mabi sales


Offering Fullbody draws like the ones above! This is for Ruairi server because im uber short on gold there orz

Sketch - 750k
Colored Sketch - 1.5m
Painted Color - 2m
* Prices are per character, up to 3 characters in one draw.
*Heavy armor/details may be charged extra, we will discuss it prior to starting.

I’m taking 3 slots for now!

1. XSaberwulf (twitter) Painted

-As usual Characters do not have to be mabi characters!
-If you want me to try NSFW I will not garantee quality, cause I just don’t draw it all that much, but I will try.
-Payment is requested at the end, I will send you a low rez, watermarked image for approval, and will release full rez image once payment is received ovob
-I reserve the right to refuse any order I am not comfortable drawing.
-Feel free to ask any questions!

Portia Wig Problems

So, the other day I decided I was gonna sell my Portia wig. I have no idea how much people would pay, or trade, so I put it up for offers at what I thought was 14mil. (I know its not worth that much)

Anyways, as soon as I did that, this special person called “kamy” bought it. I was like, o_o wat no way. Then to my utter dismay, I saw I had mistakenly priced it at 1.4mil. I was like, nooooooooooooooooo. for about 10 sec. then I told kamy what had happened. “hey i meant to price that at 14mil not 1.4mil. WRONG THING TO SAY. dis kamy was like, "this wig worth 14 MIL? o.O” *doesnt even know what it is* I tried explaining I was putting it up for offers, not for buying. but kamy just couldnt hear anything i had to say after the words 14mil came out of my mouth. SOOOO I was like shet, *runs to make check for 1.5mil* I tried opening a trade with oh-so-greedy-kamy begging and pleading that I had made a mistake and to please trade back my check for the wig. But to no avail, dis kamy or “kamy mcGreedster” i like to call them now, told me it was my fault and to stop “guilt tripping” them to trade the wig back. and to go “punch myself in the face, and let it go” Like srsly the way this person talked to me was like, omg they had low IQ i swears. I tried being nice but they were just super jerkish to me, so after 20 min i gave up.

jeeze nexon, please put commas in the mabi shop numbers so things like dis dont happen. ;_;

I now have a personal grudge against kamy of ruairi. i dont even care that i lost money, its just the way that kamy treated me, so unkind and greedy that it irks me. I mean c'mon christmas is in 5 days. Thanks kamy McScrooge. ._.

this is how I imagine kamy now:

T> My Holy Guardian Wings - FOR - White Angel Wings

I really, REALLY love these wings but the gold armor doesn’t match well with me at all and I’m a bit disappointed that the metal is not dyeable so… I’d rather have the White Angels which are basically the same thing minus the armor, right? vov;;

Please contact me via tumblr or on mabi if you are interested in trading or negotiating!!

Tomoyaa [RUAIRI]

Thank you!! <3

[RUAIRI] LF> Snowball Event Dyes!!!

I’m looking for these two shades of dyes that you can get from the snowball event ;A;

if you could mail them to me i’d really, really appreciate it!! ;u; and if you need gold for them just request however much you need, i’ll buy em for 70k or anywhere around that price cuz im so broke rn ;_;

Thank you so much ;u;; <333

Tomoyaa [RUAIRI]