Imagine Your OTP #9
  • Person A, planning to propose to Person B soon, tries to send a picture of the ring to Person C, but accidentally sends to B instead. This is how their convo goes-
  • Person A: Do u think B'll like it?
  • Person B: Oh I'm sure they'll love it.
  • Person A: rlly? U think so?
  • Person A:
  • Person A: oh shit
Soulmate Prompt

Soulmate AU where a specific sentence is stuck in your head ever since you could remember. It can keep you up at night, give you a hard time of falling asleep, and you’re unable to ignore it. You never realize who your soulmate is, even after meeting or knowing that person, until they say that one sentence.


reunion falls- northwest mansion mystery

uhhh so i didnt rly get a chance to develop this relationship as much as i should have before doing this but i wanted to rewrite nmm to include girl crushes and kissing so i did

@ people who arent as familiar w this au, for context pacifica has been on good terms with the twins for a long time so!! this would be the conclusion of many many episodes of shipteasing and flirting that neither one recognizes as flirting. its good. its great.

Thank you so much to Sailorleo (tumblr and twitter) for this fantastic commission of Waddles basking in the warm glow of Mabifica…and a rhinestone sweater.

(Inspired by THIS post.)

She is still taking commissions for anyone interested.

Imagine Your OTP #11
  • Person A, having a crush on Person B, is too shy to tell them in person and confesses to them through text. This is how their convo goes-
  • Person A: I've liked you for a while...
  • Person A: I wasn't able to tell you in person.
  • Person A: Honestly, I can't even talk properly around you.
  • Person A: And...I don't want it to get awkward between us...
  • Person B: (Person A's name),I think you got the wrong number?
  • Person A:
  • Person B:
  • Person A: no I didn't
  • Person B:
  • Person B: oh
Imagine Your OTP
  • Person A didn't want to go home after a group hangout and went home with Person B. Person B is awkwardly showing off the house.
  • OTP: *walks into Person B's bedroom*
  • Person A: *sees Person B's swiss army knife*
  • Person A: *takes it*
  • Person A: *idly plays with it while B is talking*
  • Person B: *doesn't notice or notice care*
  • Person B: And then we ha--
  • Person A: OW! *clutches thumb*
  • Person B: Are yOU okay?
  • Person A: *winces* Yeah, I'm fine. *attempts to look at the wound* Oh, I'm bleeding.
  • Person B: *hurriedly rushes A to the kitchen*
  • B's Family Member: What's going on here? I-is that blood?
  • Person A: *winces as Person B disinfects the wound* Fuc-- Ffffff ... *strained* the situation is under control.