mabo dofu

because i knew you

This is an amazing fic-submission from fruipit based off of the convention AU!!! Putting it under a readmore because it’s a bit lengthy, but READ IT SERIOUSLY.

Inspired by this submission. enjoy~


Oh god oh god oh god. This is how I die. Death by nerds. They’ll engrave it on my tombstone and everyone will laugh because it’ll say something stupid underneath like ‘the force wasn’t with her’ or ‘not shiny anymore’. Oh god what if Kristoff gets his hands on it? It’ll be even worse like- like- 'changed for good’. I don’t know if dead me could handle that. I mean, I know I’d be dead but I’d definitely turn over in my grave at least once. Oh god oh god oh go-

“Hey, do you need a table?”

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韓国風中華料理屋さんの麻婆豆腐 // Korean-style mabo tofu
Down the road is a restaurant that specializes in Korean-style Chinese food, and I’ve been really interested in it. Their mabo is also spicy, but with an unexpected sweetness, which I imagine comes from using gochujang instead of doubanjiang for the chili paste. Going back for their cold noodles soon!

Thursday: September 5, 2013

Tomorrow’s the last day of my summer Intensive Language Program! Which means I should be memorizing a presentation to do in front of the whole program. But instead, here’s a picture of mabo dofu and ramen. The ramen was only okay but the mabo dofu was pretty good and for only $7 it was a pretty good (AND LARGE) meal.