other people: im glad dipper and candy didnt actually get together in canon and instead were both able to move on and stay friends

me: i respect that, however, i suck, and also i have an au and i can do whatever i want

Thank you so much to Sailorleo (tumblr and twitter) for this fantastic commission of Waddles basking in the warm glow of Mabifica…and a rhinestone sweater.

(Inspired by THIS post.)

She is still taking commissions for anyone interested.


reunion falls- northwest mansion mystery

uhhh so i didnt rly get a chance to develop this relationship as much as i should have before doing this but i wanted to rewrite nmm to include girl crushes and kissing so i did

@ people who arent as familiar w this au, for context pacifica has been on good terms with the twins for a long time so!! this would be the conclusion of many many episodes of shipteasing and flirting that neither one recognizes as flirting. its good. its great.

reblog if lesbian ships aren’t awkward

there’s a story behind this! so i was at track and one of my friends is also taking track and i brought up the ship rosemary and he replied with “i don’t know, i find lesbians pretty awkward” 

i need to prove him wrong

tagging my lesbian ships in the tags

reblog and tags urs too


@probablyfakeblonde said I can finish some of her sketches (thank you so much, I know I say it a lot, but honestly I needed a way to destress and this was a perfect!)

I did a lot more then I expected, so I’ll have to post them separately..