I don’t can draw all fanart i want to of this miniserie (i want draw 5 more, but i so tired -o-)

Elements it’s so cool and beauti
I like the Lumpy Space Princess to be the hero of this history and the new sorprise in the end to Jake (PUM! SPOILERS!)

Sorry for my english bad :P

List of fanfics

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I just feel like doing this :)

In The Shape Of A Boy

When Lance meets a boy in the middle of a rainy night he doesn’t expect to see him the next day at his new school, but, turns out the dude is an asshole.

Tragic memories and horrific events have changed them but can Lance find the truth behind Keith’s mask?. Can he learn to find happiness in a world that seems so keen on tearing it away from him?.

Shades of Purple

Lance McClain finds his safe haven and comfort online under the username blu97 on a messenger website called UniverseChat. There he meets a person under the username 1redrebel. Smart, charming, and having an amazing sense of humour, they pull Lance in immediately.

But what he doesn’t know is that the intriguing person behind the handle is someone that he could never imagine being with in a million years; Keith Kogane. An arrogant, impulsive, hot head at his school, who he doesn’t exactly like.

Sweet Escape

Lance is bisexual, but he’s only torturing himself by mostly dating girls and surpressing his desire for men other than sexual. Hunk and Shiro try to help him out and set him up, but that proves to be a bit difficult for him. Maybe he’ll get lucky this time when Shiro tries to set him up with a co-worker of his.

Tick Tock

The one where Keith was working and he found his soulmate - who just happened to be his favorite actor, Lance MotherF**king Vasquez.

Embers on Ice Sheets

Lance is the Avatar, as well as the prince of the Southern Water Tribe and boy, does it suck. His life has been an endless list of responsibilities and now an arranged marriage has been added to that list. But before he can marry the princess of the Northern Water Tribe and fulfill the duties to his family and nation, Lance has to travel to the Fire Nation and master firebending. And who better to teach the arrogant, and talkative avatar than the hotheaded and stubborn prince of the fire nation. What could go wrong right?

I named you mine

Lance is looking for shells for his family when he comes across a strange injerd fish. Being the kind hearted kid that he is Lance disides to take care of it, in fear that it might die out in the waves. Many years latter During the voltron surfing competition, After an awful whipeout Lance finds that mabey his act of childish kindness might be repaid in ways he didn’t imagen happening. Along with that mermen are a lot sexier then he first thought. 

To Love Is To Risk

Lance grunted as he was shoved into his locker as the football meat heads walked passed. His blue eyes looked over and narrowed when they spotted the quarterback Keith Kogane laughing and shoving his fellow players. Lance pushed off the locker and readjusted his glasses.

Seeing his friend take a step forward, Hunk put his big arm around Lance’s middle and pulled him towards their first class. “Come on, Lance. Don’t let Keith ruin today for you.”

The Bonds we Build

Lance who was born and raised in the city is sent to work on a farm for the summer. He thinks this will be some awful experience, but really it’s much more.

Especially when he finds out that Keith, the runner of the farm, and his new housemate for three months is actually the cutest person to ever live.

Then two really good series…

How To Train Your Galra

4 works

Seven Days

3 works

omg guys ur all so nice and i wanted to give u all more good art….and somehow i ended up with this half hatred work of “art” i like to call ‘What happens wen you’ve drawn a lot for the day but then u get motivated but ur art skills are still sleeping” witch is a really long name but uhhhhhhhhhhh

no refunds :)

Midnight Book Stores

Its kinda self explanatory but just think about it.

  • Ya know how theres this timeless thing about grocery stores after 10 or 11 pm? Well imagine that in book store form.
  • The radios quietly on in the backround, playing some song that no body remembers but still sounds familiar.
  • Theres only a couple other people there, tucked in the corners, reading books that will give them one hell of a hang over but thankfully no headache.
  • The cashier is asleep. Or mabey just day dreaming.
  • The books are all half off. Or half on. Or just free if you leave another in its place. The more worn in the better. That means its been loved.
  • Someone sits by the window, their eyes glazed, staring out at the vacant street before them but not really seeing it. Theres tears in their eyes. We all know what they’re thinking about. We all have those characters too. We’ve all sat there too.

Just think about it. Midnight book stores. Only the dreamers who cant sleep go there.

Shy Girl

Harry Hook x Reader

Request by @hooked-onfandoms Thanks Love xx

Warnings - Harassment and bullying

You were looking up at Ursal’s Fish and Chip shop sign, Harry circled his arms around you. “Are ye excited (Y/N)?” You didn’t say anything in return. Shrugging your shoulders you turned to face Harry.

“I change my mind, I can’t do this” you start to walk away from the Chip shop when Harry’s hand grabs into yours, stopping you. “Harry I’m not like them. Look at me!” You point up and down your figure “I don’t wear ripped clothes or dark tones. I can’t be mean and I don’t know how to be ‘wicked’.”

You turn on your heel walking away from Harry for him to stop you again. “There not as bad as ye think, please lass give em a chance.” Sighing you nod in reply. A big smile covers his face. “I love Ye” He kisses your cheek before grabbing your hand to pull you into the chip shop.

“Ye’ll be fine Lass.” He opens the door for you letting you inside the shop. Everyone’s attention is directed towards the small TV behind the counter. Snow White is announcing another royal matter. Uma scoffs and throws some good at the screen.

She turns her attention back towards the shop. Harry walks up to her. He starts talking to Uma waving his arms around. You start to feel some pirates attention turn to you. Harry turns around to you and points in your direction.

Uma smirks and jumps over the counter. With a sword in hand she walks up to you. “So your the new Girl that I keep hearing about.” She runs her hand along the sword looking up at you. “I’m only accepting you in my crew because I need members, not because I like you.”

You nod in return, shying away from Uma. She turns on her heel and jumps onto a table. Rasing her arms she yells “listen up! We have a new member, (Y/N) ” she points down at you. “Make her feel…welcome” she pulls her lips together as she jumps of the table.

A boy, Gil you believed walked up to you and held his hand out. “Hi I’m Gil! Nice to meet you!” You look at his hand before accepting the handshake. You don’t say anything but smile. Harry is no standing right behind you. He always was the jealous type.

“You don’t talk much now do you?” You shaked your head blushing in embarrassment. Harry placed his bear hand on your shoulder.

“Gil I’m goin'g to show (Y/N) to he'r new room.” He doesn’t give Gil a chance to answer before he pulls you out of the Chip shop.

You stop digging your heels into the ground making Harry turn to you. “What was that about?” Harry looks at the sky and sighs. “I don’t trust him with ye” he looks at you locking eyes.

Shaking your head, you place a kiss in his cheek. “Well you better show me to my room.”

After Harry shows you around the ship, he also helps you move your things. The sun has set and the two of you start to head back to the Chip shop.

Once you get to the shop, the front doors were locked with a close sign. “We always eat as a crew after closing time. We’ll have to go in from the back.”

You follow behind Harry being careful of where you stand. He nods at you while you take your seat at the table. Uma calls Harry over to the kitchen to help her bring the food out. Gil sat next to you, swinging his legs back and forth.

“So why don’t you talk princess? Is there something wrong with you? I thought I wasn’t the smart one.” Gil laughs at you catching the attention of the other crew members. You sink in your seat trying not to let it effect you.

Gil goes to talk to you again but was interrupted by Uma and Harry putting food on the table.

Harry sat on the other side of you while Uma say across from you in her throne. Everyone starts to dig into their food but you. A few srconds later you look back down at your food slowly started to eat.

You were the last one to finish. Most of the crew had left leaving you, Harry, Uma and Gil, to return back to the ship.

You smiled at Uma nodding your head “Thankyou Uma for the food” you blushed at your sudden boost in confidence. Uma looked shocked at first but smiled in return. “So the girl can talk”

Gil started to pull at the ends of your hair ignoring your stares. “Is this real” you nod your head taking your hair out of his hands. Uma starts to lean over the table towards you. “Tell us all about yourself (Y/N) we’d love to know.” Harry hasn’t said anything but you can see him tense in the corner of your eye.

Clearing your throat you mumble “I’m not like you guys. Im not rotten.” Looking down, you start to fiddle with your hands. “I’m afraid of you.”

You started to go red looking back up at them. Uma doesn’t say anything but Gil pats you on the back. “We can teach you!” Gil starts to get excited jumping up and down in his seat. Harry smiles and speaks up for the first time. “I think we can teach the lil saint to sin.”

Uma leans foreward with a sudden spark of intrest. “I like a challenge.” Smirkimg she jumps out of her chair withdrawing her sword. “First things first you must know how to fight. Follow me.”

You hesitate at first but follow Uma. Looking back at Harry he sends you a wink. Mabey being bad is a good thing.

Well… Not really satisfied with this piece.. But I tried to draw ghost JD for the first time and then this song came into my mind and I couldn’t resist… (The song is called “zombie song” from Stephanie Mabey) ghost JD is inspired by @miranda-mundt-art . maybe I’ll make it cleaner and color it later - any opinions?

Guess veronica would freak out if she would wake up to these two (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Tfp megatron reacting to someone he knew and secretly loved as megatronus (another miner who he thought had died in a cave in) joining his crew on earth? (Mabey he's scared to see them, or that they'll hate him for the way he's changed?)

  • ·         The Mighty Megatron isn’t scared of anything. And yes, maybe he has changed, but he’s gotten smarter, stronger- no longer willing to bend to the whims of a society that didn’t care for its workers. If anything he’s looking to impress you with all he’s done; those mines he thought you were killed in? Gone. Along with those who forced you to work in such fowl conditions. Look at all he’s done for his people- for you!

  • ·         He is in no way shy. He wants you and he’s going to get you. One day your presence is requested in the throne room. You go nervously, because usually when someone has a private audience with Megatron they don’t come back. When you get there, though, you’re given the highest-quality energon available and an amulet made of dark energon; a courting gift, he says with a nearly predatory grin.

  • ·         To say he’s possessive is an understatement. You rarely go anywhere without being on his arm, and most of your duties involve advising, planning, overseeing, etc. He rarely ever sends you on high-risk missions, despite the fact he regularly trains and spars with you. Everyone notices, but only Starscream was ever foolish enough to bring it up. Soundwave ratted him out, and Megatron was furious. You didn’t see Starscream for days afterwards.

  • ·         You’re treated like royalty. ‘Cons even bow to you when they address you. After all, you will one day rule by Megatron’s side. Megatron considers having a second throne built, but he decides against it. He prefers that you sit in his lap with his servo rested on your lower waist. It feels wonderful to have you to himself, holding you, plus he enjoys the aesthetic of it.
Let's have dinner - Sherlock x reader

A/N: It’s finally here! I’m sorry for the delay, but I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did writing it!

Requested by anon: May I have a Sherlock x reader. Mabey one where Irene Adler shows up and flirts with Sherlock AND the reader? Making jokes about how the three of them should have ‘dinner’. And the reader is really uncomfortable and is like. “ Aww hell no!”

Word count: 2066
Warnings: none

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Story time...

Once a boy in my class had to make a presentation about some legend in Latin class, and then he had to explain the part where the two main characters had sex. And everyone knew what was coming and we were giggling and shit (it was middle school, what do you expect?) and he just, completely unfaced by the the rest of us, concluded his sentence with “…and then they fucked.”. Everybody fell completely silent and waited for our teacher to say something. But the guy was pretty chill and didn’t interrupt. So the boy continued with. “And when they were fucking…”
At that point our teacher did decide to say something along the lines of: “please, can’t you use a different word for that?”

So the boy sayed “Sure”, thought about it for a second and then went “Screwing, boning,…”

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Yeah, I'm a fan of mscreepygreen20, but I do agree she should credit you for the design at very least. But really she's not a bad person. I hope thing become settled and Mabey in the future the two of you can Mabey even be friends?

Listen anon, I’m all about being friends and I wish she was more diplomatic about this but she clearly isn’t.

She straight-up ripped off my art. And now she’s

1- ignoring me

2-pretending she didn’t know me and it was a coincidence

3-throwin out a completely isincere apology, not even directed to me, like she thinks she can get away with it without any conseguence, and that’s really making me mad.

Did I mention she has an history of copying artists without credit? Yeah. Check out her tag on tumblr. Check out what *I found* on her blog

over 300 notes and not a single credit to Bleedman, when she copied him down to the yellow ribbon on the bun.

I don’t care how much of a “good person” @mscreepygreen20 acts to her fans, but this behaviour is below the level of decency and absolutely unexcusable.

I’m sick of art thieves and copycats getting away with their shit just because they’re popular. They need to learn to stop leeching off the work of others and start putting some thought and effort in what they do like the rest of us.

They’re not special.

Don't Cry Princess

Harry Hook X Reader

Warnings - Abuse

Being Mother Gothal Daughter was torture. In a fuel of rage she’d beat you until you couldn’t move and never let you leave the house. In the spite of losing Rapunzel, she never let you cut your hair.

One night you were sleeping when suddenly hands wrapped around your legs pulling you to the floor. Mother Gothal stood above you with a dark look on her face. She yelled “You think you can just sleep away all your responsibilities child? Your a worthless piece of trash. I wish i never had you!” You felt her kick your sides repeatedly before she left in a puff.

You were to afraid to move in case she came back. Holding your stomach you listened for her footsteps to return but they didn’t. Lifting your shirt up you saw the new bruises that colour your stomach darken. Deciding that you can’t live here anymore you quietly ducked your head around the door, making sure that Mother Gothal is asleep on the lounge.

Being as quiet as you can, you quickly grabbed an arrangement of clothes, necessities and money before climbing out the window. Like many nights before you walk along the neighbours roof before climbing down there fire escape. Because of the pain in your stomach it took you awhile to reach the ground before you took off running.

After a few minutes of running you realise that you have no idea where you are. The pain in your stomach becomes unbearable making you fall to the ground. Luckly you were in the safety of a metal tunnel that protected you from the rain and any thiefs. Pulling your shirt up again, you inspect your stomach seeing that a purple bruise now traces your ribs. As you put your shirt down you notice a large cut along your forearm pouring with blood. You grab your arm to stop the blood flow in panic when you heard footsteps approach you.

“Well, well, well, what have we have h'ere?” A deep voice echos around you. Looking up you see a boy around your age wearing a red coat, pirate hat and a hook in his hand.

You start to tremble but somehow you manage to stutter out “please don’t hurt me. I..I have money.. just please don’t hurt me” your reach over to your bag letting go of your arm. The boys eye’s widened when he noticed your arm. He grabbed your shoulder “I’m not going to hurt ye. What happend to ye'r arm Lass?”

You quickly diverted your eyes away from his soft blue ones and cover your arm again. He sighed and sat down next to you, taking off his hat. “My name’s Harry Hook, Son of Captain Hook of the flying Dutchman.” You look back at Harry who is now holding up his blue ripped scarf that was just around his head. “I promise I won’t hurt ye, just please let me help.”

You silently nodded your head as you let go of your arm. He gently holds your hand before he starts to wrap your arm with his scarf. “My name’s (y/n) by the way” He stays quiet for a second after his finished bandaging your arm. “Thankyou.”

“Why are ye out here at this time and why are ye injured?”

“It’s complicated.“ yet again you divert your eyes away from him. He grabs your arm and pull you to your feet in protest.

“What ever just happened I’m not going to leave ye out here by yourself. I’m rotten, yes but I know when to draw the line, others do not. So please come with me lassy.”

You sigh out in defeat grabbing your bags to have it taken off you by Harry. “Please you’ve done enough for me, I can carry my own bag”

Harry ignores your comment and continues to lead you down the opposite direction you came down the tunnel.

As you step out of the tunnel you see a giant pirate ship. “Where are we Harry?” He stops as he leads you on to the ship’s deck. “This Lass is my ship. Uma is our captain and she runs this territory.”

As he leds you below deck you stop “who’s Uma?” Just as Harry goes to speak another girl your age approaches you with long blue braided hair. “Who am I? No the question is who are you? What is a piece of scum like you doing on my ship” Uma is now standing infront of you with a finger towards your chest.

Before you can say anything Harry pulls you behind him “Her name is (y/n) and I found her injured and alone in the tunnel.”

Uma tries to stand over Harry but because of his height she has no effect on him “Are you telling me that my first mate is betraying me for this peice of scum?”

Harry lets out a low growl but you step around him. “It’s fine honestly I’ll just go.” You start to walk away until Harry grabs your wrist. “Please don’t leave”

Uma pushes Harry off you “no let her go. She has no purpose here.”

You continue to leave when you feel arms wrap around your waist. “No.” You flinch at the sudden contact on your raw skin.

“What do you mean no Harry? I am your Captain. You do what I say.” Uma growls as she approaches you and Harry with a drawn sword at your neck.

“You are not my captain. This is not your ship, it’s my father’s which makes it mine.” He draws his sword to Uma pushing her’s away from your neck. “Now leave before I get mad.”

Uma leaves dropping her sword “let’s see how long you’ll last without me Hook!”

An uncomfortable silence falls upon you both again as he leds you further into the ship after Uma leaves.

Harry stops infront of a black wooden door. Grabbing the key from around his neck, he quickly unlocks it. “Welcome to my room Lass. Please wait here while I grab something.”

As you wait on his black and red bed you notice the blood has soaked throu the scarf Harry gave you. You reach to un-wrap it when a hand stops you.

“Don’t, please.” Harry places the box he was holding next to you as he sits on the floor infront of you, slowly unwrapping your arm. “How did this happen?”

You watch him gently clean the wound “I’m not sure. Mabey it happened when I was climbing out of the window.”

“Bite onto this” before you could question why, a rag was placed in your mouth, he pulled out a piece of glass from your arm. “Just one more I promise” as the last piece of glass is removed from your arm, you notice that your holding into Harry’s upper arm. As you awkwardly move away, Harry finishs wrapping your arm up with a new bandage.

“I’m sorry that I ruined your scarf Harry. I’ll get you a new one. I promise.” He leans in and gives you a hug, still sitting on the floor. “It’s okay Lass, it’s just a scarf. I can steal another one.”

After he lets you go you let out a yarn and relise just how tierd you are. “You can sleep in my bed (y/n) I’m going to sleep upstairs.”

Just before he left, you grabbed his arm “no Harry you have done too much for me already I refuse to take your bed.” He doesn’t say a thing but only looks into your eyes. You let out a silent sigh “I’ll sleep in your bed if you stay with me and not sleep upstairs. Please do that for me”

“Are you sure Lass I don’t want to scare you.” You nod in reply as he carefully lays beside you. You didn’t notice that he wrapped his arms around you because you were distracted by the glowing stars on the roof. “Harry?” He mumbles in reply. “Why did you help me. Not just the first time in the tunnel but again with Uma? Why?”

Harry stays quiet for a moment before whispering “do you believe in love?” You mumble a yes into his arm “When I saw ye sitting in that tunnel shaking in fear of me it hurt me more then a cut by a sword. But once ye spoke to me I felt what others describe as love. Holding ye'r hand for the first time I felt a comforting warmth spread across my body and sparks. Uma? She always thinks she owns me and what I do. I let her because she’s my best friend, but once she threatend you like that lass I chad to stop her.”

Hiding your face in his hair you whispered “I felt it to..the sparks. Although I was scared I felt safe. And I havent felt safe in a long time.” Harry holds you closer to him “(y/n) I think I’m falling in love with you” that’s the last thing you hear before you fall asleep in his arms.