mabel's the boss now


“Come on girls! Shoulder pads! Make that money! Mabel’s the boss now!”

here’s a little hug montage requested here by anonymous


for pinescone week day 5, highschool au (sorry this is late & messy, i am sleep deprived)

Alternate Titles For Every Gravity Falls Episode So Far
  • Tourist Trapped: That Awkward Moment When Your Boyfriend Is Gnomes
  • Legend Of The GobbleWonker: If You Guys Break One More Camera I S2G
  • Headhunters: Larry King Tries To Murder Children
  • The Hand That Rocks The Mabel: Lil' Ol' Attempted Murderer
  • The Inconveniencing: Furries and Drugs
  • Dipper Vs. Manliness: Panther Shirt
  • Double Dipper: Soos Is The Best DJ
  • Irrational Treasure: Introducing A President Who Would Do Better For America than Most Of Congress
  • Time Traveler's Pig: Doctor Who If His Aim Was Crap
  • Fight Fighters: 80s Video Game Nostalgia Boner
  • Little Dipper: One Freaking Millimeter
  • Summerween: Congratulations You Now Officially Sympathize With Crappy Candy
  • Boss Mabel: Mabel With Shoulderpads
  • Bottomless Pit: Grunkle Stan Gets Deep
  • The Deep End: Dipper Kisses A Guy
  • Carpet Diem: Grunkle Stan Gives Mabel the Talk
  • Boyz Crazy: Darn Beautiful Zayn, Always Eating Out Of My Trash
  • Land Before Swine: Grunkle Stan Punches A Pterodactyl. Literally. We Are Not Exaggerating.
  • Dreamscaperers: Introducing, The Inexplicably Sexy Dorito
  • Gideon Rises: Giant Robots Vs Grappling Hook
  • Scary-oke: Ron Swanson And Dean Winchester Get Eaten By Zombies
  • Into the Bunker: Agezoned
  • The Golf War: What? No! I'm Not Supposed To LIKE Pacifica!!
  • Sock Opera: Sexy Dorito 2: Puppet Boogaloo
  • Soos And The Real Girl: *insert FNAF joke here*
  • Little Gift Shop Of Horrors: Neil Degrasse Tyson Is A Pig
  • Society Of The Blind Eye: Local Kook Is The Ice King
  • Blendin's Game: Soos' Childhood Could Have Been Better
  • The Love God: Do Not Let Tumblr Get Their Hands On This Guy
  • Northwest Mansion Noir: This Is A Kids Show We Promise Also Thats Jam
  • Not What He Seems: The Greatest 30 Minutes In The History Of Western Animation
Cute head image

Dipper and Mabel cosplaying or dressing up as the stan twins for summerween or Halloween.

Dipper as Ford and Mabel as Stan.

Dipper wearing a long coat, a red sweater and glasses similar to ford’s. Carries around a fake journal(since the real ones are burned up now)

Mabel making a fez that fits her head better or just stealing Stan’s. Same with the cane. She wears a suit and has the same kind of tie.

Or it could be vise versa.

Mabel as Ford with a giant coat on and she flops the sleeves around a lot. She wears one of her red sweaters she made herself. Gets some glasses and carries around her grappling hook, yelling “FREEZE!” at any and all children dressed as monsters.

Dipper as Stan, wearing the outfit he had in “boss mabel”, but now with a fez and cane that Mabel helped him make.

Ford and Stan are touched, Stan takes a crap load of pictures.