Recently, I finally had time to watch the great tv series “Gravity Falls” and I completely fell in love with it ! I rarely get so attached to tv series characters, but Dipper and Mabel are so adorable, the best twins ever ! I can’t wait for the next episode on tonight !

So of course, I had to animate these two ones :)

anonymous asked:

Gravity Falls characters of choice with 10 or 7 pls

10 - KidFic (which I made into One and a Half Stans.)


The die had been rolled and a flash of light took over the room. Just as it had appeared in a sudden burst it dimmed just as quickly. Everyone stood there and blinked their eyes as they got ready for some kind of threat to appear from the infinity die but there was nothing. Everything in the living room was almost the same as it had been before except for one thing.

Stan was no longer by the T.V. next to Ford. All that remained of the man that had been there was his suit in a bunched-up mess on the floor with his fez neatly placed on top.

Mabel gasped and her hand went up to grab Grenda’s arm. Dipper was frozen on the ground; his eyes glued to the spot his great uncle had stood a moment ago. Stanford seemed to have gone pal; all blood had drained from his face. The adult was struggling to keep composer for the sake of the children around him.

“S-Stanley?” his voice wavered as he said the name. His hand hesitated over the pile of clothing before him.

His brother was gone. Stan was really gone. The die that he had brought into this world had destroyed his brother. Why did he feel so numb about this?

“Grunkle Stan?” Mabel whispered and hesitantly moved away from her friend towards the clothes pile.

“Mabel, stay back,” Ford said quickly and held up his hand to stop her. He could not let the child see this if it was something terrible. He needed to protect the kids now, “We don’t know what happened and I don’t want you kids getting hurt.”

“Great Uncle Ford,” Dipper said quickly and pushed himself to his feet, “It’s moving.”

“What’s moving?”

“Grun- the clothes.”

Dipper pointed at the pile and Stanford’s eyes followed the movement. The whole group could only stare as suddenly a little hand found its way out of the dark jacket’s sleeve and pushed the fez up. They had only gotten a glimpse of what was under the hat before Mabel and Grenda squealed.

“Oh my Gosh!” Grenda shouted, “He is so cute!”

A startled noise came from the person under the fez and the hat fell back over the little face. The person tried to get up but tripped on the oversized clothes. The very movement caused the hat to go rolling away and messy, brown curls to appear.

A scared little face of a small boy looked up at them now. He had freckles across his cheeks and a slight sun burn. His wide, brown eyes seemed to be squinted even as they darted to every person in the room as if the child had trouble seeing clearly. The poor boy’s defensive nature did not seem to prepare him for the hug that Grenda swooped him into.

The poor child yelped and struggled in fight.

“Put me down! Put me down!” the child shouted, his voice in that squeaky pitch of distress, “I-I’m warnin’ ya’! My big brother is real mean and’ll make sure ya’ never mess with me again!”

His little legs kicked uselessly and only managed to let the over-sized pants fall off so he was only wearing the jacket and button shirt.

“He is so adorable!” Mabel cooed and walked into view to poke the chubby cheeks of the child, “Who is he?” She gasped and looked over at Ford, “Is this Grunkle Stan?”

Ford shifted nervously at the question. The child in Grenda’s arms did have a very striking resemblance to his twin brother when they had been the age of seven. The same missing tooth, same fighting spirit, and same squeaky voice. The fact the child had replaced Stanley and was dressed in his brother’s clothes also gave the high probability that the boy held here was, in fact, Stanley Pines.

“Grunkle?” The boy asked and slowly stopped his struggles, “What’s a Grunkle? Where am I? Why ain’t I on the beach?”

‘Stan’ looked around his new surroundings again and seemed to get more distressed.

“And where’s Stanford? What did you do to him? I swear, if you hurt him, I-I’ll…I’ll punch ya’! Punch ya’ right in the face!”

The scared little child had melted away and suddenly was replaced by a protective little boy. The tiny child kicked his legs harder and thrashed to be released but Grenda held him firmly.

“Grunkle Stan calm down,” Dipper said quickly and hurried over to the small child, “We aren’t here to hurt you.”

“Yeah,” Mabel said, “We are just as confused as you are.”

The boy slowed down his struggles and looked between the two kids that stood in front of him.

“Wh-who are you?” He asked softly.

“I’m Mabel and this is Dipper,” the girl introduced, “And the person holding you is my friend Grenda.”

Stan looked back at the girl and his mouth turned into a little ‘o’ after he got a good look at her. He had no idea he was being held back by another child or a girl. He felt a little embarrassed for being so easily restrained; his father would not be happy about that if he knew.

“Okay, then, where am I? Where is Stanford?”

“Well,” Dipper began, “You see. What happened wa-.”

“What happened was you came across something that has brought you here to the future,” Stanford interrupted quickly.

Dipper, Mabel, and Grenda looked at the old man confused. That was clearly a lie; all the children had saw the die roll and it had clearly been the reason for this current problem. The scientist did his best to ignore the looks and kept his eyes firmly locked on the child in Grenda’s arms.

“The future?” The child made a face that clearly said he did not believe Stanford’s words, “Really? You couldn’t think of a better kidnapping story, bud? Like I am gonna believe I magically came to the fu-.”

“Count my fingers.”

Stan blinked and made a face at the man. “What?”

Stanford walked over to the boy and knelt down in front of him. He held up his hand and looked at Stan straight in the eyes.

“Count, Stanley.”

Stan tilted his head at the man’s strange request but seemed to give in for now. He looked over at the hand and lazily counted the number of fingers.

“On. Two. Three. Four, five, six. There you happy?”

Stanford said nothing and waited for the number to dawn on the young boy. Stan’s expression changed from bored to confused in a matter of seconds. He looked back at the hand again and counted the fingers two more times before he stared at Ford’s face.


Ford let his hand drop, his expression was very a very close match to the hesitant and wary one on the child’s face. He pushed through those fears for the children around him and gave a very weak smile.

“Hey, knucklehead.”