reunion falls- northwest mansion mystery

uhhh so i didnt rly get a chance to develop this relationship as much as i should have before doing this but i wanted to rewrite nmm to include girl crushes and kissing so i did

@ people who arent as familiar w this au, for context pacifica has been on good terms with the twins for a long time so!! this would be the conclusion of many many episodes of shipteasing and flirting that neither one recognizes as flirting. its good. its great.


other people: im glad dipper and candy didnt actually get together in canon and instead were both able to move on and stay friends

me: i respect that, however, i suck, and also i have an au and i can do whatever i want

Best types of AUs:

• coffee shop AU. person A works there and person B visits them every day.
• high school AU. person A is super popular and person B is a completely awkward nerd.
• fake marriage/couple AU.
• time travel AU. person A goes back in time to fix their relationship with person B.
• taking care of a child AU. person A is a single working parent and person B comes along and helps.
• library AU. person A works at the library and person B keeps putting the books in the wrong shelf.
• artist AU. person A is an artist who hasn’t submitted anything for their portfolio in weeks, and ends up doing a painting of person B.
• rainy day AU. it’s incredibly rainy and person A somehow thought it was a good idea to take a walk. freezing and tired they go to the nearest house to seek shelter and oh - it’s person B.
• dog owner AU. person A and B meet each other at a park while walking their dogs.

reblog if lesbian ships aren’t awkward

there’s a story behind this! so i was at track and one of my friends is also taking track and i brought up the ship rosemary and he replied with “i don’t know, i find lesbians pretty awkward” 

i need to prove him wrong

tagging my lesbian ships in the tags

reblog and tags urs too