mabuhay germany

Mabuhay Germany 2011

Last October 7-9 was a successful event made by GPCCI’s (German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry) flagship event Mabuhay Germany, a three-day exhibition showcasing German quality, technology and tradition which was held annually at Bonifacio High Street. It was just amazing! And I truly enjoyed it!

There were actually a lot people around the whole 3-day event! And despite the rain, everybody fled the place! German or Filipino, child or adult, its a great experience for everyone!

The German Jazz band WiLLiT Blend (photo above)

My mom and my sister! Chi-blood :)

With some dudes who walk in stilts and robot people. (whatever you call them!)

There was a lot of activities that happened! Just like Mabuhay Germany in the past 2 years, you’ll never have to miss trying out all the booths with their fun games and riddles that you have to solve so that you could complete the whole experience and discover more of Germany!

The photo above is the Hansel & Gretel House! :)

Me and my mom solving the puzzle of the map of Germany! (I SOLVED IT IN JUST 3 MINUTES!)

Of course who wouldn’t want to miss the food? When we first came in the event, there’s already tons of food booths around the place, serving different types, mostly German food; like sausages, beer, sauerkrat

I only took this photo and forgot to take the others because I was so hungry and I focused on listening to the band to mingling with some Germans. I was eating a Hungarian sausage with fries (Curry Wurst) , also the Bratwurst, Bockwurst and their yummy cheese sausage with Sauerkraut!! LECKER! 


These 3 photos above are not mine. I sincerely give thanks to Life and Leisure blog for the photos because I want to share them with you guys. I only took a few photos with my sucky cam and some with my Diana F+ Glow too, but unfortunately, the weather wasn’t cooperating, and I’m afraid I might get the dull, photos. So I’ll take that risk from now.

To be honest, I’m just a really proud Germanophile because I really am in love, and will always be, with the beautiful country Deustchland! I must say that I never miss Mabuhay Germany ever since I attended last 2009, and from that on, I’m always on the go because I want to taste a little bit of Germany here in my country even though its just a 3-day event. I made a lot of new friends who speaks German too, and proud that some of them are Filipinos and that they are a proud Germanophile like me!

My dreams of coming there is a long way ahead, but I’m definitely sure that I will!

Till next year of Mabuhay Germany!


Me and my oh so awesome block mates attended Mabuhay Germany held at the Bonifacio High Street in Taguig last Friday. Though we didn’t exactly “attend” the event. Because we arrived at the venue 3 hours before it started. We took photos instead hihi.

When we arrived, people there were just setting up and preparing their booths. We were surprised when we saw the schedule and it said that the program would start at 4pm and we arrived too early! So we just took a few photos and visited a few stores around.

We had fun at Serendra. The last time i’ve been there was during my senior year in high school for a birthday party. And it’s great to be back. The weather wasn’t that hot but it wasn’t that cool either. It was cloudy and good thing it didn’t rain. And it was windy too so all of that perspiration left when the wind blew on our sweaty faces haha!

Probably one of the funniest shots of Pam! Haha! “Luluhod ang mga tala!”

Yes I like cartwheels. Do not mind my belly. I know its huge.

I can consider this as a sem ender. Probably. Because we weren’t able to celebrate last Thursday. I really had a lot of fun. Though we were missin’ Sandy (who wasn’t able to come with us sayang!). I hope we’ll have this again next semester. I like going out with friends. A lot. Haha :)