mable and waddles

Gravity Falls
  • First episode of the first season: they fight gnomes! There's weird things going on in this town
  • Me: oh this is going to be basically a kiddy version of supernatural!
  • Last episode of the first season: Gideon is evil and they take him down
  • Me: wow, that got a bit intense
  • First episode of the second season: Zombies and death and weirdness
  • Me: that was... different
  • Last episode of the second season: the apocalypse has been happening, torture, people dying, demons, and angst
  • Me: what the heck did I just watch

Okay so hear me out!

 I was rewatching Roadside Attraction and I noticed that Mable didn’t bring Waddles with them. And we all know that Ford stayed behind.

Which made me realize, Ford had to watch Waddles.

And knowing Mable she definitely would’ve left behind some instructions for caring for her pig! Including cuddles!

Why were we denied such a cute scenario!?