinning. “You have a crush on me.”
      “I most certainly do not –”
      Your argument was cut short by Draco’s lips pressing against your own, his hands cupping your face. At first, you didn’t react, due to the sheer shock of it. Once you realized that yes, Draco Malfoy is kissing you right now, and you should probably do something, you wrapped your arms around his waist and kissed him back. After a few moments, he pulled away, and his grin had widened even more.
      “Still say you don’t fancy me?”
      “Shut up and kiss me again.”