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The vibrant image gallery of Mable Cable!

New to Open Barbers, Mable is offering our first range of colour services while she trains for a GPBT Diploma at Allskins School of Hair and Beauty after 15 years of self taught experience.

Mable will initially work at Open Barbers on Sundays and her prices follow our sliding scale policy, increasing in range according to the length of the service.

For consultations, prices and follow up bookings, please email Mable directly at For a full portfolio of Mable’s work please view and follow her Instagram.

Luckiest girl on earth

Here´s a random Mable one shot I wrote out of boredom. Also, it´s a soulmate AU…

One day, her mother had always told her, she´d see a red string attached to her wrist that would lead Cable to her soulmate. That was how everyone found their soulmates. She heard the stories, her parents often told her how they found each other, she saw her older siblings finding their soulmates, her friends, everyone seemed to find their soulmate. Except for her. Cable had waited her whole childhood for the string to appear. Nothing happened. The years went by and after reaching her mid-twenties, she accepted the fact that no soulmate was waiting for her, there would be no string leading to her soulmate and that was fine, she had more important things to do anyway. She invested her time in becoming a hacker, and after a tall, brunette man had come to her and introduced himself as Doctor Jason Bull, she knew she was destined to work at his company, and she couldn´t wait to work with him and his team. Her soulmate long forgotten, she had dressed herself and took the subway to her new work, feeling exited to help people in need. Only when the elevator had opened did Cable notice the red yarn lying right in front of her.

The red string had appeared out of seemingly nowhere, making Cable´s heart race when she noticed that the yarn was indeed suddenly attached to her wrist. That was it. She thought, and it felt like her heart was ready to jump out of her chest in excitement. Somewhere around here, her soulmate would be waiting for her.

Don´t freak out Cable
. She reminded herself. Who would have thought that the day she´d find her soulmate would be her first day working at TAC. Doctor Bull, her new boss, hadn´t noticed her excitement yet. How could he?  The red strings were only visible to the particular pair of soulmates.

The brunette hacker craned her neck to have a look into the giant office. The red string disappeared behind a giant computer. A few people walked in front of it, making it unable for her to see anything. A small, raven haired man walked out from behind the computer and Cable´s heart seemed to stop for a moment, until she realized that he had no string attached to his wrist.

“I´m going to show you the office first, so you can get familiar with the rest of the team.” Cable simply nodded, too excited to form any correct sentences. She felt dizzy. Who could her soulmate be? Would he be tall and handsome, and call her sweet nicknames, or maybe he was into tech, just like her? There were just so many possibilities!

Something tucked at her wrist, the string was pulled forwards suddenly, making her stumble and fall to the ground. Bull catched her before she could hit the ground. “Sorry, we still need to work something out with all the wires lying around-“ She didn´t listened to the man´s words, because the string started to move on itself, apparently, her soulmate had noticed the string and was running towards her. Footsteps could be heard down the corridor. A pair of high heels, she noticed. High Heels?

“Bull? How is that possible- Oh!” A female voice said, surprised. Cable was shivering. A woman? Her soulmate was a woman? No one else in her family had a soulmate of the same sex, and though it had always been her wish to be the first one, she had brushed it off as impossible a long time ago. In fact, a few minutes ago, she had been convinced she´d never find a soulmate.

Gathering her strength together, Cable looked up into a pair of beautiful blue eyes that stared at her in a mixture of horror and excitement. “Hi” She simply said, mentally slapping herself for not thinking about something better to say. “Hello” Her soulmate said, sounding equally as surprised as her.

Bull looked between them, then counted one and one together and hastily disappeared, promising to give them a moment of peace.

“So…” Cable didn´t knew what to say, her mouth was dry and the only thing she could hear was the sound of her rapidly beating heart. “I´m Cable.” She held her hand out, her soulmate did the same. The string got shorter and shorter until their hands touched and it glowed up one last time before it disappeared completely.

“Marissa” The blonde woman introduced herself. Marissa! What a beautiful name her soulmate had! Marissa cupped Cable´s cheek with her free hand, stroking the soft flesh with her thumb, as if she couldn´t believe what was happening. “I- I never thought I´d get a soulmate.” She stated honestly. Cable snorted “Me neither.”

She could see Marissa´s eyes watering. “Sorry.” She whipped the tears away and Cable found herself mirroring the older woman´s action. Huh? She hadn´t even realized she was crying.

“There´s so much I want to know about you!” Cable tried to say but the words got stuck in her throat. “I know, it´s alright Cable.” It was as if the world slowed down. Their faces came closer and closer, Cable could already feel Marissa´s warm breath against her lips, and her perfume seemed to be everywhere. It was perfect.

Their lips touched slowly, testing, and when both women decided that it was okay to go on, they grew more passionately, Marissa´s hand had wandered from Cable´s cheek into her long, dark hair, massaging the back of her head, the younger woman moaned and closed her eyes, savouring the feeling. Only when the need for oxygen was too much for both of them, did they break apart. “Marissa, you just made me the luckiest girl on earth.” Cable panted and then they kissed once more.